Erika isn’t happy…

Oct 17, 2022

From: Beverly Hills

Subject: BH13 FILMING!

Spill It to
The season is yet to get over but the Beverly Hills ladies will start filming for their next season in early November. Erika is angry with Dorit for not supporting her and condemning her actions and for being a “two-faced wishy-washy bitch.” . There are also rumors of Garcelle’s son cheating on his wife, and Garcelle was filming for another Bravo show earlier this year. Dorit also expressed earlier during this season filming that she wants to start a fashion line.

The cast also wants Teddi Mellencamp back but production doesn’t want to.

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  1. Go away Teddi

    Please stop trying to make Teddi happen. Please for the love of god she may have a new face but she’s the same old snore fest.

  2. Wishy washy bitch

    Lol I believe this because “two-faced wishy washy bitch” is soooo something Erika would say verbatim. Team Dorit, though. Duh

  3. Pretend Amnesia

    The real crime here is “the cast” wanting John Mellancamp’s daughter to rejoin ?

  4. heidi

    I’ve never once seen a person on a comment board say something nice about Teddi. She seems to be universally loathed.
    And whatever happened to her fashion line Beverly Beach?

  5. D

    Why fire Rinna only to bring on another kyle sycophant? Even of Erika is mad a Dorit, they’d still 100% band together w/kyle and teddy against everyone else. It’s not fun to watch them sweep each others issues under the rug but hang on like a dog with a bone whenever one of the 4 of them has an issue with anyone else. Production would be crazy to bring her back.

  6. The Diamond Earrings

    Apparently Erika said at BravoCon yesterday that PK and Dorit would be the next to split up.

  7. New Teddi supporter

    Unpopular opinion- Teddi is totally winning me over w her podcast and I think she would be good back on the show.

  8. No one likes you ej

    In the words of Jack from SLC, fudge Erika! Seriously

  9. Huh?

    START a fashion line? What happened to her swimwear and bridal line?

  10. TeddiStan

    I love Teddi, all the hate you guys spew about her only continues to make her more relevant. Teddi can come back anytime & I would be stoked to watch.

    Keep talking shhh & watch her keep trending every week!

  11. Bea Smith

    I feel like we already heard about Garcelle’s adult son cheating (his wife spilled the tea!), no-one wants Teddi back…..who started the rumour? Teddi? Kyle?

    I don’t know how any of them can support Erika, especially on national TV week after week! The secrets must be h-u-g-e in that mean girl gang to warrant such public loyalty.

  12. Wanda

    Not a Dorit fan. When was her last story line? Swimsuits?? Bridal gowns?

  13. Boycott Teddi!

    Yuck!!! No Teddi please!!!!! L Ave her on her podcast and not a housewife!

  14. rhobh stan

    Teddi…is this you???

  15. Accountability Coach

    People who think she’s changed or have been won over by her podcast: Teddi has *always* talked a big game on Twitter and podcasts, but when she’d get in the actual room with the women, she’d clam up or only use that mouth for the women not in the FFF. She hasn’t actually changed a lick, and if she gets back on the show, you’ll still loathe her just as much as you did before.

  16. Bring Teddi back!

    Bring teddi back! She is so great on her podcast…. she has drama with everyone bc she isn’t afraid to hold back.
    She is so much better and after seeing her on bb…. I bet many that are even here saying they dislike her… would change their minds if they actually gave her a chance.
    She has a lot going on as well.
    If not… put her on oc.


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