Total stunt!

Oct 16, 2022

Total stunt move. They’re super bitter. No one leaked this to People ?

allegedly from


  1. Stop being BIASED

    I don’t believe that for one second. But I do believe Gizelle’s bitter ass would leak that type of story. She brought up Monique’s name on the Bravocon panel when it really wasn’t even of topic. Monique NEVER mentions Gizelle.

  2. Bone collector

    Aaaaand, she was ready for t he extra eyes on her stories because it’s all about her product line. Totally planned.

  3. Mynique

    This is so confusing because Ashley is at the taping of WWHL right now and said Monique told her on Monday they are separating. What the Badoor is going on???

  4. Sara

    Huh? Can someone breakdown this for me – speaking to someone who is clueless. Please!

  5. Shrimps

    There was an announcement that Monique and her husband were separating, but now Monique is posting saying it’s not true…coincidence that it happened during Bravocon

  6. WYKYK

    I didn’t believe it, they always seemed like the real deal to me. I guess they wanted their “last laugh”?


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