She’s out!

Oct 16, 2022

Not sure of the specifics. Your blind the other day was correct Rinna is OUT. Kathy not coming back is her choice. Crystal is tbd. Leaning towards wanting to scale back. Dorit was on the line for a while but she’ll end up being made full time.

allegedly from


  1. Heather

    Is it possible KH will come back as a friend and is just negotiating? People lined up for hours to see her and she brought a lot to the show.

  2. Drizzu

    Kathy did say she wouldn’t comeback if the cast stayed as it currently is. I think her biggest desire was that Rinna gets fired or leaves. If that happens she’ll be back.

  3. Manny

    I can’t remember if it was posted here, but apparently Kathy said she would be back if there were changes to the cast. My guess is that if it’s true that Rinna is leaving, Bravo chose Kathy.

  4. JB

    Rinna is out because she’s fired or quit?

  5. jz

    be careful what everyone wishes for…rinna is fabulous tv — erika i can do without, diana shouldn’t even be there, and crystal is a lot stirrer potentially labeling someone a racist so she should be gone. i say bring back brandi lvp camille and keep rinna kathy garcelle and sutton

  6. mars?

    keep rinna? what planet are you on. her time has come and gone

  7. Reusable shopping bag

    Kathy will be back. She was a huge hit a Bravocon and the powers that be all saw it.

  8. Bor.Ring.

    Can’t believe I’m here but I think I’m out if Kyle, Dorit, Erika are the core of this show. And with the fake storyline E and D are already laying groundwork for…??? Gtfo with that.?


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