Rinna beauty!

Oct 16, 2022

From a source:

It’s not true that we weren’t allowed in bravocon to sell. We opted for the truck so we could go elsewhere in the city on Sunday. Today we will be in Soho. Bravo Bazaar super expensive and you give a % to them for everything you sell. We don’t need that! Just wanted to clear it up.

allegedly from bravoandcocktails.com


  1. Dani

    Sure Jan.

  2. what a joke

    hi rinna!

  3. Em

    Sure Jan ?

  4. Okay Lips

    Or because you also knew you wouldn’t sell inside so you went out. It’s kind of dumb to opt out of the percentage. Likeable bravocelebrities are most likely selling product due to the convenience and excitement of their demographic. Why not do both and do the travel right after or before BC to expand customers and engagement?

    Way to damage control

  5. Lala

    If this is coming from Lisa’s camp, we don’t believe it

  6. Penster

    Oooooooooo you’re so angry …Lisa

    It TRULY sucks when your own sound bites come back to bite you in the ass.

    Eating the popcorn ?

  7. Lisa’s assistant

    It sucks to suck.

  8. Alex

    She doesn’t want to give a percentage to the people who give her such a high salary? Unless they no longer empty her?

  9. Winelovinmama87

    Surrrreee ???? says the camp of the most booed person at BravoCon

  10. RNR

    Everyone commenting needs to relax. It’s a TV show. The obsessive hating of certain housewives (Rinna, Teddi, Melissa, etc) is giving desperate & sad.

  11. Titsmcgee

    Harry’s third wife is in full force damage control mode. Did you see the articles she sent into daily mail highlighting how “glamorous” Erika, Rinna, and Kyle looked. Lol it’s so pathetic. I don’t believer for a second she got 3 more seasons. She’s top tier pathetic

  12. Luke

    What’s desperate and sad is Rinna. You’re right it’s a reality show. And everyone is tired of seeing this woman’s face on their screen

  13. Harry sauce

    I already figured that’s why Rinna opted for the bus. It doesn’t matter that Rinna is beyond hated right now, Bravo would have wanted a cut of her profits at the bizzar. The bus was a bigger f**k you to everyone. Also, I’m not a rinna fan, I just know how the business side of things work.

  14. Bootlegger

    Girl stop! Your antics have made you the bootlegger outside. Lol maybe we will see you on a girls trip someday

  15. We see you

    It’s the’ ‘they’ at first, switching to ‘we’ that’s making me laugh. Rinna is the source!

  16. Matty


  17. Bunny bye

    At Ask Andy on Sunday Andy didn’t know anything about the bus & thanked her being a part of the panel on Friday & Legends ball but pretty much dismissed her for the rest of the weekend which to me was confirmation that she had to fulfill her contract obligations for Friday, but not needed anymore…. I’m thinking she is gone.


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