Summer house!

Oct 16, 2022

Lindsay and Danielle sitting on separate
couches lol
Danielle with Ciara and Paige

Admit a falling out while Lindsay says in an interview she’s very hurt…..

allegedly from


  1. Sara

    What? This makes no sense

  2. Confused

    What? This is confusing. If Danielle & Ciara are sitting on separate couches, how is Danielle with Ciara and Paige?

  3. C

    You mean Danielle and lindsay on separate couches? Paige posted a vid of them 3…

  4. Huh?

    Wait? What? They are sitting separately and them together? I’m confused. ?

  5. Luke

    You mean Lindsey and Ciara?

  6. Clarify please

    This is confusing. Do you mean Lindsay and Danielle sitting on separate couches?

  7. S

    How are they sitting on separate couches but then together with each other and Paige?

  8. Kyle’s Mullet

    I could read Linds since her first episode. That girl only cares about herself and I never found the appeal. People say “but she’s on a reality show” but in reality some people don’t act like she those.

    I honestly don’t see it lasting and that they are in the honeymoon stage. She will get in her own way.

  9. Carol

    Lindsay is not a friend to anyone. Glad Danielle finally got wise!

  10. Summer lover

    I don’t think that’s true… Lindsay seems fun and loyal to a fault. Idk why Paige is such a hater toward her. I think is sad if Linds and Danielle aren’t friends anymore.


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