Jersey brawl!

Oct 16, 2022

Last night at the hotel a NJ a housewife screamed at and threw a drink at the brother of another housewife in the elevator bank. There was an altercation last night between 2 jersey ladies. NBC found out today (they are not happy) a friend overheard 2 of them chatting outside Javitz.

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  1. Susie Chapstick

    Frank Catania had to break them up!

  2. Talia

    I bet it was Jennifer Aydin who threw a drink at Joe Gorga

  3. Karen

    Jen, Joe and Melissa?

  4. Bravocon witness

    Jen at the Joe Gorga after the Dynamic Duo WWHL taping where Joe said his comedy career would last longer then Teresa and Louie’s marriage (which will be on bravo I think Monday night). Saw video of the drink toss on twitter, also.

  5. On Display On Display

    Jen threw the drink @ Joey.

    Melissa let her have it.

    Can we get the security footage from the elevator?! ?

  6. Bye Jen

    Jen is so annoying. I said before Jen is the Rinna of Jersey

  7. Aria Potter

    I have video of it.

  8. Over it

    Again M & J cannot keep Tre out of their mouths. Tre asked them too, but she has to keep responding with the nonsense they put out. So annoying people can’t see M & J constant media attacks. They both need to stop talking about each other and move on.

  9. grant

    Yeah, no. Melissa did not “let her have it”, Ms. On Display On Display. Keep on championing Melissa and Joe- this will be their final season. Enjoy their ‘swan song’ season.

  10. Jen needs to go

    Jennifer needs to stop, shes definitely jealous if Melissa. She’s always going out of her way to be a jerk..

  11. Juicy

    Joe deserves a lot more for the degrading way he speaks about women. Hope this is his last season and they show a reel of the horrible things he has said over the years. If Juicy Joe doesn’t get a pass neither does Lil B Boy Joey


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