Andy’s pissed!

Oct 16, 2022

From: Shah Mazing

Subject: SLC and OC Bravocon Crossover

Spill It to
It was spilled at the UGT panel that another SLC housewife brought an ex-communicated SLC Bravolebrity to Bravocon and took her up to this returning OC housewives hotel room to crash a party. Andy is pissed.

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allegedly from


  1. Rae


  2. M

    Guessing heather gay/ Jen shah

  3. Connie

    Heather took JS to Tamara’s hotel room ?

  4. Wojtek's Mum

    Hasn’t Heather said all along she is Shah’s ride or die? It is therefore no stretch she would bring Shah as a plus one thinking it would be a laugh. Personally I don’t get it. Heather says what Jen did does not make her a bad person and she shouldn’t lose all her friends. Um, actually it does and yes she should!
    Plus, isn’t Shah running around telling people she is actually INOCENT? I hope so because that could cancel her plea. I mean SERIOUSLY! She is in NYC and people talk. This will get back to the DA.

  5. Waken50

    I don’t understand why heather was so easy to forgive Jen, but she’s holding Whitney to the fire—still to this day!

  6. Nat

    Why would Andy be pissed? I get it if Jen crashed an actual bravo event but that didn’t happen that I know of. Why can’t she go to a hotel room? Not a Jen fan at all but that just doesn’t make sense

  7. KWowwC

    Heather’s stock is dropping more and more the longer she insists on sticking by Jen’s side.

  8. DD

    I watched that live. First it was on Tamra’s Instagram then Teddi was streaming it and did so for longer because she had a better connection. Jen said she was still invited (lol NOT) and Heather was with them before Vicki and Taylor showed up.

  9. Sara

    Fuck Andy. They are milking every second of Jen’s situation for viewers.

    Cry me a river when she shows up for an after party. You should get your cake and eat it too, asshole.

  10. Bravo Con

    I was there. 100% can confirm that was said. Tamra said Jen crashed her glam and told Tamra she was not going to jail. Heather had a lot of fun with Jen.

  11. Baba

    Why would Andy care if Jen was there? She’s on the current season soo

  12. Why

    Why would Heather risk her job for a criminal?

  13. Magenta Yenta

    Heather always clings to those who treat her the worst. It’s like she’s unconsciously punishing herself for divorcing and leaving the church.


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