Not a fun brunch…

Oct 15, 2022

Rinna was at the bravocon brunch I
went to. So cold and was going out of
her way not to take pics with people.
She also had her assistants following
her around.

allegedly from


  1. JC

    Hi Kathy’s team

  2. L stephens

    Rinna used to spin in the same class with me. Back then she had a clothing boutique. Was always nice but never paid her bills. Now we see her up at the Glen. She’s super shady, never speaks to anyone. It’s hilarious cuz wtf? No one cares about her in LA.

  3. LVP

    Sounds about right. Only cares about herself.

  4. Bravo Snob

    LOL @ JC- Hi Lisa’s team

  5. Kim

    Her lips have sailed ….


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