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Oct 15, 2022

From: A P

Subject: Captain Sandy

Spill It to
While waiting in line at the bathroom, I saw Captain Sandy come out from behind a staging area. She made eye contact with one of the people in line for the bathroom and said “ugh normal people”. Turned right back around and went back into the staging area. Anon please.

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  1. Dorie

    For some reason this seems highly exaggerated and I don’t believe this at all.

  2. Lisa rinna

    I don’t believe this….

  3. BrieeDattey

    She seems fake af and totally insincere; Hannah was right about her..tbh out of all the captains on below deck I never cared for her

  4. L stephens

    Hahaha I mean why Bravo makes these idiots into entitled, talentless “famous” people is beyond me. Gross “captain” Wannabe. If she said that just gross.

  5. AWS

    I just have never liked her.

  6. Yawn

    She’s sounds lovely.

  7. Annika

    Wow, she’s awful and clearly fake as hell!

  8. Kate

    She’s been trash since the Hannah situation but is getting a good edit this year

  9. Carol

    I had her number since she started. Totally fake and self absorbed!

  10. Captain Sandy Fan

    Love captain sandy, so what if she did say it. I would be the same if I was famous. Who wants to hang with the riff raff fans ? Literally no one

  11. Elisabeth

    Met her last week at Annapolis boat show. I was so excited and then quite disappointed. She was taking pics for the sponsor Maui Jim sunglasses. She did not speak to anyone she took a photo with—-just seemed so annoyed to be there. Not worth the long line I stood in. Btw, met Chef Adrian once and he was awesome!

  12. Who’s Famous?

    I’m laughing at the person who called her famous. She’s probably the least well known Bravolebrity- and that’s saying something. I also don’t think I’m “rif raf” just because I’m not on TV. We all put our pants on one leg at a time. They’re no better than us- they just have a different job. I refuse to watch her seasons. She’s always been intolerable. And you can tell she’s a Grade A witch.

  13. Lala

    This is not the first time I’ve heard that! The whole Hannah and Malia situation made me not like her. But then I heard how rude she is, on the show and off. She’s the WORST Capt. out of all the below decks. Won’t change my mind

  14. Stop

    Umm none of these people are famous so let’s stop giving them that. Yes we’re all bravo fans so we tend to think they are but the majority of the world has no idea who these (mostly talentless) people are

  15. Dixcgirl

    Totally believable. After watching her Lives during Covid…. Whew. She’s clearly miserable. I don’t even watch her seasons anymore.


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