Vicki Vs. Teresa !

Oct 14, 2022

Hi. So I was at the right the relationship panel because we couldn’t get into BH panel and og of oc called Teresa the most overrated housewife of all time. Didn’t get it on video but everyone in the crowd freaked!!


  1. Dorit’s barrettes

    Omg I pray this is on video. Vicki tells no lies!

  2. MirE

    She’s not wrong

  3. Anon

    She’s not wrong.

  4. Lala

    Damn Vicki has some nerve still talking shit when she wishes she can be in Teresa’s spot. Such a bitter Betty ???

  5. ProstitutionWhore

    I completely co-sign Vikki’s statement and have been over the one trick pony that is table-flipping, moronic Jersey felon du’jour, Teresa Guidice for yearssss.
    Tre’s had some mildly amusing moments manhandling Andy and a few other choice Housewives, but overall she’s a dim-bulbed bully whose only redeeming element is her equally moronic child army and their threeheads terrorizing our screens with their feral childhood behavior. And giving her trashbag friends/fam easy storylines.

  6. Tamra

    She’s not wrong…

  7. L stephens

    Ummm icky should never have ever been on any television anywhere. Icky needs to sit down & go away.

  8. BooRinna

    Boooooo don’t forget to mention the audience food when Lisa Rinna came out and got on stage.

  9. Dirty Louie

    She ain’t wrong….

  10. WYKYK

    Not a Vicky fan, but I agree with her on this one. Only bravo celebrates that uncouth simpleton, a felon with the impulse control of a 3 year old. Yeah she has a fan base but some folks like trainwrecks.

  11. Re:ProstWhor

    I mean I don’t like Theresa either but dang get a life you spent way too much time crafting an anonymous response on this ???? Did Melissa write this???

  12. Joenmel

    She is a known liar. I don’t know why anybody believes her. She lied about her boyfriend’s cancer. She’s jealous because Teresa still has a job and she doesn’t.


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