Oct 14, 2022

Jill & Dorinda going at it at their panel. Fighting like cats & dogs. We love mess ?

allegedly from


  1. Kenzie

    Jill will do anything to stay relevant! Including unleashing Heather McDonald to go after Bethenny for her ? And why is Jill even there?

  2. cb

    How drunk was Dorinda ? Allegedly, of course.

  3. Bossi zarin

    Jill didn’t send heather McDonald after bethenny. Jill and Bethenny have been fine and over their feud for a while, they posted pics when they ran into each other on a flight. Heather McDonald is just calling Bethenny out for being the hypocrite that she is. She goes after micro influencers for the same thing she criticizes the kardashians for doing. SHE’S the one that will do anything to stay relevant.


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