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19. Exclusive RHOBH Aspen tea, Winter House, Southern Charm: Austen redemption?

Kicking off with tea from a reliable source on what really happened with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in Aspen. RHOBH, your alliances are showing: Is the show turning into Survivor, but with Birkins? We’ve got tea on who’s getting along during RHOC filming…and who’s not. We’re hearing a lot of rumbles about some of our favorite RHONY wives – Sonja and Luann’s new show, and legacy. Are the rumors true that the RHONY reboot isn’t going so well? The Winter House trailer came out – and we’ve got some info on the new cast members. And wait, do we like, LIKE Austen after the last episode of Southern Charm? Are Bravo shows the after school specials of today’s generation? And could RHOA be going the RHONY route with a legacy show and a reboot?

Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 19

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B (00:00:00):

It’s very different when you’re casting women, because it’s not just the woman, it’s her family. It’s her children. It’s her husband or ex or partner or ex-partner right. Like it becomes so complicated. Right? Welcome to cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re gonna spill the tape. We shot reality TV, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from Bravo and And as always, it’s all alleged. And just for fun, we do not verify our blinds. M B

Amanda (00:00:40):

And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea.

B (00:00:48):

I’m B

Amanda (00:00:48):

And I’m Amanda. So B and cocktails, guys. I have to tell you, I am rolling in a little hat today off of a couple glasses of wine at a fun lunch that I just had. So who knows what I’m gonna say today? Well,

B (00:01:05):

You just inspired me to pour myself a cocktail because we were not on the same Waveland. <Laugh> <laugh>

Amanda (00:01:12):

Perfect. We’ll we’ll somehow meet somewhere in the middle today.

B (00:01:17):


Amanda (00:01:18):

Okay. So we are recording today is a Friday. It’s the 16th. We’re recording a couple of days after, I’m sorry. Before, after the last Aspen episode, but then a couple days before the very last of the Aspen episodes air. So all the T that we have been getting since like forever ago. So this would’ve been, I don’t know, late spring when this was actually happening, we’re putting it all to the test, but let’s talk about like, what we are thinking is like really happening. Some of the stuff that we heard about in Aspen, Rena and Kathy, cause we know they go on a crazy social media situation a little later in the summer. So tell me what you’re thinking.

B (00:02:08):

So we, we are going out on a limb because we are all gonna see it next week and we haven’t seen it yet with that said, I trust this source very much. We’re not getting footage, Amanda. They were not in production when they were at the private club caribou, I wanna say,

Amanda (00:02:29):

Okay. Did I tell you I’ve been there?

B (00:02:30):

I mean, I, it doesn’t surprise me because you’re very bougie. <Laugh> <laugh>

Amanda (00:02:35):

This is what I, I do not belong to the caribou club. I was there on a work thing. So it was had nothing. It wasn’t even personal friends,

B (00:02:45):

Cocktails, cooling caribou for every <laugh> every person who belongs their name. Amanda, good thing. It’s a private club.

Amanda (00:02:52):

I took pictures in there. I think that was probably not allowed. Maybe we will maybe we’ll share them or we’ll share them on the membership site.

B (00:03:00):

Oh, I

Amanda (00:03:00):

Love it. That going

B (00:03:02):

So, okay. So production was down. So for what does that mean? I mean, I, I mean, I think most cocktails are very savvy, but production being down means, you know, they film all day and then at some point the cameras go down. So we have to remember that day, the day before and that day they had so much good footage. They had Erica exploding. She only care. I only care about myself going against Garel and crystal. And then the next, you know, then Erica packs up and dere packs her up. And then we have Kyle completely melting down at the hat shop because, and we’ll get to, we’ll get to why we think, or I think she melted down. Yeah. So they had so much footage. So, and it was late at night when they went to this private club. So I think that production was like, all right, we’re out.

B (00:03:48):

And may listen. I also think that I actually know that they party with production because I just know so whatever. So whatever it is, cameras were legitimately down. It’s private clubs. So cameras would not be allowed in. Okay. So here they are. And we have all been hearing about this since the spring. I remember when I first got the email about the alleged slur, it was very out of left field. It was before I was really seeing anything in social media, written about it. And you know, I contacted my two top sources and they were like cease and desist. We’re not able to print like, so I was like, oh wow. Something, something happened here. Okay. So not even to rehash it, cuz we all there’s many different versions. But suffice to say the allegation is that Kathy made a slur to the DJ when she wouldn’t play a Michael Jackson song. Okay. We all know Kathy, the Hiltons were friends with Michael Jackson. Okay. Now apparently everybody was overserved, which makes sense. Cuz they were pretty much overserved. Right? Mm-hmm <affirmative> so Renna leaves with Kathy. Now here’s the kicker. It was not a sprinter. There was not like a secret camera. They left in an Uber. So that’s that link. Okay. Mm-hmm <affirmative> because even if production is down, if you hop in a sprinter van waiting outside those cameras are I don’t, I mean, I don’t really know how it worked. Right. Okay. So they’re

Amanda (00:05:16):

Rigged. They’re always rigged. Right. And they still have ’em like they still cuz they have to take their sound packs. Right. Their mic packs and everything off. Which makes sense. Because having, like I said, like caribou club, so fun, but it is also, they know what they’re doing there it’s a lot of essentially like the locals there can kind of get in whatever. It’s more, the people who are in from out of town that they make be members mm-hmm <affirmative> so just like a little secret thing for everybody. But they are really big on like, this is, you know, a lot of celebrities come, so I’m sure they are like, you can’t even be miked like no mics, no nothing.

B (00:05:55):

And what about the dress code? Cause remember they were, Kathy was like, I hope I get in. I’ll just go home if I don’t. Are they really strict with the dress code? Amanda?

Amanda (00:06:02):

No. I mean, I would be absolutely shocked if Kyle’s a member and she was bringing a guest that they would be that hard on somebody. Like I would imagine they would probably say just like any nicer restaurant, like you can’t be overtly, you know? Like in some cases they might be like no flip flops for men or something, but girls can get away with a lot, with a lot more.

B (00:06:26):

Right. Well they were saying that they turned away. I don’t know if they turned her away, but they were like questioning Chris Jenner’s outfit. Which like who questions? Chris Jenner. <Laugh>

Amanda (00:06:35):

I don’t believe that for a minute. I think I didn’t. I looked at, I was like, there’s no way they would say if Chris Jenn, especially if Chris Jenner is a member or was there with a member, they wouldn’t say boo to her because then one of the other Kardashians would be walking in with zero clothes on. So I just didn’t I didn’t really think that that was, I thought that was maybe Cathy or Kyle giving Cathy a hard time

B (00:06:59):

Or them trying to make like, it seem like such an exclusive club, like for the audience to be like, Ooh, okay. So re leaves. They happen in Uber now. I mean we saw the text messages, right? You see Lisa texting, I guess it was Erica. Oh my God. She’s crazy. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Here’s the thing I think. Okay. So then Cathy’s text says, I’m just gonna read Cathy’s please. Please do not say anything we discussed. Otherwise it will make a huge scene that everyone gets dragged into no bueno worth noting. She spelled bueno wrong.

Amanda (00:07:32):

<Laugh> yeah,

B (00:07:32):

Please. It goes further than you would wanna know. Silence is golden. I am staying silent. Now. Here is the thing. Do I believe that Kathy got in the van and went on a Tre about Kyle because she decided to confront Rena about the tequila because Kathy was drinking. Yes. I think she was at Rena, but more importantly, she was that Kyle didn’t have her back, whether that’s rational or irrational. Right. She was very. Now do I think that she said a slur? I don’t know. Is it out of the realm of possibility that a wealthy, spoiled white woman who doesn’t get her way and is told that they won’t play her friend song would say something inappropriate. Of course. It’s not however Amanda where’s this DJ.

Amanda (00:08:27):


B (00:08:29):

Why hasn’t he spoke out? I mean, people will say he was paid off, but why hasn’t he spoke out?

Amanda (00:08:34):

I don’t know. I did notice

Amanda (00:08:38):

That. So on the end of the show, then when they’re showing the previews and the like to be continued, which is, you always know it’s gonna be good and they show a screenshot of Kathy’s text. I gotta go with Lisa RI on this one. Like if this is the real text message, the show added her text cuz they only sh they made it look like it only said silence is golden. I am sailing silent, staying silent. Cause like, do you even see like the date above it versus like the date and time with two with the two. So like that to me, I was like, okay, well actually I believe you, Lisa, cuz I’m looking at this screenshot and I’m looking at what the TV is showing and that does look different. I think honestly I think we’re probably never gonna know. I think the question becomes like, what is everybody really mad about? Like what is what’s really going on? That’s where my head goes because I was like, I think that anybody has the ability to do some misbehavior when they’ve had too many drinks and they’re mad because of whatever. I wanna know why they were mad.

B (00:09:49):

Well, I mean, it goes back to my opinion, which I think I’ve shared here is I think in a general way, all of the women with the exception of Garel and crystal are mad that Kathy was the breakout fan favorite. And I will I’ll throw Sutton in that too. I think that Rena is especially mad cuz Rena is, you know, she’s salty, she’s a covetous person is the <laugh> comes to mind. I think Kyle is certainly mad because Kyle and you know, maybe rightfully so, you know, Kyle’s put herself out there, put her family out there. Yeah. For so many years. And her sister, her rich spoiled sister walks in and puts on a show because listen, I didn’t watch all of Paris in love, but I did see a couple episodes and Kathy is a different person on that show. She played a character, but like Kyle, we know she’s playing a character. We like it. We think it’s funny. We think she almost acts like an aging person with dementia. <Laugh> no, no I

Amanda (00:10:48):


B (00:10:49):

No offense to anyone who is aging with dementia. No, I’m kidding. But like she does, she acts not, let me take the dementia out of it.

Amanda (00:10:56):

If you’re, if you’re in your fifties, you know what hunky do means. Right, right. Like, right. Like it’s definitely, I think there’s a little bit of an act being put on. Yes. But we love it. And I think you’re totally right in that, like, you know, the rest of the cast could go one way or the other. They could be like annoyed cuz she came in or they could play it off like an improv act and be like, Kathy, come on, hunky door, you know, like they could go along with it. And it just feels like this season, they’re all like, no, we’re not like Kathy got too much screen time for doing that. And we kind of played in with it this year. We’re gonna call her out on it. I don’t know. It just, it just feels to me like the show is devolving into sludge <laugh> and I’m just like, I’m carrying less and less about what they’re actually doing on the screen. And I’m carrying more and more about what they’re feeling and thinking. And what’s really what’s really going on.

B (00:11:57):

So I wanna talk about the hat shop and Kyle’s absolute meltdown. Obviously she was genuinely upset. Okay. But she was not, my opinion is she was not genuinely upset that Dore was comforting Erica, this show. And I’ve been saying it since we, you know, since it first started filming, but you know, so many everything that Kyle accused Lisa Vanderpump of doing and being Kyle was always right there with her doing it and being it. So here you have Dore, who is her current strongest ally. We know the friendship between the couples and the four of them have sort of, and I love that people are like making it like Mauricio is having an affair with doit. No, they’re in a partnership together for the sake of the show. And the two of them are a crew. Like, you know what I’m saying?

Amanda (00:12:50):

I think they legitimately enjoy each other’s company too. But I think they also see that there’s a big advantage to them being close and them having each other’s back yes. On the show.

B (00:13:02):

So it’s just now becoming obvious to, I don’t know the audience maybe, but about Kyle. I mean that to say like it’s becoming obvious the way that Kyle plays things. Because I think that she always pinned on Lisa Vanderpump and Lisa did do it. Listen, Lisa did do it. Right. So, but I, I think they both did it. So here we have it. So she’s with Erica now listen, Erica and Rena are ride or die, no matter. I mean, did you see the way they embraced when she went to the pizza shop? You would’ve thought she came back from war <laugh> and you noticed Rena was not nervous. She wasn’t at all bother that. She wasn’t nervous. Cuz she knows they have a strong pact.

Amanda (00:13:45):

I know. But Rena had also been drinking to Kela too. Yes, that’s true. I mean girls trips you’ve been on one too. Like, okay. So, but yes, I agree. Like Rena walked in there and she was like, I’m ready to save the day. I think she really thought she was gonna like, yes. Make a big piece treaty

B (00:14:05):

And Kyle. So Kyle hasn’t treated Sutton well at all. No, she hasn’t treated Garel well. And how funny was it? Side note when she sat next to Garel and she said, can you just talk to me? It’s it was so obvious that she was on the outs. She was nervous about what they spoke about. So when she finally sees Erica, she they’re so quick, she’s so quick to move past it because she needs their them to be allies because mm-hmm <affirmative> the reality is there’s stuff she doesn’t want spoken about. And she knows they’re the ones that would do it at that moment. Kathy was at her and I very much know that Kathy has the power to up if she wants to. Okay. She is no wilting flower. Like, like when she’s sliding down the hill with the boots, it’s cute. It’s funny. But that is not fully who she is. No. Yeah. So I just thought that she was screaming and crying because she was so scared to lose, to eat as an ally. It was so obvious.

Amanda (00:15:03):

You know, I want cuz I was, I was thinking about this. Right. And I <laugh>, unfortunately I feel like every time we talk, especially about Beverly Hills, but now I’m looking at everything like more and more of my fail of innocence about real Housewives is being ripped away.

B (00:15:21):

I know, I’m sorry because,

Amanda (00:15:23):

But it’s I know other people are saying it too. And I know that you’re right. I just am like, God, am I so wrong to like want the show to actually be about friendships and like fun places and fashion and not for it to really just be like a dressed up version of survivor with Burkins and tequila. <Laugh> like, I know, but I’m watching it. Right. And I cuz I’m like, I’m putting myself in Kyle shoes. I’m like, okay. I would be really mad if I made all these plans. And I was really excited because like doing this hat experience, like she had to like get this whole band, like it’ll be, it would be a bonding moment for everybody to get their hats and like take a picture.

B (00:16:08):

Okay. But would you get hysterical and cry and throw a fit? If I decided that I wasn’t coming because I was gonna stay with my friend who you happened to be in a fight with in an

Amanda (00:16:18):

Argument with I, what if I had had a bunch of tequilas and I had made this plan and you and I who are not fighting and you go with this other friend who was fighting with me and like this other, I would be mad, not so much at you, but I would be even more mad at the other friend being like, she’s throwing this huge fit and now she’s taking our other friends. So now like we’ve got this divide in the group, like I would be upset about that. So I can see where I could see where if it’s this surface level thing where Kyle would be upset. But I agree with you that I think it’s probably really about this Alliance kind of situation unfortunately.

B (00:17:02):

And whether it is or whether Kyle was legitimately upset, I can’t feel sorry for somebody who didn’t blink when Sutton was called to see you next Tuesday, the episode before, like

Amanda (00:17:12):

Yeah. In your own house where I like, I keep saying this to my friends, I’m like, cuz we’re all talking about it. I’m like, can you imagine somebody else calling somebody that name in your own house? And you not saying anything as a hostess like that just wouldn’t that wouldn’t fly in my house. That wouldn’t fly in

B (00:17:29):

Absolutely most people’s house. I’m hosting anything at my house. And somebody uses that language. It could be my best friend in the whole world. It could be my brother. You have to leave. You can’t speak to somebody like that in my home. I’m sorry. But if you’re the hostess you have to side with the victim. <Laugh> I mean, that’s, that’s just common courtesy the whole thing. But when Garel says how different rules for different people, like yes and here crystal, where did crystal get her voice? I feel like Garel pulled her aside and she was like, crystal, I got your back. Let’s go speak up.

Amanda (00:18:03):

<Laugh> it was honestly when she said it, I literally paused on my TBM. I’m like, oh my God, yes, you are 100%. Right.

B (00:18:12):

And I love this version of her.

Amanda (00:18:14):

I know. Well, I think this is, Garel looking at the camera and telling the audience about these alliances without actually telling us about these alliances. I think she’s like guys, wake up. This is what’s happening. Cause crystal said the exact same thing. She’s like, if I pulled that, it would be never ending for me.

B (00:18:33):


Amanda (00:18:34):

Right. She’s a hundred percent. Right.

B (00:18:37):

I am very interested to see, I think what we’re gonna see next week is the Kyle. I think it’s gonna be all about Kathy going on a rampage about Kyle, which I fully believe happened. I think I, I don’t would Kathy deny that? I guess we’ll see it. I don’t think she’ll deny it. I think she’ll say I was angry and I said things I shouldn’t have said, but I don’t think we’re gonna hear word one about the slur. And I think that they filmed the re and this is just me speculating. Nobody has told me this, but I think that they filmed the reunion ahead of the Aspen episode so that they can avoid it. Erica was on watch what happens live. And she said that it was the most intense reunion. She said that there was no group hug after not group hug, but no group picture, nobody hugged. It was very tense. And lot of Alliance changes like everything that we predicted and we said was happening in real time. Last week when our spy was there was confirmed.

Amanda (00:19:29):

Well, I have a theory about too, about why we might never hear about what really happened and it might have nothing to do actually with the story that’s been told about Kathy, it could be that Kathy’s rant was going off on her sister, but it was breaking too much of the fourth wall. Right. Where she, cuz she’s not being filmed, she’s not being taped. And she’s like saying what she really thinks about the show and alliances and all these other things that like us as yours can never see and never hear because like the show is gonna not want us. They just don’t want us to know right. Or about production or about any of that other stuff. And so that could be the reason we just might never hear the answer.

B (00:20:16):

Good point. Good

Amanda (00:20:17):

Point. We’ll see.

B (00:20:18):

I don’t know. I have to tell you I’m sick of I’m ready for Beverly Hills. I’m ready for the reunion. I wanna see the Aspen episode and then I’m done and I wanna see the reunion and I wanna move on to my, to my Potomac ladies, to my salt lake city. Ladies. Yeah. I wanna move on. I’m done. I’m exhausted. My weave is exhausted, but

Amanda (00:20:34):

Do you want to go to Aspen with me and get hats at chemo savvy

B (00:20:42):

And that’s even joking. I really would want to do that. First of all, there’s a bar there. Do you know, you’ve spoke about drinking and shopping. Could you imagine Amanda, what we would buy with tequila there?

Amanda (00:20:57):

It’s the best kind of retail? Well, I know I, so I do not have one of these hats, but I have always, I have heard about the solid experience and have always wanted to go cuz I know it’s a very kind of special thing to do. So, and I have been to there’s actually I think one in another mountain town that I’ve been to too. So you know what, if, if we’ve learned nothing else, we have learned another place that we might need to do cocktails and gossip on the road.

B (00:21:30):

Yes. And you know, I never really was into hats, but when I was in Miami a couple weeks ago, I got a hand painted hat from a boutique in Miami and gonna kill myself because I can’t think of the name. They had just done a photo shoot with Dr. Nicole Martin. Oh cute. Yes. And they were telling me about it and I was just like smiling in my head. I was like, I should tell them I’m Bravo and cocktails. Maybe they’ll give me a free hat. <Laugh> but I decided that my an anonymity, how do I say it?

Amanda (00:21:59):

An amen. Oh whatever. I’ve had two glasses of wine. You guys know what we’re saying? <Laugh>

B (00:22:04):

Was more, was more important than a free, you know, $200 hat, but it’s so nice. So I like, I feel like I’m just getting into hat. So I feel like the next, the next step is a $600 hat that they burn in front of me.

Amanda (00:22:14):

For sure. For sure. I love how they lit it on fire. Well, let’s talk about real houses in New York because I’ve whether or not like we, like everything’s really filming, it just feels like Rony season to me with it turning into fall. So we saw Sonya posting a picture with a green screen. Mm-Hmm

B (00:22:37):

<Affirmative> so as sick as I am of Beverly Hills is as much as I miss Rony, I, I started rewatching season four. Okay. I’m just, I miss it. So yes, she posted a picture of green screen and then my source, I was on the phone with them the other night and they were like, I’m letting you know something that probably won’t surprise you because I know that you’re a New York city girl and you think it’s like the best show <laugh> that ever they’re on the west coast. So like, you know, we we’re we’re like biggie in Tupac, right? I’m biggie. He he’s Tupac. <Laugh> he’s like, it is so good. The Luann and Sonya show is so good that it’s probab it’s. He said probably gonna be taken off of peacock and just beyond Bravo. That’s how good it is. So I said to them, I was like, so you’re telling me that the green screen was for that show.

B (00:23:32):

And they were like, I don’t believe that they’re filming, but Amanda it’s fashion week. So what we know is this is what I can tell you that we know all of the OGs or all of the ladies who have been on that. They’re interested in, right? The whole gaggle of them during the Jill, all of those Kelly, this one, that one they’ve all been spoken to. They’ve all been asked what their schedules are, but none of them have been confirmed. However, Luann and Sonya just did this spinoff, which now I’m hearing is so successful. It’s being put on Bravo. So we can pretty much say that they’re gonna be on it. So I get literally I’m on the phone with this source. A couple of hours later, I get the email filming in New York city and guys, this is a pod exclusive. I have not posted this from wives in New York city.

B (00:24:20):

Something’s filming in New York city. I stayed at the time hotel, 49th and eighth this past weekend, Sunday morning and afternoon, there were production and film crews in and out. I asked the bartender downstairs at Sarafina what was filming. He said, one of the Housewives shows were filming in the penthouse. He didn’t specifically know if it was Rony or legacy, but crews were in and out all Sunday and Monday morning, you might remember Sarafina is where <laugh> Kyle famously said to Camille, you’re such a liar, Camille. So we <laugh>. So we know that this is a spot that, you know, Bravo films at

Amanda (00:24:58):

Well. Okay. I feel like I have a lot to react to. First of all, like Sonya and Luann are gonna make fricking great TV. Not surprised to hear that that show’s doing really well. I like, I think we all need to laugh. Like we need more just fun and funness and silliness and goofiness back on Bravo. Again, it’s just all gotten so like

B (00:25:26):


Amanda (00:25:27):

Just dramatic and heavy and violent and all of that. So like, God bless them. You know, it’s like I was watching Southern charm and that dinner for chumps or <laugh> I kept in my head calling it that, but <laugh> because those boys were all just, you know, they were all on one that night, including Patricia, which I loved the dinner for gentlemen, but watching them. Oh my God. Oh,

B (00:25:53):

<Laugh> where Craig destroyed a chair, a couch

Amanda (00:25:56):

<Laugh> and like his flies down, I was like, that’s just more endearing to me cuz of like nobody had it together, including Patricia. The chef is like going off. Like, I mean, it just, it was so good. I was like this, thank you is what we all need. Yes. We need more of this kind of fun stuff. But anyway, and I, I really do believe that Lann and Sonya can deliver that for that for us. So I really hope that it’s it’s everywhere cuz then, and I hope it’s as good as they’re saying, but you know, back to the filming blind, but think about it. I can’t not remember anybody’s names, we’ll get them better at them once we see them on TV. But the founder of love shack fancy is rumored to be in the cast. And then there is another woman who works for Vera Wang, who is also rumored to be in the cast. So there are some women in the reboot that have some very real fashion ties. So it makes sense to me that they would be filming. Right. You know, in the middle of all of this during fashion week. So I, 100% believe and I believe that it is, is the reboot. I think it’s them. I don’t think it’s actually, I think we would know if we would’ve heard, we would’ve had people sending us stuff. If it was the legacy crew

B (00:27:15):

And here’s the thing, Amanda, it makes perfect sense because just because the whole entire cast isn’t firmed up for the reboot. The ladies want their stuff showcased. So they’re gonna sign that contract. So that fashion week is on and we know that very often they start filming and then they, as they add like Taylor, I think wasn’t filming at the beginning and she was added into OC. It happens. It happens on every show on Bravo every season. Right?

Amanda (00:27:41):

Cherie on Beverly Hills. Perfect.

B (00:27:44):

<Laugh> good job. Yeah.

Amanda (00:27:45):

Came in halfway and then we still don’t see much of her.

B (00:27:48):

<Laugh> I do. I did post that. My source, one of my sources shared with me that they know of two people who have dropped out of the reboot.

Amanda (00:27:57):

Oh yeah.

B (00:27:58):

So what they said was, you know, people, okay. On the one hand you want somebody, who’s got something to show, right? A business, a fancy life, all this stuff. But on the other hand, you and we discussed this a couple, you know, a couple times you’re signing over some of your earnings from your business. If you’re promoting it on a show, that’s one, two, you have a lot of money typically. Right? Three. They’re not paying first season people all that much. Right. So in the case of like these young people shows and summer house, that kind of stuff, you know, these are young. It’s very different when you’re casting women, because it’s not just the woman, it’s her family. It’s her children. It’s her husband or ex-husband or partner or right. Like it becomes so complicated. Right. So two people dropped out. I don’t know who those two people

Amanda (00:28:51):

Are. Yeah.

B (00:28:53):

I do know that <laugh> a headmaster at a private school. <Laugh> secretary’s been emailing me, but I can’t share too much on that yet, but oh, stay tuned.

Amanda (00:29:06):

Well, wasn’t it Ramona’s daughter who got kicked out of her school before, like way back when, because of her mom being on the show

B (00:29:14):

And that’s why Ramona charged off the stage season one or two, because Alex had taps photos out. Remember that was about the kid’s school. I, I think she was asked to leave and ultimately Ramona chose the show. So yeah. Well,

Amanda (00:29:26):


B (00:29:27):

And like it’s so ironic. And then fast forward to the last season of Roni where she’s running around with tassels, <laugh> like hip.

Amanda (00:29:36):

Okay. Well speaking of mess, what do you think is really happening with this whole messy flower situation with Lisa and Lenny from Miami and explain it cuz I still don’t really quite understand it.

B (00:29:52):

So I don’t think I know. And I’m just gonna leave it at that <laugh> so we saw Lisa post flowers. So when she posts the flowers, I get bunch of DMS with pictures of it and she tagged Lenny Hochstein, but she didn’t tag Lenny. She tagged the med spa, which for everyone’s information, she owns, I mean with him, but she owns, she runs and everything like that. So flowers were sent to the med spa. She tagged the med spa. So I reshared it. And I posted guys, she’s not tagging Lenny, she’s tagging the med spa. These aren’t from Lenny. But at that point, I didn’t know who they were from. I just, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize they’re not from Lenny. I am told. And when I say I’m told, I, I know this to be true, they were sent to the med spa or dressed to Lenny and from Morgan.

B (00:30:46):

Oh my God, who was the girl who was on bear girls club, who was the girl who was Diana Jenkins, ex-husband’s sugar baby. At one point, this is all public stuff. By the way, who was on big Ang Macy, rest in peace. That monkey, that bar she had in Staten island, she was on that show. So she’s basically like a really wants to be a reality. TV star really wants to be rich. She sent them and she said, divorce looks great on you. Love Morgan. Here’s the kicker. This is the part that’s interesting. Lisa did not inter Lisa wasn’t there. It’s not like she intercepted the flowers. Leny sent her the knowledge that he had received flowers from Morgan, because although there is a messy divorce going on,

Amanda (00:31:30):


B (00:31:30):

Lenny and Lisa have a severe extreme dislike for Morgan because she has caused a lot of strife in their life at rhymes <laugh>. And where they’re at right now is yes, the divorce is crazy, but they do not hate each other. And every day isn’t amicable, but they are both making their best effort to keep it amicable amicable for the sake of their two young children. And I would like to say, I am very, very happy to share that information.

Amanda (00:32:05):

That is a big relief, cuz that’s I think the right way to go for the kids cuz you know, I think that sometimes people just get very distracted by what other people are thinking and do. And things say things that they probably shouldn’t in public mm-hmm <affirmative> that their kids can then find out about. So I say, good, I’m glad to hear that. And

B (00:32:29):

We’re a few months into this now. Like they start, they split in the spring. Let’s call it may. Yeah. You know, we’re about six months into this now and I can’t speculate in what their marriage was, but you know, a lot of people. And so Morgan is out there posting and so angry. Right? So angry that it was posted on Bravo and cocktails and <laugh> cocktails and gossip now are talking about it. So angry that it’s saying that they both don’t like her. She says she can expose both of them. Their marriage wasn’t real. Listen. They are legally married. They share two children, whatever that looked like for them, be it an open marriage, be it, whatever Morgan is not married to. Either of them, she needs to exit stage left. Now the reason by the way she was so ticked off is because the night before those flowers were sent, Lisa was at Phillip fine, who is big designer. He had some big launch in Miami and Lisa was basically like a V I P guest in every picture. So obviously Morgan’s ex Phillip was sticking it to Morgan. And so Morgan’s come back was, let me send Lenny flowers and it flopped for her. And she’s. Why

Amanda (00:33:38):

Did Lisa post a pick then on her own social and then tag, that’s the part I don’t get cuz it’s just kind of fueling this Morgan person’s desire for the limelight and the drama.

B (00:33:51):

I think she wanted, I think she wanted bloggers to talk and I think she wanted us to be talking about this. I’ll leave it at that.

Amanda (00:33:57):

Yeah. Fair enough.

B (00:33:59):

I think that they, her and Morgan really have real beef that goes beyond Lenny. Like I’m told that like if they’re in the same spot, it becomes a thing where one asked the other to leave and they put, they play chicken. It’s like a power move between the two of them.

Amanda (00:34:13):

Well and if you know, Lisa and Lenny are United in their dislike for this woman and they’re kind of posting and make fun of you pick, you know, and we’re gonna make fun of, we’re gonna turn this right back around and we’re gonna post it on social media. Right. And we’re gonna tag each other on it then like, okay, I get it.

B (00:34:33):

And remember like the general fan base may not know, but friends and associates and people in Miami knew exactly what Lisa was posting. You get what I’m saying? Like maybe every fan that watches real house was in Miami. Didn’t get it. But whoever Lisa wanted to get it. Got it.

Amanda (00:34:50):

Got it.

B (00:34:51):

<Laugh> you know, so,

Amanda (00:34:53):

Okay. So winter house, like what is, what do we think is happening with that?

B (00:35:00):

Holy man. <Laugh> it looks good. It looks good. You might remember that rumor that Luke was asked to leave the house. Yeah. Apparently he left for a night and he came back. Now you’d have to assume he was asked to leave for a reason. I posted about it. I, I mean, I hear different things. So I want to say let’s watch. We do know he was not asked back on summer house this season, but he will be a Bravo come. Yeah. So I think it’s like a gray area. I, I think, you know, listen, this group of friends like goes in and out of being friends season to season, you know, first of all, it’s also because like the relationships change who their day change is, it just looks good. I mean, and you saw Kyle and Craig into it a little

Amanda (00:35:55):

Bit. Yeah. Yeah. They come to blows. It looks like,

B (00:35:58):

Like Kyle says to Paige, Kyle says to Paige, put your boyfriend on, which is hysterical because like, who gets more drunk than Kyle? I mean Kyle and Craig both get very drunk. Put your boyfriend on a leash. Like, I mean, Paige is not gonna take that sitting down. No. And like the thing is, is that I’m sure Amanda’s just like the next day. Like I don’t wanna fight because they’re fighting. Like let’s not let it affect us. And Paige is probably like, okay, the Kyle’s an

Amanda (00:36:24):

<Laugh> and we have the Toms. So we see,

B (00:36:29):

Oh my God. Yes.

Amanda (00:36:30):

From bander pump rules come.

B (00:36:33):

Yes. They come. And I love at the end when like Tom Sandoval is like trying to talk about what’s going on and Schwartz just looks at me and he’s like, I think I have alcohol poisoning. <Laugh>

Amanda (00:36:44):


B (00:36:45):

By the way, him and Raquel were making out the other night. I got pictures sent to me. I posted about it.

Amanda (00:36:50):

I know we got ’em. Yeah. Sent to the, the website. I just, you know, of course I was looking at, I was like, Tom looks really good with like, looks really cute, but I’m like, Ew,

B (00:37:02):

I get that. They’re both single. I just don’t love it. I, I, I wish they could both find somebody else

Amanda (00:37:07):

<Laugh> well, and I just like, I don’t know. I always just think about Katie and like put myself in her shoes. It’s like, do we need to see this? No. Like, nobody really wants to see it. You know? Like, I don’t

B (00:37:20):

Know, but you know what it, Amanda, I think it’s because you and I are married. And so we have a certain like, feeling that if something happened, like we would have certain boundaries, I feel like maybe young single girls, like Raquel, I’m trying to be fair now to Rochelle. Maybe they <laugh> because they have never been married. Don’t really get our point of view. And we’re too far removed from their point of view. Does that make sense?

Amanda (00:37:45):

I think that is definitely possible. I also think I just side with Katie <laugh> cause I’m like, if I saw Katie, I would did would be like good for you. I don’t know. <Laugh>

B (00:37:56):

I know. So totally. I think that we’re unfair because if Katie got hot and heavy with Peter, I, I keep using Peter cuz he’s like the only like, imagine she got hot and heavy with a divorce jacks. <Laugh>

Amanda (00:38:08):

Right. No Ew.

B (00:38:10):

But like, I would be like good for her and you know what <laugh>

B (00:38:13):

Who cares? They’re both single, but since it’s Raquel and Schwartz, I’m like, oh that is girl code. That is, that is not right. There need to be boundaries. So you know what? Listen. Yeah. And I think it’s important to say like we spill tea, right? And then we give our opinion, like we are allowed and the world would be boring. If we all agreed, great followers will inbox me and they’ll be like, they’ll disagree with something I say, and then they’ll be like, please don’t block me. I write back. I’m like, I’m not gonna block you. I’m not even gonna block you. If you don’t like me. Like I don’t block people. If you’re gonna message me every day, cursing me out. I’m gonna block you. Just cuz it’s annoying. But people are not only allowed to have different opinions. It’s a natural human thing.

B (00:38:58):

And in the same way, it’s that way I’m allowed to have my opinions and I’m allowed to be biased. Right. I don’t work for Bravo. I don’t have to be a non-biased person. Right. I see somebody wrote in a review. Oh, are they on, do they work for Paige? Because they never say anything bad about her. If there’s something bad to say, I’ll say it. I generally like Paige, Paige is a little bit younger than me, but she reminds me a lot of myself. You know, she’s a girl from New York, although she’s from upstate, whatever. She’s a girl from New York. She’s Italian. She’s funny. She’s quick witted. Yeah. And she’s a hustler. I respect everything like that. And honestly I find myself to be similar. So guess what? I’m gonna be on her side unless it’s something egregious. Just because <laugh>, it would be like siding against myself. Yeah. It’s not that I’m on her payroll. I mean, Paige, you could send me a check though. Boo. I’d like that. <Laugh>

Amanda (00:39:50):

You know, having different opinions about different people. Like that’s what makes the world go around? I just, you know, and I have, I have my people and like I think Katie is, you know, I don’t think I would wanna see, I wouldn’t be as excited about seeing Katie. Like my whole point with Rochelle has just been like, go outside of your friends’. Ex-Husbands like, just like I said, like shop a single, like go even to a different show. Like keeping it there. I’m like, that just feels icky. And it makes it weird for everybody. Like, don’t do that. Like I

B (00:40:24):

Also think that Katie not Katie, excuse me. That Raquel is like kind of calculated at this point because she just had a lot of bad press with Oliver. So conveniently there’s public pictures of her making out with Tom as if to say I’m not with a married man. I’m with a man who’s almost divorced.

Amanda (00:40:39):

There’s so many single men in LA. Like

B (00:40:43):


Amanda (00:40:44):

Sandy. I mean Southern California, like all of us, San Diego. I mean go girl. Like just somebody else. You would still get pressed for making out with somebody. Even if they’re not famous. I dunno. Yeah. She should have just gone to some of the Emmy parties cuz it sounds like everybody was just making out at all of those. Anyway,

B (00:41:03):

I have to say if I was her, if I was a single beautiful girl living in Hollywood, I would try to beg a real celebrity. Right. <laugh> I mean, what the heck? I mean, Leonardo is he’s well now supposedly he’s with Gigi, but he’s on the market. I mean she’s under 30 where Cal

Amanda (00:41:20):

Right’s about right age. <Laugh> right.

B (00:41:22):

Let’s go.

Amanda (00:41:24):

I don’t know. I, I think it’ll be fun to see the Toms on winter house. I love a crossover. It looks like, thank God cuz you know know me and I go off, but like seeing only couples in these houses, like I really don’t wanna see couple house winter edition. I mean, no. So no I’m excited that there is this new guy, Corey, who definitely seems to have this like boy vibe, which we definitely need. We have the new girl who looks like Lindsay. I cannot remember her name,

B (00:41:59):


Amanda (00:41:59):

But like I need to see some like musical beds. I need to see drama about people hooking up. Like that is what is so much more fun to watch than like couples being like fighting over who gets the best room,

B (00:42:17):

Obviously more fun. And we also, we see Lindsay and Carl, they’re not part of the cast. They pop up and we see Lindsay having very uncomfortable conversation with James. Excuse me, Jason, by the way, he looks like a James to me because I always think of him as James. I don’t know why, but he was adorable and really sweet. Cute. And it seems like he was hurt that Lindsay spoke about the miscarriage on television and you could see that Lindsay feels really bad in the scene. She’s like, listen, there’s not a, there’s not a playbook on this. There’s no rules. And it’s like uncomfortable because it happened and they didn’t even know each other that well, right? I mean, listen, you sleep with somebody. You can get pregnant and it’s must be very weird to have that happen with somebody. You don’t know that well, so I really feel for both of them in that situation, I don’t think either one is right or wrong. I’m sure they work it out because he seems very reasonable and she’s in a very good place. Being happy with Carl, as

Amanda (00:43:08):

You were saying this, I just had this thought in my head cuz remember we’re a little older than these guys. Like remember after school specials?

B (00:43:16):

Well, not that all of them let’s point that out, but

Amanda (00:43:19):

Yes that’s true than some of them <laugh> but do you remember after school specials that were like, yes. And they would always be about an issue like teen pregnancy or there was Benny and the Roys, the guy who like did the steroids. It was the kid who like jumped out the window because of angel bass. Oh

B (00:43:36):

My God. We watched all the same things. <Laugh> <laugh> I was so into them by

Amanda (00:43:42):

The way. But this, as you’re saying this, I was like, oh my God is like our like Bravo shows becoming the new afterschool special <laugh>

B (00:43:51):

Oh my God. Learn

Amanda (00:43:52):

About, because it’s true. Like there is no playbook about miscarriage. And like if you’ve ever had a friend who goes through it, it is an awful, awful experience. And then like the whole, like, you know, how much does the, the, the dad have the voice versus the mom because it’s the mom’s body that this happened to, but it’s both their babies and like, right. I can only imagine how they were both feeling. And so anyway, sorry, you guys, but those of you who have watched after school specials will really appreciate that conversation because I think that’s what these are. Now we

B (00:44:24):

Call them geriatric millennials. <Laugh>

Amanda (00:44:27):


B (00:44:27):

Yes. Oh, and then there’s Rachel. So, okay guys, Rachel, is this really? I follow her Instagram. Like she’s so cool. Like she’s very pretty and she’s all tatted up and she’s got like fancy jewelry. She has a floral business. She did Kyle and Amanda’s wedding. She has the most gorgeous floral installation. She does like real. She was on an HBO. Well, I’m gonna read. So during, when summer house was filming, I got mm-hmm <affirmative> we got an email and it said flower power. It’s about the flowers flower power. Okay. No one. And I mean, no one would stress that much over flowers. The reason it’s a storyline for Kyle and Amanda is because they wanted to have an iconic floors, do their flowers for free or very discounted. It happened. They had to talk a lot about flowers and obviously showcase her work. But it happened, the florist was dearest, Rachel featured in HBO Max’s full bloom and the winner of the dare to bloom floral design competition. And that’s why the flowers were such a big storyline. So we posted this. I mean, mm-hmm <affirmative> right

Amanda (00:45:33):

Before their wedding cuz they got married about this time last year.

B (00:45:36):

Yeah. And you’re right. So she is a cast member of winter house. So like how anyway guys, another win. Another victory is we, as we decided, we’re calling it for Bravo and But Amanda, if you don’t follow her, you follow her. You have to. I mean, I’m like, I don’t know what my I’m already married and you know, I <laugh>, I’m trying to think maybe my daughter’s sweet 16 in however many years that is from now. She can do the flowers cuz she’s incredible. Oh my gosh.

Amanda (00:46:07):

Yeah. I’m definitely gonna follow her. And I’m interested to see if like, cuz I’ve seen the pictures of her and I’ve seen some of the stuff and like I’m really interested to see what her personality is. Cuz in my head I’m like, I get the feeling like you have some really great one light like with the tattoos, like got a little edge and socks SA and like we need, always need more of that.

B (00:46:31):

I think she’ll be good. I think she’ll be good. And I, I know from following her Instagram, she’s a very confident person and I can see the other women like getting along with her because they’re a little bit like scared not to. Yes. And I love somebody who has that vibe. Like I a

Amanda (00:46:48):


B (00:46:49):

Maybe, maybe I’m a boy.

Amanda (00:46:51):

No, I think, I don’t think you’re I definitely don’t think you’re a bully. I think you see strong personalities and are not afraid of them, which is great. You know? Like I think that’s, I, I like to see somebody who has a strong point of view and like there’s, I don’t know. Anyway,

B (00:47:10):

Well there’s a strong point of view and then there’s Ramona.

Amanda (00:47:13):

Okay. Fair enough. You try the right way. <Laugh>

B (00:47:17):

I like them to have my point teasing. Okay, Amanda, you’re gonna be mad at me. We should. I wish I wish we would’ve planned to, to like loop Larry shout out to a Bravo by gaze. Okay. I don’t dislike Austin this season on Southern charm. Well,

Amanda (00:47:36):

First of all, he is not wearing any chunky white turtlenecks because it’s like warmer. So that helps. But no, I actually was just watching the sea island episode and I agree he is redeeming himself.

B (00:47:54):

I mean, when he points out that Shep is trying to control Taylor by quitting her job and he just said it on the flight was his knee jerk reaction, you know like Shep just says that out of nowhere. And then he followed that up by saying that his mom and his aunts were the breadwinners. I was like, I really like this. And he, the way he said it was said with such like a respect for women. And I also saw his conversation with Taylor, which like the way he got choked up, I really felt like, you know what? Listen on winter house. He showed his whole and, and <laugh> we know with Madison, whatever. But we have to remember that when we were watching a show it’s there is an element of the edit and that people are not all one thing mm-hmm <affirmative> or all one thing or not all good or not all bad. So it was very refreshing and it showed us what? Because listen, these smart women, Olivia Sierra, who, who are interested in him, he has to have good qualities. We just don’t listen. Robin doesn’t really show his good qualities. So I, yeah,

B (00:49:01):

I have to say maybe he’s not the worst person in the whole world.

Amanda (00:49:05):

<Laugh> well, you know, he has said multiple times on the show that his mom is like a badass, like with a big career. And I remember a few seasons ago she was kind of raking him over the Kohl’s about his business. And I was like, oh, she’s a Badie. I like it. You know, like in a good way, like she’s, she’s tough. And he also gives, you can see like he gives a lot of respect to her, his mom and his sister, a ton of respect to his sister too. So I like seeing that side of him. And I think it’s hard. It’s just been sort of hard to see much past the like surface with him because he hasn’t gotten past the surface really with anybody and it’s been very surface level. So it was nice to see this, this side pop up of him because I totally agree. He’s he’s redeeming himself,

B (00:50:03):

Austin. Yeah. Good job. I’ll give you a pat on the back. If I should see you at Bravo and a new

Amanda (00:50:07):

Shirt. No like a new sweater of

B (00:50:10):

Something else

Amanda (00:50:11):

Shirt. Okay. So, and you will see him. I’m telling you. I know. Oh no. But a lot of people will. All the cocktails, all the cocktails will say I’m Bravo and cocktails and they’ll send him drinks.

B (00:50:23):

I know. I’m not gonna tell him who I am. <Laugh> should I, should we pull that?

Amanda (00:50:29):

<Laugh> don’t do it. I know you’re gonna be tempted too. Don’t

B (00:50:31):

I sh I should say it. He’s probably gonna be like, oh no, you’re not. And then I’ll open my Instagram and be like, yes, I am.

Amanda (00:50:38):

Oh my gosh. So OC, we’ve been getting all, especially this week, a ton of stuff coming in about OC. So Shannon.

B (00:50:49):

No, no, I’m not. I know. I, because he’ll snap a picture of me and be like, here she is. Here’s her address? Come find her.

Amanda (00:50:57):

How funny was this? When somebody was like, Amanda, you’re gonna like this, cuz you like Shannon <laugh> I loved that. So like we’re hearing that she’s not the only one kissing Tam’s or she is. She’s the only one who’s not everyone else is. That’s what I meant.

B (00:51:14):

No, she is so, so Shannon’s the only one kissing Tam’s, which it’s kind of genius. And I knew, I knew you would appreciate it cuz you love you some Shannon, the lack of the storyline we knew. And I, I said that things are very stagnant with the boyfriend. She’s not gonna talk about it. Stagnant is probably at best, at worst. It’s like not a real relationship. So she’s gonna make someone else’s, you know, she’s gonna make the feud, her storyline, which I’m okay with. I, I like to see tammar all riled up and Shannon gets her riled up. Gina has zero storyline. We’re hearing. I mean, she could have spoke about all the TV posted with the X and the ex the X is soon to be ex-wife and the tax lie and the unemployment. But last she didn’t so expect friend of, for Gina and Tam’s friend is filming. So it’s like a workout friend of TA. I know it’s been floating around. Her name is Jennifer pet Rore or something, something with a P divorce, a kids. Very interesting story. New boyfriend. Yeah. So I’m hearing. Yes. Amanda, you saw the email that just came in as we were recording. <Laugh> basically it, it says everything. We just said Tam and Shannon feud, main focal point of the season. Gina has a little conflict with Taylor, nothing much really going on. Looks like a season. Isn’t gonna be great. I

Amanda (00:52:42):

Don’t know. Watching them get up to shenanigans is always fun. It’s funny that we’re not hearing anything about Heather dure or at least nothing that’s being sent in to the website. Not hearing much about her. Not hearing much about Emily mm-hmm <affirmative> so I don’t know. I think, you know, right. I think that sounds like, I think they just started filming too, like a couple months ago. I think they’ve got a while ago too. So let’s, let’s not write the season off before we even start watching it.

B (00:53:14):

I’m not writing it off. And I think that

Amanda (00:53:17):

No, I think the re I think whoever this person is, is trying to say like, looks like the show. Won’t be good. And like Vicky,

B (00:53:24):

Vicky is that, that you Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, is that you

Amanda (00:53:29):

Megan Edmonds

B (00:53:31):

Lets remember how good OC was. I mean listen. Yeah. There’s a chance.

Amanda (00:53:36):

I, I definitely think so. And I do like Shannon and I really like the idea of Shannon and Tamara together again. So I don’t know. We’ll see. And then by the way, what is up with like just starting, I wanna say yesterday, we started getting a bunch of stuff AB something’s going on in Atlanta because we just started getting a bunch of stuff yesterday about Atlanta.

B (00:54:01):

I mean I’m loving what we got. Should I read it?

Amanda (00:54:04):


B (00:54:05):

Another legacy from trigger blogger, real Housewives of Atlanta legacy lowkey rumor, real Housewives of Atlanta was next up for legacy Sheray and candy are planning to leave the real Housewives of Atlanta franchise to join Lisa. Woo. And Kimsey are rumored to be in talks of returning for legacy, Amanda.

Amanda (00:54:32):

Hmm. I love a, a little lady. Little Lisa. Woo. I think right. It would be so fun to get caught up on. What’s been going on with her.

B (00:54:42):

Okay. So when I heard this, I was okay. I’m sorry. I I’m sorry. I have to calm down. I get very ex excited

Amanda (00:54:50):


B (00:54:52):

I get very excited. I know I’ve said this before, but old school Atlanta was I obviously OC was everyone’s first and I liked it, but Atlanta was like my first true. Like I am a housewife’s fanatic. Does that make sense? Yeah. So I I’m gonna miss Mimi. I don’t care what anybody says about her. I love her <laugh> but I, I have some exclusive tea on that. Allegedly. She did not get a settlement from AVO. Originally. The suit was filed in Atlanta and word is she plans on filing in New York? So the case that she had against Bravo and Andy in Atlanta was dismissed. I think we’ll assume there was settlement money, but there was not, she plans on filing in New York because she feels, or her attorney feels that is where Bravo was based and she’ll have better luck. So I guess we’ll all stay tuned for that.

Amanda (00:55:51):


B (00:55:52):

<Affirmative> okay. But Lisa will, so, so much has happened in her life since we’ve seen her and it a couple seasons ago, she actually was like a friend of it at dinner, but you wouldn’t even have known unless you were like me and we’re like a hardcore fan. And I’m like, oh my God, that’s Lisa. Woo. Her and ed got divorced a number of years ago, which by the way, I felt very sad about cuz they were so cute on TV. And at that time they had just had their son. I think they had one son at that time. Maybe it was two, but totally random side note. Ed went on to marry Keisha Knight. For those of you who don’t know who Keisha Knight is, she was Rudy on the Cosby show. Their wedding came out of nowhere. Like people didn’t even know they were dating.

B (00:56:34):

I remembered seeing that. And I was like, what the heck? I knew that him and Lisa were divorced, but okay. And their wedding came out of nowhere. She was pregnant couple months after the wedding divorce filed and paternity test. So very messy. So yes, Lisa woo come back and she had such a sharp, funny, smart personality. I just, I think she’s fantastic. I’m curious as to why they never brought her back. I feel like for a variety of reasons, she didn’t wanna be showcased full time because I can’t imagine producers wouldn’t want her back. Listen, Kim, we hear Kim. Kim is a grifter and she’s a mess, but God, she’s good.

B (00:57:22):

Atlanta’s chalk full of women in business. Yeah. You know, with businesses and, and talent and artists and interesting lives. So I think it’s a brilliant idea to split it. I do think that we all have to admit that Atlanta is sort of at an, you know, at a crossroads. It’s not like it was. And I think that this may be the thing, split it up. Let’s get some new ladies. We know that listen, Porsche, the rumors of Porsche are coming back. I wholeheartedly believe, but on which show, I mean, you could throw her on either she’s young enough to be on the new Atlanta. She could bring a couple of her friends on. I’d like to see more of her sister mm-hmm

Amanda (00:58:00):


B (00:58:01):

Do we think we’re gonna hear about this at Bravo con can you imagine if we’re breaking this and it’s a Bravo con announcement?

Amanda (00:58:08):

I mean, I, I gotta tell you, I’m starting to get some major FOMO about not going to Bravo con maybe I need to like look and see if I can get a last minute ticket, cuz I’m gonna be watching. I’m gonna be watching the newsfeed just to see what’s happening there. Cause I think they’re gonna, of course they’re gonna save, you know, everything juicy right. To share then and yeah. So I don’t know. I think it could make sense to have a legacy for Atlanta. Love to see Lisa. Woo. I just remember her as being like yeah, funny, sassy, definitely sharp wit and I just think, and

B (00:58:45):

So pretty

Amanda (00:58:46):

And so pretty, you know, I think that’s where we need to go with Housewives. Like we need more like people who can, you know, think on their feet, not people who are being coached on things to say in certain situations and staging things. And self-producing like, I, I don’t care about that. We want people who actually have stuff going on and a lot of,

B (00:59:10):

And to be clear, the only reason Beverly Hills gets away with that is because some of them are celebrities. They’re mostly all wealthy. It’s like we come to expect that, but don’t bring me to some PO dunk town and, and <laugh>, and start with that. I want Realty and I’m not call, I’m not calling anywhere PO dunk. The town I’m from could be considered PO dunk too. I’m just saying like you live in Beverly Hills, maybe there’s a certain thing. But if the New York city ladies can bring it, every other city in America should be able to. And that’s one thing I will give New York city credit for. There’s none of that. They, they let it all hang out, say what we will about Ramona. And God knows I have opinions on her, but she lets her free flag

Amanda (00:59:48):

On. And that’s, I mean, and that’s why I think there’s still a lot of people who still love Ramona or don’t love everything she says, but you know, love that. She makes good TV, just like, you know, Sonya <laugh>. I mean, Sonya lets all of them do. Right. And you know, that’s the stuff that just is so much more interesting to me is these women who actually have a lot of things going on in their lives and are just really, haven’t naturally interesting personality. And aren’t, you know, coming up with alliances just to, you know, keep their time on the TV, cuz like, who cares? Like if there’s people who just keep coming back season after season, but they’re not bringing anything like it just makes the show, it brings the whole show down. So anyway, well this has been such a fun little chat. I love getting to, to catch up with you and talk about all this stuff because we, where we normally used to kind of text each other throughout the week about our reactions to the shows, we save it all for the pod <laugh> so that it’s, you know, like it’s our conversation for the first time with the cocktails.

B (01:00:55):

It was weird at first, but now like I’m so much more used to embarrassing myself on audio. Oh my

Amanda (01:01:01):

God. You mean,

B (01:01:04):

I don’t think I’ll ever quite be ready to embarrass myself on camera, but on audio it’s sort of like, no,

Amanda (01:01:09):

I mean to a certain extent we’re letting our free flags fly too here with the cocktails. So thank you so much

B (01:01:18):

Cocktails. You know, we love you and till next week,

Speaker 3 (01:01:29):

Thank you guys so much for listening. Just wanna ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you’ve subscribed, go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends, but only friends who like good teeth because the ones who don’t care about teeth, then like forget them. And don’t forget. Find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily that would get us kicked off of Instagram. <Laugh> so thanks for listening everybody. Bye guys.

B (01:02:11):

See you next time.