Bravocon tea at the Gansevort!

Oct 14, 2022

Brandi Granville checking into hotel at
12:30 totally fucked up.

Taylor and Austen walked in together. Def
something there, got on elevator together.

Shannon called Gina a “douche” lol

Madison was stunning, but didn’t like Olivia it was obvious.

Meredith marks was dressed like Elvis… Hmmmmmm bizarre.

Teddi is a BITCH!


  1. Team Taylor

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not a fan of Austen, but am I the only one who is actually rooting for him and Taylor to get together??

  2. Bravo

    Ha Love it! Now that’s real tea ☕️

  3. Anti ted

    Why is Theodore even there? Please brovocon fans, accidentally spill a million glasses of wine on her and don’t say sorry ?

  4. Go away Teddi!

    Why won’t Teddi just go away already? Does Bravo not see that nobody besides Kyle misses her?

  5. Jenn

    Haha I wanna know why Teddi is a bitch though!? Is it just her face? ?

  6. Hello!!

    She does realize she’s at a Bravocon event?! But seriously I hate when people act like this when the event is all about BRAVO! People are there to see bravolebrities

  7. Tatiana

    John mellancamps daughter has got a wide stick up her arse and we don’t want her anywhere near bravo

  8. Bravobravobravo

    Now this is what tea is people ??????

    I like Tay and Austin, he’s much better for her then Shep ever was and it is slim Pickens in the south.

    GO AWAY TEDDI!!!!!

  9. Not a Teddi fan either, but

    Maybe Teddi is acting bitchy because people constantly rip her a new one on social media. *Teddi breathes* “No one wants you here Teddi”.

    I’d probably be a little bitchy too. Also she got diagnosed with stage 2 skin cancer, could we give her a break?

  10. Theodora

    Teddi should give herself a break from Bravo….

  11. Teddi ruxpin

    Teddi the bravo world hates you, the least you can do is try to have grace and be humble when we see you. You’re digging yourself a bigger grave.

  12. Teddi Sympathizer

    Ok ok….I did not like Teddi on HW… And likely this is a totally unpopular opinion… But I REALLY like her on the podcast with Tamra. So much more likeable! I think it’s the right medium for her… TV ain’t it.

  13. Shadow Mellencamp

    Yes. She the face for radio/podcasts.

  14. BaBaDooooo

    Kathryn from SC said Shep and Taylor hooked up and Austen and Olivia hooked up so not sure if Austen and Taylor did. Shep and Austen were also traveling home together not sure if they would be so chummy if Austen was talking to Taylor but who knows!

  15. Not a Teddi fan

    What’s not shocking is that Teddi is a bitch. She’s a failed former housewife that was so incredibly boring that she was let go. She is so desperate to stay relevant that she pulled in one of the most polarizing housewives to have a podcast with her. Tamara is great tv. She needed a pause but I’m excited to see her back. I don’t know how anyone can listed to Teddi and her self-riotous opinions.

  16. BeKindAholes

    Let’s get real, Teddi was there because she was paid to freaking be there considering how successful their pod if. Also, you guys are saying incredibly hateful things about someone you only know through the television. I actually really like Teddi and I have enjoyed her podcast even before Tamra joined her! Stop hating on Teddi for literally no reason. It’s lame.

  17. Aussie Bravo Babe

    I don’t understand what exactly Teddi did to deserve so much hate!?! I really like her!

  18. BravoCon Bestie

    Shannon called Gina a douche? I talked to Gina and she said Shannon and her were in a really good place. Also, speaking of Gina – her boyfriend and her definitely something went down. They were off! We asked him when he was going to propose – he completely did not want to talk about it.

  19. Kim

    I liked Teddi not sure why all the hate. She just needed to grow a pair and out people in their place. She’s pretty her dads a rock star. She’s got a great career. Not sure what all the nasty comments are for.


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