About the feud that is ongoing!

Oct 14, 2022

Lindsay was asked if the rumors are true about her and Danielle. She said we have to wait and see, but they have a very complicated relationship. She hopes it all can work out with the base of their long time relationship.

** the rumors are true.

allegedly from bravoandcocktails.com


  1. Hubbhouse pr

    Lindsay’s not friends with any of the girls from SH .. it was very evident in the pictures shared from the Winterhouse premiere.. she only gets along with the boys

  2. Hubbbbb

    She is not a girls girl. She must be queen bee at all times. ?

  3. Liz

    Why should Lyndsey lower herself for a gaggle of skanks? All they do is allow her to live rent free in their vapid brains.

  4. NotaLindseyfan

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m glad Danielle stopped blindly defending Linsey. That became too difficult to watch.


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