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Oct 13, 2022

From: Cross Over

Subject: Filming going on next month?

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Filming for one ‘Real Housewives’ franchise is going on right now, and it was supposed to end by December, but is going to be ending nearly a month early. Why? Because one of the cast mates is required to film a few scenes for another franchise that is going to begin filming shortly. It is a very exciting and dramatic premise.

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  1. Retire Rinna

    This has to be OC & BH, right? “Cross County”
    Could it be Taylor crossing over?

  2. Tre-Hugger

    Someone from OC filming for BH?

  3. Lindsey


  4. Gar

    Heather? Her and Terry just bought a place in Century City so I’d guess she’s going to make a cameo on BH

  5. CALI

    Okay, who from OC is going to be filming for BH in November!?!

  6. housewivesfan

    Isn’t OC the only one filming right now? Unless they’re talking about the new RHONY

  7. Olivia


  8. RHUGT 2

    I’m thinking someone from OC (likely Tamra or Taylor) will be filming with RHOBH

  9. Vicky Gee

    Not Dubrow moving to RHOBH?

  10. cb

    Something to do with Garcelle filming with LVP ??

  11. DPHyn

    Heathers too rich and too high-brow for those OC train wrecks. Makes perfect sense for her to be a BH housewife

  12. Heather dumbrow

    Heather Dubrow and Garcelle are good friends!!! Must be moving to the BH

  13. Please no

    We don’t need Heather Dubrow on 2 different shows. Ffs I can’t stand her being on one.

  14. T

    Is this why Heather said Erika doesn’t like “Fancy Pants”? Maybe she’s being considered for a replacement of Erika or Rinna if they’re put on pause?

  15. Fancy pants

    Heather 100%, she just bought a penthouse in LA

  16. $55MM House

    Probs going to be on MDLLA or Selling Sunset. Wishing it was a HW crossover.

  17. Zaida

    When I read “franchise”, I see it as “Real Housewives” is one franchise and “Million Dollar Listing” is another franchise. I don’t automatically jump to each city being it’s own franchise so I’m guessing Heather stops filming OC to film her journey of buying a new place after selling their mansion on a few eps of Million Dollar Listing LA.

  18. rr

    The Dubrows?

    I’m not up on MDL but didn’t I read that Josh was the sales person for their home that just sold? Maybe Heather is filming for MDL LA?

  19. FancyPants

    I also think it’s the Dubrows filming scenes for MDL LA. Would make sense with Altman as their realtor and the monstrosity of a sale it was

  20. Dramadramadrama

    Fancy pants on MDL makes sense. Anyone know when MDL is filming? However, the last sentence says “very dramatic premise”… which reads more like she will be on RHOBH. This could be since she just bought a condo and is friends with Garcelle. Maybe divorcing Terry and starting over in LA? That might be a reach lol!

  21. BDM

    Fancy pants just sold their OC mansion and bought a penthouse in LA! Makes sense if she switches to BH!


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