Conflicted about Erika…

Oct 13, 2022

When I worked at ———— in West Hollywood Erika (BH housewives) was literally my best client. She came once a week with her whole glam, always got a huge suite – stayed for five hours and spent 4500 dollars on the suite and more on food and champagne. I was super conflicted about her at first when this all happened because she was the NICEST person ever and her character truly was a persona. She always walked in the front door in sweats no makeup and insisted I come out and walk her up – not because she was a diva because she just wanted to shoot the shit and see what I was wearing and talk about clothes.. Like the most chill. I know intense stress can make a person crazy and Paxil definitely makes you act exactly like that – still just so confused about her.

allegedly from


  1. Sure…..

    Ok Erica….
    No publicist so has to send fake blinds to blogs??

  2. Mmhmm

    That was when she was living her highlife. Anyone can be nice and generous when they have money and everything they want, it’s how they act when that goes away that’s their true self.

  3. Miss Lexapro

    She takes lexapro not Paxil. No one wants a Paxil pooch.

    Not relevant but just sayin lol

  4. PrettyMessedUp

    I’ve read this same story about her years ago. Sketch.

  5. Ummmm

    LMAO okayy?okay?? SHE SCAMMED PEOPLE OUT OF MONEY AND DOESNT CARE YOU DIMWIT! This might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever read here, like why was this even posted?

  6. Pretend therapist

    Best self vs worst self. Ideally those two are not so far apart….when they are inner conflict occurs and you end up with a sh*t show and runny mascara eyes.

    If you want an image rehab….get yourself off a cliff and walk on the ground with the plebs. People care when your authentic and vulnerable. Cold and defensive doesn’t win friends.

  7. Bea Smith

    Yeah she was nice cos she was spending the money her huzzband stole from orphans and widows!
    What an awful brag.

  8. Tim Girardi

    I don’t buy the part about Erika wanting to talk to the desk clerk about clothes. She’s not Dorit. The Dumpy Mess’s thing is jewelry.


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