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Oct 12, 2022

From: Struck Out

Subject: New Wife, No Job

Spill It to
He had his lavish wedding in Italy during one of the biggest months of the season, stayed even longer to celebrate the new Mrs’s birthday but then wasn’t back on the broadcast for the playoffs. Not sure how he will afford this for much longer…

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  1. He’s a total douche

    Jim Edmonds, can’t stand him!

  2. Bg

    Jimmy Edmonds….

  3. Baseball fan

    Whenever I see the Jim Edmonds hate, it’s usually from people who watched OC, mostly women. I tell my husband and male friends, they don’t care he was an ass in the show. They love him for what he did on the field for years. Also they like hey keeps it 100 on the broadcast. He will be fine.

  4. Al

    He is a commentator for the local St Louis station which does not carry the playoffs. Non of the local announcers work the playoff games.

  5. LayZGray

    One of the many contracts Jim had for baseball was for 57 million dollars. I think he’s just fine skipping out on play off broadcasts.

  6. BG hates Jimmy Half Shirt

    Jim is the most hated broadcaster in STL right now-read twitter during any cards game this season. He is terrible and I would be perfectly happy if he was never on my TV again. While he may have been fine on the field he is a media nightmare.
    He needs to go

  7. Ugh

    Nope. He is not loved as a broadcaster. I’ve met him here in StL several times. He’s an ass.

  8. Female Baseball Fan

    I’m a baseball fan and a woman (who knew you could be both!) and I knew Jim Edmonds was the worst way before he was on Housewives. Maybe some Cardinals fans love him but there’s not much love for him outside that fan base.


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