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Oct 12, 2022

I know we’re thinking this is far fetched but I’m sharing !

From: Bravo Con
Email: rhod@bravo.con

Subject: RHOD Reboot

Spill It to
D’Andra and her mom are officially in New York! Reboot will be announced. Stephanie attempted to dispel the rumors, but didn’t do a good job. She said she won’t be going to New York or to BravoCon, but no one ever said she was. It literally stated Stephanie won’t be there. She also stated “I personally” haven’t talked to them. Notice her choice of words. This could mean her team has spoken to them. Also, Bravo may have not reached out to her yet but their plan is D’Andra, her and possibly Cary Deuber would be the only oldies asked to come back in some capacity. Tiffany Moon has stated she has no interest. Dallas, Miami and possibly Dubai will be on Peacock. New city hasn’t been decided where it will be on yet.

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    Don’t worry, Tiffany. We aren’t interested in you returning either ?

    Dallas & Dubai are great for Peacock. Miami needs to be on Bravo!

  2. JamiP

    Speak for yourself Tiffany was the only good part about the last season!

  3. IGiveARip!

    I loved Tiffany, but RHOD was really not the right platform for her. Fingers crossed for Cary re-joining. I always liked her.

  4. loose lips

    I just cant believe they’re bringing Dallas back after suchhhh a flop ? Even Stephanie was a flop. Desperate times I guess

  5. Dallas

    I’ve never understood the casting for Dallas. SOOO many RICH 30/40yr olds flaunting their trust funds on IG to pick from. You know they would drop at a second for RHOD.

  6. BigD

    The super rich trust fund 30’s/40’s women in Dallas turn their nose up to RHOD. They actually look down on these ladies .. that’s why it’s mostly been women cast who are “new money”…. Except for the Westcott’s and Dandra. But they aren’t even connected to the Uber rich in the big D.

  7. JC

    Hey Andy, the Dallas housewife you need is LAUREN BEARDON!!!!!!!


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