I know we’re thinking this is far fetched but I’m sharing !

From: Bravo Con
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Subject: RHOD Reboot

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D’Andra and her mom are officially in New York! Reboot will be announced. Stephanie attempted to dispel the rumors, but didn’t do a good job. She said she won’t be going to New York or to BravoCon, but no one ever said she was. It literally stated Stephanie won’t be there. She also stated “I personally” haven’t talked to them. Notice her choice of words. This could mean her team has spoken to them. Also, Bravo may have not reached out to her yet but their plan is D’Andra, her and possibly Cary Deuber would be the only oldies asked to come back in some capacity. Tiffany Moon has stated she has no interest. Dallas, Miami and possibly Dubai will be on Peacock. New city hasn’t been decided where it will be on yet.

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