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Oct 12, 2022

From: Mention It All

Subject: Miss Mention It All Can’t Handle It All

Spill It to
A certain former housewife known for her big personality and big business can’t seem to handle what she dishes out herself. She’s sending cease and desists to small creators for speaking on information in the public domain and abusing her access to fancy lawyers to silence people. California had very very strict Anti Slapp laws, not a good look for her. She criticizes every celebrity/public figure but when the light turns back on her she retreats and calls the lawyers.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (


  1. S

    Queen B

  2. Jason ex

    Bethany~ always a hypocrite. Good TV but seems like horrible person

  3. Hugh

    I hate the kardashian clan. But what makes B think she can go trash their businesses but no one can do honest reviews of hers?? You’re part of the problem Bethenny. Not letting people speak honestly about your business is as Kardashian as it gets…

  4. HBT

    This is why I never liked Bethany

  5. JK

    Absolutely it’s odd and attention seeking.

  6. Found it!

    Check out meredithmlynch on TikToc 😉

  7. Don’t mess with the B

    Some think it’s because the creator was talking about her trademarks. I heard the creator was trashing B’s charity partner and the charity taxes on her Patreon. I think I’d be pissed if someone was accusing my philanthropic endeavors to be shady.

  8. WYKYK

    Agreed…there must be some legal merit for the cease and desist…not trying to crush the creator, just trying to stop the disparaging comments.

  9. Get a life washed up has been

    Used to love her now I have her blocked on everything…yuck

  10. JK

    It’s the old “don’t throw rocks if you live in a glass house!”

  11. Mackenzie

    She is awful! She came to Houston to help with Harvey, which was very kind. I was volunteering at Gallery Furniture handing out food and water. The owner of GF opened the doors to his store for those displaced, allowing them to sleep on the beds and giving free food and clothes to them. Bethenny showed up at a Church to give gas cards out. The media wasn’t there so she went to GF since the media was there. The people at the church waited hours for her and she just left! When she got to GF someone told her it was shitty what she did and she was saying that without her, no one would have anything. Not sure what she meant but she was rude and only gave out a few gas cards in front of the cameras and then left. She’s phony and only does this to make herself look good.

  12. Jason

    She’s a bully!

  13. Over Cancel Culture!

    People are always ready to cancel!!! The creator in question was bashing B on several TikTok’s where she didn’t get sent a cease and desist letter. But here’s the thing, if you bash a charity or say disparaging things about a business that are untrue, then expect to have consequences. Sounds like the creator crossed the line and now wants to play the victim. I’ll be the first to say B is over the top, and doesn’t always say the right things, but let’s call this what it is, an agenda. The creator vs. the big bad celebrity infringing on their Tiktok rights to get sympathy by way of clicks and likes.


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