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Oct 11, 2022

From: Beverly Hills
Email: season13@bh.com

Subject: BH13 FILMING!

Next season expect some of these storylines: Erika is angry with Dorit for not supporting her and condemning her actions and for being a “two-faced wishy-washy bitch.” . There are also rumors of Garcelle’s son cheating on her daughter-in-law, and Garcelle was filming for another Bravo show earlier this year.

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  1. B

    Garcelle was filming for VPR with LVP! ? Erika is a cruel woman always.

  2. Jess

    Please not another season about Erika’s pity party – I’m tired! Erika should be thankful that Dorit supported her at all. Friendship doesn’t mean blind loyalty..

  3. Erika Shmerika

    Ughhh please tell me that doesn’t confirm Erika is back. We don’t want her or Rinna!!!!!

  4. Sue

    Erica is back , no not watching

  5. Mary

    Dorit defended the hell out of Erika all season long. Even when Erika’s behavior was indefensible. I don’t get it.

  6. Titsmcgee

    Bravo how do you keep employing a woman who still blames the victims? Trash. Quite literally no fans care for Erika and her pity party storyline

  7. Jan

    I probably won’t watch another season of Erika , that’s so boring . Is she the resident problem now ?

  8. HB

    Erika is back then? Not watching

  9. Lori

    If Rinna or Erica are back, I’m out. Years of watching this show and I can’t handle Bravo supporting these two.

  10. Mikey Minden

    GD Fkng Erica again!? Another year of her uggggghhhhhhh

  11. Denise

    I haven’t watched since the coven turned on LVP after her brothers suicide, and I won’t watch until at least Erika and Rinna are gone, but ideally Vyke and Dorit as well. They are all disgusting himan beings and I’m sick of Bravo giving them a platform for their hate. Enough.

  12. Mary

    The Erika/Dorit storyline is totally manufactured. It is to save dorit from being demoted. She’s become boring as hell.

  13. Kim

    How is Erica still on the show?By employing her, you support her and her behavior. Shame on you, Bravo, shame on you!


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