Emotional relationship…

Oct 11, 2022

From: Mountain Ear
Email: mtbear@gmail.com

Subject: Emotional relationship

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I was at the Commodore last night. If body language speaks, these two southern charmers might as well have been yelling… and by the way, a recent breakup must have sparked a major revenge glow up. T looked amazing..

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  1. Dontbealluncool00

    Taylor and Austen

  2. Same but younger

    Austen is a cheater and a playboy who can’t commit as well, I don’t understand the cheering for him and Taylor. Maybe he’s nice idk, but if we really liked Taylor we would encourage her to be with a real man outside of this group. I don’t get it.

  3. Nope

    Yes, this happened. My friends saw.

  4. Heather

    I sooooo agree with you !!!!

  5. obviously

    you can tell Taylor had lot of work done at the reunion. still gorgeous but is so naturally too!

  6. Armchair Psychologist

    1. She is on the rebound
    2. She is a co-dependent ‘fixer’ and needs to be on her own and do personal work not change her natural beauty
    3. Won’t happen because she is fully in the reality tv/social media mentality realm now where it is all about the external validation


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