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Oct 11, 2022

From: Coto Resident

Subject: RHOC 17

Spill It to
Heather is on the outs with most of the cast, and has skipped a lot of filming. Vicki came back to film a dinner scene after being begged by Tamra. Gina hasn’t provided much value. Tamra and Shannon started off rocky but are now at a good place. More to follow.

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  1. Eager Cancer Scammer

    Tamara…we need…
    Vicki…I’m in!!
    That was probably the extent of the “begging”

  2. Ick

    They need to just botch OC. We don’t want Vicki, we don’t want Tamra. Get an all new cast or just retire it

  3. Titsmcgee

    No duh Gina doesn’t provide value. She never does

  4. Back to the basics?

    Agreed. I want all the franchises to rerun to their roots: very rich, ostentatious, funny, overdone, not under investigation, self-absorbed friends whose lives I envy but whose personality flaws make me feel better about not being them. Some of these ladies are getting too relatable and that’s what I have my friends for, not cable.

  5. Vicki Hater

    Vicki had to be begged ??? Please ??. She hopes it works out like the last time after she was fired and Tamra kept making everything about Vicki so she could be on. Won’t watch that!

  6. L Stephens

    Can’t stand icky and this show is awful.

  7. It’s me

    Who is we? I’m here for a Vicki return so speak for yourself!

  8. I

    Everyone who is saying OC sucks can shove it. This was the OG franchise and deserves respect – majority of its series was THE best… hilariously funny and great to watch the ladies have some actual fun, on top of some good drama. Just recently it’s sucked… a lot… but we owe it to the series to give it a fair chance to come back!

  9. Lala

    Gina never adds value

  10. Kim

    Puhleeze Vicki is so over rated. Tamara should be glad they asked her back. Heather needs to be put out to pasture as well.


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