No longer friends?

Oct 10, 2022

Hey! Just so you know, Ben, Jen, and her twins went to Loren Ridinger’s husband’s memorial service last night in Miami. Kim K was there. Leah was there too. There are no photos or videos of Jen and Leah interacting. This seems to go along with the rumors that they’ve had a falling out….

allegedly from


  1. Allison

    I can completely see this. Jen is self serving and does not seem to be able to maintain friendships. I don’t think her marriage will last. At all.

  2. Niterzzz051

    How can Kim K be at the memorial in Miami but was boo’d at in LA for the Rams & Cowboys game in Inglewood?

  3. Jackie

    The memorial was on Saturday not Sunday because Larsa posted about it on her Ig stories on Saturday

  4. Meh

    There aren’t a lot of pictures from this event at all, and Leah Remini isn’t exactly a big get for photographers.


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