He works overtime…

Oct 9, 2022

From: Potomac Hospitality
Email: closeitdown@bravo.com

Subject: He works overtime

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
In the preview of Potomac you see a certain husband being accused of all sorts of things. I’ve sent you several situations we witnessed at his place of business. Yes he’s a chef / matire d however does that mean you ⛷ with women at the bar at 1 am when the kitchen is closed? Let’s see what they show this season.

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  1. We see you G

    Heyyyyyy Gizelle!

  2. Karen’s Bun

    As someone who works in the restaurant industry, skiing and thing alike, are very common.

  3. Chris B

    There’s no way she doesn’t know – such a weird couple

  4. He gave them a beverage?

    Candiace is going to lose her sh!t this season.

  5. Bad boy

    Chris. I would not want to be on the receiving end of Candice’s wrath.

  6. Confused

    Ski with women at the bar? Go down to the bar at 1am? I feel like this blind doesn’t make sense.

  7. ❄️

    Nothing confusing with a little booger sugar when the bar closes ?

  8. Obviously

    The word “ski” is a euphemism.

  9. Hitting the slopes

    Skiing is a code for doing a certain illegal substance. Resembles snow.

  10. Icky

    Chris and Candiace (however she spells) are nasty people on the show. I hope it’s true and there is a blow out between them. Karma

  11. Andrea

    There’s no such thing as a chef/maître d. No chef is taking reservations at the front door

  12. Santa Blow

    The DMV and restaurants..it’s snowing on the hottest days

  13. Rach

    She said he was a GM

  14. DayDayMiMi

    I’m from dmv and I’ve always heard this. Word on streets is he runs around… and yes DC has the snow… both pretty well known


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