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Oct 9, 2022

From: Beverly Hills

Subject: BH13 FILMING!

Spill It to
The season is yet to get over but the Beverly Hills ladies will start filming for their next season in early November. Heard that there will be cast changes like they usually do in BH. They’re negotiating w the women now… I’ll send more when I have some firm answers, things are very much up in the air. The cast also wants Teddi Mellencamp back but production doesn’t want to.

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  1. Marie

    Who tf wants Teddi back?! NO. MORE. TEDDI !

  2. Don’t do it

    Bravo fans will literally boycott if they bring Teddi back

  3. The accountability coach

    Nooooo to Teddi- 3 seasons was bad enough.

    I’d have to boycott the franchise. Can’t encourage this bad behavior from production.

  4. Yuck

    PLEASE no Teddi!!

  5. Christina

    Oh Teddi- ???

  6. GoodbyeTeddi

    The only cast members who want teddi are Kyle. We NEVER NEED TEDDI BACK!

  7. Gigi

    I was prepared to stop watching if Rinna is back next year. if they are also going to resurrect Teddi … we’ll I have no words. Complete F you to the fans.

  8. Mary

    Huge mistake if they bring Theodore back. All I care about is Rinna NOT returning. I don’t think I can watch another season with Rinna. She brings such a gross and dark spirit to the show. I cannot imagine Kathy will return and this makes me mad because it’s like Rinna wins if Kathy doesn’t return.

  9. MwithanE

    Teddy would be OKAY as a friend of. We love to hate some of these women but Teddi just isn’t fun to hate….

  10. Kelly

    This franchise is a never ending disappointment lately. Give me actual juice and real life story lines. Stop staying quiet and protecting each other from your truths. And please no Teddi.

  11. HB

    I can’t stand Teddi but I would tolerate her if it means Rinna and Erika get the boot

  12. Lo

    Glad production gets it and listening. We don’t want Teddi back.

  13. Sharon

    The CAST? This is phrased as if all the cast want her back, which can not possibly be true.

    And we can see that it’s a Teddi- Stan that wrote this.

  14. Allie

    This is Beverly hill’s issue since LVP left. Every season is a “takedown”. Kyle and Doritos and the FF5 pretend to have an issue but then conspire against someone. We want to see genuine friendships with legit drama. I know drama is what brings viewers in but BH is missing the mark and is creating fake drama for ratings vs. series like Potomac where they have real friendships and the drama stems from these friendships

  15. Nancy

    No Teddi!! Diana and Sheree out. Rinna and Crystal part time or pause Rinna altogether. Would LOVE if Leah Remini joined. New cast can’t be an other FF5 ally. It’s enough really.

  16. K

    I like Teddi and her pod…don’t really understand the hate to be honest…

  17. What a joke!

    WHO wants her back other than Kyle hahahahahah

  18. AlixBrides

    No no no please gawd no
    Her and rinna or she will just place herself right there in rinnas place. And it will still be ff5 with Rinna on the sidelines instead of Teddi

  19. CC79

    I’ll take teddi if they get rid of Diana and rinna

  20. Berlin Housewife

    No Teddi, no Rinna, no Diana. Enough of that toxic BS. Bring someone new with wit, humor & a backbone like Leah Remini. Keep Garcelle & Sutton. Try to bring back a non-ff5-ally (LVP, Denise…). I‘m over Dorit & Erika but I don‘t care it they stay. Same for Crystal & Kyle. It‘s not that hard, Bravo!


    NO TEDDI! Leave her daddy’s daughter where she belongs. Not in ANY of the RH franchises!

  22. heidi

    The one thing all viewers can agree on is that they HATE Teddi.

  23. W1

    Kathy shouldn’t come back, unless they tell us what actually happened at the reunion. I think she absolutely said something horrible. Why else would we get no footage of them in the club, the ride home, or at Kyle’s place?

  24. TeamTeddi

    I actually really like Teddi, always have. & they are many of us who would love to see her back in our screens!

  25. Lala

    Lol ok teddi^ no one wants you back

  26. Wendy

    For the love………We do NOT want Teddi!

  27. Kate

    Oh for the love of god please don’t bring that monotone, boring energy vampire back. We don’t want her!

  28. Team Teddi

    All this Teddi hate is odd…. You people really need to get over it. The same people saying that Teddi was boring are crying that Rinna is mean…….

  29. NoToTeddi

    Saying that the “cast” wants Teddi back is a lie straight from hell. No one is asking for her to come back. Yuck!

  30. To W1

    To W1 about why cameras can’t be in the club, they aren’t allowed to film in the club. They discussed this in the beginning of the episode, that was a rule made by the club. As for the sprinter van or at home, not sure. But I know the club had a valid excuse.


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