She’s a mess…

Oct 8, 2022

From a source:

This Kathy thing is a joke. And R**** has according to my clients 100 percent lost it and it’s likely grief re the loss of her mom but Andy is extremely over her. Like extremely. It was basically she was good tv, knew how to act, and stir the pot. But he has publicly said she’s a mess to her face and to others and on her gram when she said she’s the worst he clapped. Not in support but he was agreeing – she is. Also As I’ve said before and literally everyone else says- there’s that open secret. Only way you can keep that off tv is making a deal with the producers. Sutton is actually very cool and kind- her store is next to ————-. She’s lovely. And has so many more famous friends than all of them together and is classy. She just doesn’t talk about them.


  1. Copyeditor

    Try editing your blind items before you submit, people.

  2. Sutton's cat sweater

    Obviously grammar wasn’t perfect but I understood the blind. No reason to be hateful

  3. Rinna’s Lips

    I don’t believe for a second this is greif related (fyi I’m 36 and have lost both parents a couple years apart). I think Rinna has gone off the deep end and I think it’s because of fame and her RHOBH bad bitch persona she created has gotten to her head. Remember Rinna has made it her mission to out everyone so she doesn’t have to worry about her real life being out out there.

  4. Their there they re

    This is a gossip site…..who cares if the poster isn’t stellar about grammar and punctuation? doesnt matter to me anyway …. I’d be giggling if this was the NYT or academic paper ….it’s not. Be kind

  5. Kelly

    @CopyEditor: say it louder for the people in the back!

    @Sutton’s cat sweater: A gentle reminder that grammar and punctuation is important is *hardly* hateful.

    @Bravo and Cocktails: How come the reply function doesn’t work anymore?

  6. Deflate the lips!

    It used to make for good TV but now it’s just annoying. I’d like to hear more about her hub and her daughter dated Scott. She has her own shit to air but God forbid!! If she didn’t pull this stuff with Kim maybe we would believe a little more. But just new season, new victim!

  7. Bravo’s fun

    Rinna was a good housewife when she was fun and messy. I thought she was witty and funny, even when she was messy one could forgive her because she was likeable but doesn’t show it any more. Last three seasons she is out to destroy cast mates lives without an ounce of remorse. That’s not good tv, that’s an evil person. Truly hateful . So over her!

  8. Andy

    I keep trying to figure out why Rinna went so crazy about Kathy, and all I can conclude is that she’s lost it. Definitely don’t think it’s grief related though, imo

  9. JC

    Laughing at all of these blinds Kathy’s team are sending in talking crap about Rinna every other hour ??? hi Kathy


  10. RNR

    Meh. This just seems like a Sutton fan trying to dunk on Rinna.

  11. Eh

    I’ve met Sutton IN person a few times, and she is NOT nice!!!!!! So that’s not all accurate. She’s nice to your face and talks about you behind your back. Her son acts entitled as well. She loves the drama but tries to play the nice girl or victim. C’mon people.

  12. kmt

    Ive lost both of my elderly parents. In neither situation did my grief make me an insufferable drama queen looking to insert myself into other peoples as to damage their relationships.

  13. Don’t you dare talk about harry

    What is “that open secret” in reference too? Is this about the husband ?

  14. Nope

    BS on the grief excuse. If this were the case, she wouldn’t just be lashing out at the people who are more popular than she is.

  15. Webster Dict.

    Then there are the folks that don’t just come here to read the gossip for entertainment purposes…..they come to also criticize grammatical errors! Some of you really need more d*ck.

  16. WYKYK

    Rinna probably thinks her rotten behavior is a flex. Her targets are often those with true wealth, which she wants. Harry going away “to work” was not on her lifetime vision board. She wants the bravo check so she hams it up, total desperation.

  17. Meme

    Rinna is actually delusional. She lost all of her likeability and credibility on the show. It’s no fun watching a bully like her.


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