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Oct 7, 2022

Why are these well known celebrities suddenly SO thin? They are all doing Ozempic. Have many friends doing it. Dr’s in Bev hills and LA giving the diabetes medication to cash paying patients who do not have diabetes. You can eat all you want and lose weight.


  1. Ann

    You can eat all you want but will be sitting on the toilet all day ,if you’ve made it to the toilet ! The side effects are crazy but you do lose your appetite and cravings.

  2. Laura Lent

    I would like to jump on the bandwagon. How do you sign up?

  3. heidi

    If it’s considered a safe weight loss drug then when is it going to be available to the rest of us?! Wouldn’t we all like to eat all we want a stay thin?

  4. Secrets are fun

    It works! Unfortunately patients who have been on it – even those with diabetes – lost access to it as of Jan 2022 because insurances won’t cover it for most. It’s over $1,000 per pen, which only lasts you 30 days or so.

  5. BMI of 30

    I’m on ozempic for weight loss; it’s not all-you-can-eat. You don’t have an appetite, and you’re constantly nauseous.

  6. Truth Teller

    Not true, I’m on it and it decreases your appetite but you can’t just eat whatever you want or it doesn’t help you with weight loss. Adderall allows you to eat all you want and you’ll still lose weight.

  7. MG

    This is also a thing in my small town in Alabama. If you’re willing to pay cash (insurance won’t cover) they will write you a script.

  8. Ozemwhat

    You can’t eat all you want and still lose weight. You feel sick most of the time, can’t drink alcohol (because it makes you sick) and it can mess with your sleep. The doctors might be prescribing it but it’s not like this poster is describing.

  9. KK

    I just started it, it’s also marketed as semaglutamide. $1500 for 12 weeks here at a NorCal med spa. You can’t eat all you want, but it does curb your cravings and slow your digestion so you don’t want as much.

  10. Newone

    So, the new one (that doesn’t cost you $1,000) is Mounjaro. It’s on $45/month and decreases your appetite like crazy. Same idea, it’s for diabetics, but you can get it pretty easily.

  11. Hello

    Sadly, this has caused a shortage for people who actually need the meds

  12. Trying to Lose

    If you google semaglutide (basically generic Ozepmpic), medspa locations near you will show. I’m on it and it’s $50 a week for 1 shot. Many places are overcharging because people aren’t doing their research on how to get it cheaper!

  13. PharmD

    It’s FDA approved for obesity and covered by insurance for type 2 diabetes. A better one is now on the market, Mounjaro that results in 40% weight loss that’s so far only approved for diabetes. I don’t think these lazy celebs need it they have time to work out and money for trainers. These doctors and clinics giving it out to people that don’t qualify will pay the price later!

  14. Skinny Minny

    It’s not only Ozempic. They made another med called Wegovy which is for weight loss. It’s same as Ozempic but labeled for weight loss. It’s just very hard to get and only $25/mo with insurance. They are so backed up on demand so there’s a newer med called Mounjaro ladies are turning to. Wegovy has to be prescribed by your doctor. But I hear Mounjaro is easier to get. A teledoc type service can be used. And yes, no appetite at all

  15. Connie Brooks

    I have to take it for diabetes! I’ve been on this drug for a year; I’ve lost 45 lbs! It really does curb your appetite! It does have serious side effects, if used for long term weight loss!

  16. Toni

    I’ve been doing it since Feb., I don’t eat all I want but I have lost from 195 to 140 and I’m 5’7”

  17. Dr. Ozisha

    People use to take Metformin (Sp?) for the same thing

  18. Mya

    But how do we get itttt???? Hahaha

  19. Slenda

    Wow, no. Ozempic is approved for weight loss. My insurance covers it. I’ve been losing about a pound a week on it but some people lose a lot of weight initially. Some lose weight over time and some people don’t lose weight at all. It’s actually a life changing drug for people with high blood sugar and insulin resistant.
    You can’t eat all day because a) you have no appetite and b) as someone else pointed out you would be on the toilet, throwing up or both. There is also random nausea and some people get headaches and feel tired. You have to be comfortable giving yourself a shot once a week. It works really well with intermittent fasting. It’s the same drug as Wegovy but not the same as Mounjaro.

  20. Slenda

    For those who are curious, there is an excellent sub on Reddit for both Semaglutide and Mounjaro. It answers pretty much all the questions.

  21. YourGirlUT

    Go to alpha and get a prescription. It’s easy. Use marks marine pharmacy in Canada to fill it for the best cost without a prescription. I’m on it for weight loss. It works. I still eat wtf I want just a lot less!

  22. Eleanor

    Sign me up!!

  23. Carol

    I’m a diabetic and use Ozempic for my A1C. If I have issues getting my prescription filled or the price skyrockets, I’m going to be ticked.

  24. Lizzo

    These comments are nuts. If it’s cheap, it’s because your insurance is covering it. Lucky you!

    You don’t get to eat whatever you want. I’m a mild diabetic and the amount of antacids needed and bloating I get is insane.

    I won’t eat dinner the few days after I take it. If I even start to feel full, I stop eating. I throw up if I eat a even light-normal portion.

    You WILL lost weight, however it’s not side effect free as people aren’t seemingly saying.

  25. SkinnyBitch

    Seconding the side effects. You lose weight because you’re constantly nauseated. Alcohol or overeating even a bit makes you vomit. It’s not a walk in the park but it works. I’ve dropped 27 lbs

  26. DayDayMiMi

    I have a thing called graves disease thyroid over active… when you can’t gain weight… it’s not the best.
    People constantly think it’s OK to just make comments about your weight and size. (“Do you eat” “you need to eat 20 sandwiches a day” “God I hate you you’re so skinny”… asking if I’m on anything.. if i go swimming I’m so uncomfortable. it’s pretty rude.
    Could you imagine asking overweight people when they’re going to drop a few? Or why don’t they stop eating sandwiches?
    Nobody should comment on anyone’s weight. It’s pretty gross.


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