Mommy dearest….

Oct 7, 2022

Not surprised that she would come between sisters, I know there are issues between her and her daughters. A friend knows A***** and she has
complained that D***** and R**** gang
up on her and treat her like absolute shit
and make her life a living hell.
Allegedly but I totally believe it.


  1. Harry hamlin

    Ok…. But also, pretty obvious Amelia has always been the one with troubles and the “woe is me” one. Not a rinna fan but I definitely take this with a beach of salt.

  2. Hmmm

    Interesting I thought Delilah’s whole breakdown was because Rinna loved Amelia more

  3. William H

    So sad that Rinna is ganging up on one her own daughters, with the other. Clearly she’s letting the soap actress in her takeover and hopefully she won’t cause irreparable damage between the 2.

  4. Sammi

    Amelia booked almost all the huge shows during Paris Fashion Week.
    Delilah booked 0 shows & she was the one who really wanted to be a top model.
    She models & has a lip kit for Rinna beauty & once in a while Tommy Hillfigerr will throw her a bone if Amelia’s modeling. Amelia’s unique look has made her the newest “It” girl & her career is totally on the rise. Whole Delilah may be conventionally prettier – she’s a dime a dozen & too short. I can see Rinna fretting why her eldest isn’t making it as a top model & sisters can be jealous of each other.

  5. TT

    Ones a typical print model, one is high fashion.. can’t really get mad at a parent for doing their best to support either of them, when their careers are on different paths.

  6. Mrs Umansky

    Am I the only one who read this as *Alexia* complaining *Dorit* and *Rinna* gang up on Kyle?

  7. KC

    Stfu up Kathy. I see through your crap. You sent your daughter away to a camp where they abused tf out of her and refused to acknowledge it for 20 years. You bully your sister and kids for the world to see. You can pay all the people you want to drag Rinna’s name. But just know, we see you. Oh and let me add “allegedly”.

  8. She can rock a wig though

    These comments just reminded me, didn’t Delilah come out saying her parents wouldn’t pay for some sort of rehab she needed to go to? She totally called out her parents for being the worst, right?


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