Buying Beverly Hills with MAURICIO!

Oct 7, 2022

Netflix’s Buying Beverly Hills trailer!


  1. Hell yes

    YES YES YES ????????

  2. LG

    Boring and generic

  3. Pothead

    Not at all interested

  4. Now We Said It

    Honestly hope the show flops. Kyles behavior this season was disgusting towards Sutton, Crystal and Kathy. I think she needs to be humbled.

  5. Lame

    Kyles daughter playing the victim go figure

  6. DayDayMiMi

    It looks great and I’m sure will do great. I love Kyle and her family. She is Beverly hills the only one born and raised.
    Just bc you dislike her on housewives (a TV show) doesn’t mean this will be bad… and wishing for its failure for her kids is not so nice. Especially just bc you dislike their mom on another show.
    I bet it blows up. Can’t wait to watch!


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