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This Jersey daughter will have a bigger role this season than any other season we’ve seen her on. She has now taken the baton from her oldest sister and has placed herself in the middle of the family war. This involvement was not expected by anyone (especially those on the receiving end of it). She supposedly goes head to head with her godmother and uncle over a person they still harbor resentment for… Her father. And when she confronts her uncle on another topic that involves her mom, he loses it… Big time. It’s not anger however… It’s pure sadness and tears. Like he went on an emotional triad of how much him and his wife love her, how they have done a lot for her etc etc. But all of that leaves her unfazed and she stood her ground. Sources say she has grown tired of sitting back quietly in the background and wanted to take a stand against them. Same sources also mention the drama was enough for her to get some confessional moments as well. This result of everything we’ll see this season has now caused a ripple effect with the cousins as well. They apparently haven’t been seeing or talking to each other at all since the brawl that almost occurred during the season finale between the uncle and new step-daddy. It’s sad how the parents drama has now affected the kids really.

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