Cocktails and Gossip Podcast Episode 18 – Listen Here, Plus Transcript

Oct 6, 2022

Hey Cocktailers! Listen to episode 18 of the Cocktails and Gossip podcast here by clicking play. Transcript is below, too!

18. Our spy at the RHOBH reunion! Dating advice for a VPR star…and more blinds proven true

Cocktailers! We have a mole inside the filming of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion and we are going to give you all the tea we have so far. Who’s not filming the reunion in person, who’s sitting next to who, who brought backup, and the identity of the special guest at the reunion. More on another VPR hookup and some dating advice for Racquel. Potomac also brought the fire with their trailer and once again, blinds from were proven true. We discuss the trailer for the Below Deck mashup that we told you about a few weeks ago, and you’ll hear our thoughts about a blind about two ex besties who might have reconciled.

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Transcript: Cocktails and Gossip Episode 18

Note: We use AI software to transcribe the podcast – if you see any names misspelled, please blame it on the robots!

Amanda (00:00:00):

We should know better too, cuz we don’t know. Maybe it’s somebody did say something and it just got edited out and we just don’t see it. And it just makes it look even worse. Who knows?

Speaker 2 (00:00:15):


B (00:00:16):

To cocktails and gossip, the podcast where we drink cocktails, but you better believe we’re gonna spill the tape. We chat reality TV, celebrity blinds, and the hottest tea from Bravo and as always it’s all alleged. And just for fun, we do not verify our blinds. I’m B

Amanda (00:00:35):

And I’m Amanda. Let’s get into this week’s tea.

B (00:00:45):

I’m Amanda (00:00:45):

B and I’m Amanda. So B this morning and I guess a little last night, we got a ton of insider scoop on the Beverly Hills reunion. So we gotta get into that first.

B (00:00:59):

I mean, this is so exciting. It’s been an exciting couple of days over <laugh> by us guys. So we have a spy on the set. We, I don’t know it’s the podcast God’s Amanda, because I just, I just couldn’t believe it. So we saw last night rumors swirling around that somebody who we all assumed was Diana would not be filming. And it did say in person. So what we learned is from my spy on the set is that Diana in fact is not there. She will be zoomed in. What’s interesting. And I know if we all think back to the real Housewives of Dallas, when Brandy got COVID, they had like a huge screen on stage for her. Do you remember

Amanda (00:01:45):

That? Yeah.

B (00:01:47):

Yeah. So it’s not what I’m hearing is that it’s not that when she speaks, they will go to her, but she won’t like have a screen that we’re gonna be viewing her the whole time. So after we found out she was zooming, the next piece of information that I got that now has been reported by TMZ is that three sources have indicated, this is what the source told me have indicated that she has COVID so funny enough, she’s currently posting pictures from Hawaii reports are saying that she’s posting throwback picks her daughter and her son’s girlfriend, Ava dash Damon Dash’s daughter are all posting Hawaii pictures. So it’s kind of odd for three people to all be posting throwbacks. If they’re not there.

Amanda (00:02:31):

I, okay. So I’m trying to think, and this literally all just happened. So I didn’t have time just with other stuff going on today to do some research into it. But is COVID now like the excuse that the people who are the most under fire or some of the most under fire at reunion, is that now the excuse they use, because I feel so Brandy, I actually believe Brandy really had it because she also took what’s her name down with her.

B (00:03:02):

Oh, right. Cameron.

Amanda (00:03:04):

No, what’s her name? She’s from Mexico. She’s

B (00:03:08):

Sassy. Oh yes. I can’t even, I mean,

Amanda (00:03:10):

Loves to stay up late. What is her name?

B (00:03:12):

God, the Dallas isn’t so great. Cause we can’t even think of her

Amanda (00:03:15):

Name. Okay. Well anyway, I’m sure you guys will all roasts for that later, but I was just thinking I’m like, okay. So is that is either that’s an excuse. Or I had this like image in my head of like Diana running around to like everybody who possibly had any kind of sniffle and was like, give me your, so I don’t have to be there in person.

B (00:03:38):

My source told me that Bravo’s just dumb with her. Anyway. She’s a one season wonder they have had it. And recently we’ve all seen her social media activity. First she started a foundation for Eric’s victims. So initially when it was reported, I think that what we thought we were reading was that she was personally donating a hundred thousand, but no, she started a foundation, AKA, a place to have attacks, write off and benefit from and she’s raising money for the victims. And then of course, when we saw the episode where Erica goes, buck wild, we see her in a confessional, say about Garel and crystal, if you’re co so concerned, why don’t you donate to the victims? So I guess this foundation was her way of <laugh> putting her money where her mouth was in the episode, you know, she really thinks she’s doing something <laugh> like, and we are all just looking at her like girl, bye,

Amanda (00:04:34):

Like suing a John DOE.

B (00:04:36):

Yeah. About the bot. Why is she suing when it was not her or her child that were the victim, I guess, because she’s being, being accused. But like, and somebody pointed out, maybe it was talk of shame. I’m not, I I’m foggy cuz you know, we’re all posting. They said like, first of all, you’re a public person. Maybe it was Ronald Richards. Cuz he posted, you’re a public person. You sign a contract, you can’t Sue because the fans are talking about like, you sign all this paperwork, like it’s, in other words, this is all pump and circumstance. And none of it is going anywhere. A lot of accounts were named in her suit with the bots. I didn’t even read it. I assume somebody would’ve sent it to me if you know, we were or Bravo and cocktails was so

Amanda (00:05:21):

I just yeah, yeah. I, yeah. Anyway,

B (00:05:24):

Okay. So that’s the Diana pizza back

Amanda (00:05:26):

To the spy. <Laugh>

B (00:05:27):

So, so then the spy and the spy is getting this info and as the person is getting it, they’re sending me vague messages. So I decided, you know what, I’m just gonna post these to the site as they come in because, and guys, I mean, part of the fun is teasing it out. Like I want you to click my next story in it to say, and the guest is, and you have to click and go drum roll. It’s fun if I just put it all out there, what fun would that? So now let’s get to Kathy. So apparently the next thing I get is that Kathy has with her, her agent, Andy something, and some other woman with her at the reunion, which the person who sent it to me is like, no one else has them here. But my source actually said that very often, especially like with the Beverly Hills or the, you know, more wealthy Housewives, they have their team, their agent, their whomever with them. So I’m hearing that that’s really not that uncommon Rena of course is all over. <Laugh> the internet saying, she’s gonna tell her truth. I like how she keeps calling it her truth because girl, okay. So a while ago I posted and we never discussed it here. We never really discussed Aspen because, because we don’t really know when, what went down. Right. And my source had a version of events that they believed to be true, which was that in some capacity, Kathy was guilty of what people were saying, what my source.

Amanda (00:07:05):

Yeah. Saying some, some inappropriate things.

B (00:07:07):


B (00:07:08):

Yes. What my source is now telling me the same source is that people are starting to think the reason for the spiral is that, you know, Reno wants to make it seem like because Kathy lawyered up and she got this guy again. I can’t remember. I think Marty something, but he’s the Kardashian lawyer. Okay. He’s the go-to guy in Hollywood, but that in and of itself doesn’t show guilt. What that shows is, you know, that you have a target on you mm-hmm <affirmative> and you have the means to protect yourself and to defend yourself. So the source is telling me it’s quite possible that remember the only person who heard this was Lisa Rena, according to reports. And then she told Erica, nobody else heard it. Right? So what the sources are telling me is the way things stand now, nobody has seen it. Nobody has heard it. So they’re saying it is quite possible that this was orchestrated to take the heat off of Eric’s. You know, we saw what we saw her screaming and yelling about the victims. This was created to take the heat off of that by, you know, either Lisa, Lisa, Rena, or Erica, or both of them together. I mean, if I’m them, I’m very nervous. Why would you go away after Kathy Hilton? You couldn’t come up with a better plan. Well,

Amanda (00:08:28):

And like, just even seeing from the show this week and then seeing in the ads, I mean just the meanness to Kathy is so not cool. Like how, you know, they totally ignore her when she tries to bring up the tequila, they, then Lisa goes out of her way to be like, I wanna try Kendall Jenn’s tequila. And it’s like, I just, I don’t know. I’m so tired of the bullying. I hope Bravo is listening, cuz this is just not, it is just not fun to watch. And especially when they’re targeting, you know, well, anybody but targeting Kathy too, it’s like, what did she do wrong?

B (00:09:05):

Well, well the thing about it is what she did wrong was she became a fan favorite. Right? And so that’s, that’s also part of this source’s theory. Like could this, could we have all been fooled to believe that something happened in Aspen when, in reality, but here, forget about Lisa Rena. What about Kyle? Like now Kyle is not the one who said the thing about Aspen, but she also, this show is an infomercial for Kyle’s husband’s agency. It is an infomercial for her stores over the years and her various cat brands. And, but when her sister brings up the tequila, I mean, what, what me off is like even Dre ignored it. So like, it also goes back to that thing where like they pick someone and they plan to take them down because Dore with her, her, you know, wedding gowns and her Beverly Hill beach, that whole thing.

B (00:09:58):

And yet when Kathy has a tequila, nobody there could sit down and say, let me have a taste. Oh, that’s great. Not even Sutton, not even Garel I found it bizarre. Yeah. And then we’re gonna see Kathy flip out and you know what rightfully so. And yes, we all, if nobody believed that Kathy is as, you know, camp and fun and out of it, as we see, we know she’s a shroud woman. I mean, mm-hmm, <affirmative>, she’s the wife of a mega rich guy and it’s impossible that she doesn’t have a pulse in what’s going on, but they cast, I wanna say as a whole, couldn’t take it. And so when I’m looking at it from this scope, it makes sense that we see her still hanging with Garel and Sutton, because those are two of the cast that although we didn’t see them support the tequila I’m in, I’m interested to see how they weigh in next week.

B (00:10:56):

I feel like they’ll be, you know, with Kathy on her side about the tequila and whatever, but then you have Paris Hilton. And by the way, I actually, I didn’t post this blind, but I got it blind. Very interestingly enough, I meant to post it. There was just too much going on today, Amanda. So I got this email this morning ahead of the reunion, expose her Good daughter. The daughter of this housewife has her mother’s back. She’s leaving comments on random posts in support of her mother. She’s not letting her aunt take her mother down or the big mouth either, but that’s not all she’s fully coaching her mom for the reunion. She knows mom is gonna have to mention it all and she will. So Kathy’s going in there with a plan then we hear, okay. So this is the exciting piece that we all got ourselves. Ah, and I know you just got off a work call. So I don’t know if you’ve seen my most recent post. There’s a blonde. There’s a blonde on set a mystery blonde. I get work. Oh,

Amanda (00:12:00):

I did see, I saw there was a special guest. Yes. Who is it? It’s

B (00:12:04):

A huge letdown. Unless there’s two <laugh>. Oh, it’s Jamie Lee Curtis there to promote Halloween. So once again, they’re catering to Kyle <laugh> here, here might me and the fans all day long. Okay. Billy got any work done? We’re saying, is it, is it Denise? Could it be Denise popping up? Could it be Paris fricking Hilton? Could it be Kim Richards coming to take Kathy’s side? Who could it be? What’s gonna happen? My source sends me Jamie Lee Curtis, and then it was confirmed by another account who I don’t wanna say their name because I’m not sure how much they want me to share. Somebody on the cast is feeding them info and they’re kind enough to feed it to me. So after this recording, I will find out if they wanna shout out and we’ll definitely do that for them next week. Cuz they’re a great account, but I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna shout them out if it’s something that they don’t want. Right. Told. So leaving that there. I wonder,

Amanda (00:12:56):

I wonder who is behind the Halloween Mo like who like what production or studio, because maybe it is like a universal thing. Right? And it’s well,

B (00:13:06):

The question you asked me was about like, do we know what cut the Housewives get? So my understanding is when Housewives promote something on screen, Bravo gets a cut of it and I believe, and follower, if anyone hears this and they know like for sure, I believe that that’s negotiated. I don’t know if it’s like a straight 10% always or if it’s different depending on the deal or if it’s a movie, if it’s a beauty product, what have you? So my feeling is somehow Bravo is getting a cut from the production co or whoever’s doing the Halloween movie. It would

Amanda (00:13:38):

Have to be, or it’s universal, which is own is ho or whatever. Is this attached to like NBC and Bravo and all of those companies as well so that it could be, it could be something like that. Another

B (00:13:50):

Runner is that to that point, you know, Kyle gets all those, some of these deals Kyle gets, has been like, I don’t know, was it lifetime? Or she got like that Christmas movie.

Amanda (00:14:00):


B (00:14:00):

Yeah. Reno was supposed to get one, but she was canned. And I hear that Garel is gonna be getting one instead. <Laugh>

Amanda (00:14:07):

Good. You know, I, we got that blind cuz I was thinking when I was texting you about, maybe we should talk about this today about just Housewives having to give up a certain percentage of their profits. Cause I was like, how would that work with like for example, lover boy, which has really taken off Kyle, you know, Kyle and Amanda and Carl’s brand from summer house. But the amount of there’s gotta be some sort of deal where you’re right where it’s negotiable, cuz that can’t be the same amount that as it would be for, you know, like anyway, cuz we also got that blind about that came in. I don’t know, probably about a month and a half or two months ago. Yeah. Saying that Bravo now is looking for people who have something to promote. Like that’s one of the things that they really want because that has become a big center of profits for the company, which makes sense. Right? Because all they’re doing is giving the platform, the other people are having to do all the work.

B (00:15:08):

And Amanda, if we look at it from that scope, it becomes much more obvious why certain people get asked back season after season and others. Don’t right. It makes sense why Kyle is of such value. It makes sense. Why the other co both Kyle, Kyle Cook and Kyle Richards are of such value because they have such successful brands that Bravo gets a cut of. I honestly, I mean, maybe I’m dopey, but I never put that together until just this moment. Whereas somebody like Diana isn’t promoting anything, she’s giving Bravo a lot of bad press. And you know, the other thing is you can’t run around threatening and sending lawsuits to fans, you know, say what you want about us, social media accounts, but we’re free advertisement for them. And you know, you keep, you start slapping us with lawsuits. That’s not a good look. I don’t believe that Bravo wants their fan base to feel like their talent is coming for them. <Laugh>

Amanda (00:16:03):

Right. Totally.

B (00:16:05):

So yeah.

Amanda (00:16:06):

Well, I mean, let’s just still hold out. Hope that Paris comes out or Kim Richards comes out. Cause I know she’s blonde or Denise. I don’t know what Denise would be doing really coming out, but I could see Kim rounding out the three sisters or Paris jumping in to help her mom and somebody.

B (00:16:26):

Yeah. And so somebody said like, as opposed to Brianna who we know was on OC with Vicky and would sometimes come into a segment, somebody pointed out like, well that’s not gonna happen B because Paris isn’t on the show. I would be hard pressed to imagine Bravo turning down a Paris Hilton, you know, <laugh> like, can you imagine the trailer leading up to it? And you see Paris saing SLI. Isn’t that what she says onto stage <laugh>. I mean, she went, watch what happens live with her mom. She’s taken to Twitter. She’s boldly speaking out about her aunt being unkind. So yeah. I mean, and it becomes so complicated because she’s very close with Kyle’s oldest. Well, all of her kids, but Kyle’s oldest daughter who, by the way, in one of the episodes was talking about how I’m not gonna have a big wedding. I’m not gonna be a bridezilla and kind of putting down big weddings. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> which many fans, you know, took as a shot at Paris and Cathy.

Amanda (00:17:24):


B (00:17:26):

So, you know,

Amanda (00:17:28):

Who knows, but you know, one other thing that the spy gave is the seating chart. So interestingly enough, we know that Kyle and Kathy are sitting together on the same couch

B (00:17:40):

And I believe Garel is in between them,

Amanda (00:17:44):

Right? Oh, in between. Okay. Yes.

B (00:17:46):

I think I posted that. So it kept coming in like dribble, Dr. And I just kept posting it as it came in. So car between them. So, you know, we saw in the episode with Erica flipping out, we saw Kyle kind of be like, I can’t defend this. You have to stop talking like this, blah, blah, blah, blah. And in my head I said, well, okay, so Kyle, is she sincere? Is she upset? Or is it optics? And if that’s the case, I mean, we know Kathy’s upset with her. And we know Paris is upset with her. Is Kyle attempting to make things right with her sister? Is she attempting to show herself, not siding with Erica follow and Rena following that is that, you know, we posted about, you know, an Alliance change and we’re gonna see people turn on each other. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> is it Kyle who is now trying to go with Garel and Sutton as a way to save herself in the midst of, you know, Erica looking real bad and Renus spiraling out on social media, allegedly losing, you know, the movie deal, giving it to Garel all this stuff.

B (00:18:49):

I mean, there’s that guy that ran a doc who, by the way, oh, this is the other thing he’s on Instagram saying he’s gonna be at the reunion. My source says he is not there. They actually think he’s made up, which I don’t even wanna get in. I don’t even wanna touch on that because that guy’s kind of, I don’t know what his story is. So say I’m just staying away from it. But I wonder if we’ll ever have like the truth, right? Like we never got the truth on Lucy, Lucy, apple juice. That guy is also saying that it was Lisa Rena who was behind Lucy, Lucy, apple juices, which at this point, I guess who cares, but

Amanda (00:19:21):

No, I don’t think so. Yeah.

B (00:19:24):

No. Well, this is what

Amanda (00:19:25):

I doubt that one, but wait, let’s talk about, so wait, if Kyle Garel, Kathy are on one couch, then we have Erica Rena Sutton delete on the other couch.

B (00:19:41):

I believe. So. We have, Kathy will be sitting between, oh, Kathy will be sitting between Kyle and Garel.

Amanda (00:19:50):

Okay. I would be shocked if Sutton isn’t sitting next to Garel if Sutton is over by. Oh, and then Diana, we know isn’t there, which would’ve rounded the two couches out. So interesting. Yeah.

B (00:20:04):

Very interesting.

Amanda (00:20:05):

Yeah. Well, I guess we’ll see. And I am very curious to see if your production comes true. Cause I am, I tend to think you’re right about this one about Dore kind of changing her tune and realizing like there’s kind of no saving <laugh> this situation with, you know, the way that everyone’s responding to Erica and to Rena. I mean, she’s, she’s gotta be run to the other side pretty

B (00:20:31):

Quick. Oh, I mean, tore is not going to risk, not being at the, not being on the show. So although we see her after she blows up, we see in the next episode where Rena orders, the tequila, we do see Dori going to Garel and crystal and like trying, she’s trying to smooth it over for Erica and for the life of me. I don’t know why. Yeah. So yes they are together. Okay. So left from Andy. Sorry. It took me a while to pull this up. So left from Andy’s seating arrangements. Kyle Garel Sutton. But now we know that Kathy’s there. So it must be,

Amanda (00:21:11):

Maybe Kathy comes in later because Kathy wasn’t even in the first

B (00:21:15):

You’re right.

Amanda (00:21:16):

Six, seven episode.

B (00:21:17):

So when she comes in, it’s gonna be Kyle, Kathy Garel Sutton and then right from Andy, Lisa, Rena, Erica do and crystal or crystal Nick over there. Yeah. I have to say I loved when she stood up to Erica, it was refreshing. Cuz she was kind of like, listen, I I’ve put up with this nonsense, but what we’re not gonna do is act like there are no victims here. Yeah. And that’s not a narrative, like it’s not a question. There are people who have passed away. There are people who did not get their, you know, damages paid loved

Amanda (00:21:50):

That. Yeah. I agree. I mean too little too late though. I mean crystal, like we need to hear more from you cuz I feel like generally she has, you know, pretty much voice of reason. Like would’ve been nice to hear from you when Sutton was getting bullied. Like, you know, Hey, why doesn’t somebody speak up and say, yeah, Kathy, why don’t you tell us about the tequila? Like right.

B (00:22:12):


Amanda (00:22:12):

I don’t know.

B (00:22:13):

I think that Garel has stuck up for Sutton somewhat, but I think that crystal doesn’t have an Alliance. So it kind of leaves her flapping in the wind. So if she’s gonna say these bold things in the case where she said it to Erica, she knew that Garel felt the same way. So they were, you know, they banned together, but yeah. To your point, where was she when Sutton was getting screamed at, by Diana? Like she was nowhere

Amanda (00:22:37):

Just making faces and what that’s actually we should know better too. Cuz we don’t know. Maybe it’s somebody did say something and it just got edited out and we just don’t see it and it just makes it look even worse. Who knows anyway. So interesting. Well, I can’t wait to hear if there’s any other info that comes out from, from our spy. I did see that Andy posted something today that said this is gonna be good. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> so that’s exciting cuz they don’t Al I guess he’s more and more. He started to kind of acknowledge when, when they are filming in the reunion and that, you know, there’s stuff going on. I did also see just totally an aside that Erica posted a picture of her reunion look and she looks insanely good. She was gorgeous. I think Beau like beautiful.

B (00:23:28):

Someone said she was channeling ginger from casino <laugh>

Amanda (00:23:32):


B (00:23:33):


Amanda (00:23:34):

I love that movie.

B (00:23:34):

She’s gorgeous. And I think, I think we forget that because we’ve become so

Amanda (00:23:41):

Right. Yeah.

B (00:23:42):


Amanda (00:23:43):

On the outside. Yeah.

B (00:23:44):

<Laugh> <laugh> yeah. So let’s talk about let’s

Amanda (00:23:48):

Move on cuz something else that has really,

B (00:23:51):

Unless I get a message during, during our recording, which is quite possible.

Amanda (00:23:54):

Well yes. And we will always stop for breaking news here on cocktails and gossip. But let’s talk about all the other stuff that was going on around all this. So we heard that Marcel’s son Oliver, his ex-wife took to social media, went off and then also pulled out

B (00:24:14):


Amanda (00:24:15):

Favorite Rochelle from Vanderpump rules. And apparently they have hooked up too.

B (00:24:22):

Amanda, Amanda. I mean now listen, his wife posted a lot of receipts. Is it possible that he was separated from his wife? Of course. However Rachel Roelle Roque. Oh

Amanda (00:24:38):

I called her the wrong name again.

B (00:24:39):

<Laugh> I can’t with her. I you’re not even doing it on purpose.

Amanda (00:24:45):

Sorry. I’m sorry. Raquel

B (00:24:47):

<Laugh> so what I found out was which, and this makes total sense. Now what I found out was, and I think I posted it. I may not have Oliver is very much featured on this season of van pump rules. They are doing, you know, they are going to Vegas. We know that his mom is in LA. So we’re seeing him. He’s a friend of the cast. So once again, yeah. Okay. Yeah. You work with somebody or around somebody it’s more likely that you may hook up with them, but why does she only hook up with people from the show? Like, is this just more storyline for her? And I don’t know if you remember this, but when her and James first broke up, it was rumor that she was dating Peter. That’s what she, so it’s such a bad look.

Amanda (00:25:33):

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B (00:26:58):

Now, listen, Katie and Tom are not legally divorced, but they’re split. We don’t know about Oliver’s situation. Of course his claim is we were split. The wife’s claim is they were not split. So either way, is that something that a young single girl wants to involve herself in? You know, I mean she knows he’s married. He was recently married. I mean wasn’t so long ago, mother’s day, they were posting in father’s day for each other, the wife and Oliver poor Garel that this is all public <laugh>.

Amanda (00:27:31):

Well, don’t you think? I, I was immediately suspicious of the timing. I feel like nobody in Beverly everyone in Beverly Hills is just getting so nasty. I was like, this day very much could have been separated. And then, you know, whoever is orchestrating all the stuff behind the scenes could have said, Hey, I know that there’s some, some gossip and some stuff that we can, you know, put out and you know, we, who knows,

B (00:27:58):

You know, the messages were from may and here we are, oh, here we are. Some of them. And there were a lot of messages. And like, I, I find it hard to believe that with the volume of women involved, that he wasn’t doing this while they were together, but yet they were going back as far as may. So did somebody call her up and say, Hey girl, why don’t you start posting this stuff? Who knows? Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and like, maybe she wants her 15 minutes of fame. Maybe she wants, they are still filming Vanderpump rules. Maybe she wants to be on TV. Who could say, we don’t know the girl, but yeah, the timing was very suspicious. Also we remember last week, van DRA pump and Garel were filming. I do know that this was part of their conversation because again, Oliver is a Casta member, which I think mm-hmm <affirmative> we knew he worked for her. What we didn’t know until I was told by an insider is that he’s actually like actively filming for the show and insert Roelle because she’s gonna, you know, <laugh> there’s turtles are gonna, are gonna drink. She’s

Amanda (00:29:01):

Gonna insert herself.

B (00:29:03):

<Laugh> that’s right. So, but now of course people are like, well, if that’s what they were talking about, then she’s not coming back to Beverly Hills Vanderpump. Yeah. Okay. It’s a long shot. But what, what I would like to point out is that Garel and Vanderpump, you know, navigating this situation with Oliver and Raquel and you know, him working for her is only making their friendship closer and making Vanderpump more comfortable with Garel and Garel more comfortable with Vanderpump and Garel very appreciative. I’m sure of her helping navigate through this because we know Vanderpump is, you know, she’s dealt with these kids fooling around with each other <laugh> for years. And Garel is probably like, all right, how do I get, how do I, you know, so I say all that to say, oh, the more reason van pump would wanna come back. If she’s tight with Garel. I mean, we knew that they were friendly. We knew the sun worked for her, but you know, this is another level of friendship. This is like, you know, you’re bonding over this.

Amanda (00:30:01):

Yeah. I don’t think we can count a VP out. I think there is quite an opp, like this is quite an opportunity for her. I think it’s an opportunity for Bravo to listen to fans and shake some stuff up and consider bringing her back. Yes.

B (00:30:17):


Amanda (00:30:18):

So, and Rochelle, you know, like let’s maybe think out of the Vanderpump rules box. Maybe we can go just like slightly whiter to some other Bravo shows. Maybe, you know, I hear Shep as single <laugh>.

B (00:30:34):

Oh my God.

Amanda (00:30:36):

I don’t know. Okay. So also there’s so much to talk about Potomac came out this week, so good. What did you think?

B (00:30:45):

Oh, I was so excited. So

Amanda (00:30:46):

The trailer to be clear, sorry guys. I don’t wanna throw anybody off. The show is not on yet. Just the trailer

B (00:30:52):

<Laugh> I was, I mean, I know we were both so excited first, you know, we saw last week we saw and we spoke about salt lake city and then a week later we get the trailer for Potomac and it’s like, Bravo knows that we have had it with Beverly Hills and we need new women on our screens. It’s making summer being over easier to handle because <laugh>, and I’m sure there are other women and men out there like us who can relate to, you know, you’re back in your grind and you’re not, you know, you’re not carefully like the summer, but so you just look forward to having these shows and having your glass of wine at night. So yes. I mean, it looks,

Amanda (00:31:30):

I’m just so happy to see these ladies back on our screen. And

B (00:31:33):

We saw so much of the stuff that was sent to us during filming on the show. Like I’m like, oh my God,

Amanda (00:31:40):

Zelle and Peter Thomas, that was one that we saw. Like that was something we posted. I meant to PVIS up a long time ago. And there it is in the trailer.

B (00:31:49):

And I, so when the trailer came out, Amanda and I went in, we found everything. We reposted it. And when this airs, we are gonna repost it again, in case you missed it, because I know this was all posted months ago. So some of you maybe newer followers, newer to the website. So yes, there were pictures circulating of Peter and Giselle. And we posted scoop that they were rumored to be casually dating. We see in the trailer, some of the ladies accuse her of this, like accuse her of being with Peter. And then I saw some chatter, like people saying that Cynthia and Giselle are friendly. I mean, listen, Cynthia is happily remarried. So maybe she wouldn’t care, but if it’s true and it was casual and it didn’t go anywhere, it makes sense that Giselle wouldn’t want it out there. And you know, I do feel for Housewives when they are single and when they are dating, because, you know, if she’s just dating a guy and getting to know him, she may not want it to get serious. It may not go that way. And now she’s gotta rehash it for a season and at the reunion. So like, I do have sympathy for it, but again, I’m sorry, Giselle. If you’re dating him and I’m sent pictures, I gotta post him because you’re a reality star and I’m a blogger. <Laugh> the other thing that you know, is a little troublesome is Peter loved the television.

Amanda (00:33:11):

Mm-Hmm <affirmative>

B (00:33:12):

I mean, he just loved. Yeah. I mean, I loved Peter’s. I

Amanda (00:33:16):

Said TV loved him too though. Yeah.

B (00:33:18):

Yeah. I’m glad you agree with me. I just, he was a character and as nice as Cynthia is, I felt that when they split, like some of her Piza was gone because they really were a dynamic couple on the screen. He brought out a certain energy in her, which listen, maybe it wasn’t the best energy they did end up divorcing, but it was, it was an interesting energy. Certainly it gave her quite the storyline, cuz there was, you know, the struggle, their marriage struggles at the beginning, the acceptance from her family. So is it Peter latching on to someone new namely Giselle to promote his businesses? I mean, he’s seen the benefit of that with Cynthia, right? So it makes me feel a little bad because we do know that Giselle as smart and beautiful as she is, has not historically had the best type taste in men. So while he’s charismatic and he’s certainly charming and he’s certainly handsome. I don’t think that it’s something that’s gonna be a long term thing if they were dating.

Amanda (00:34:15):

Yeah. Well, I mean, both of them are beautiful women and you speak of his energy and it must be of the BDE type of energy <laugh> because they are, you know, both gorgeous women and he is, I don’t think all that tall, like there must be, is he that, something about him? How

B (00:34:36):

Tall is Cynthia?

Amanda (00:34:37):

I don’t know. I remember her being much taller than him in like heal in their wedding and that kind of stuff. So, and Giselle seems to be on the taller side too, but again, we’re not talking about the height of how tall he is. <Laugh> I just think that he just has like a charisma and something about him. And I do think it probably does make sense for him to go after her, for his businesses and to get screen time. It just, I’m curious about what it is about him that is attracting Giselle to him. So

B (00:35:14):

Interesting. I think it’s his charisma, his swag he’s just got away about him. Right. I, I could see it. I see. And it’s not that I, I wouldn’t, he isn’t somebody like Apollo, <laugh> who you see and you’re like, oh wow. But he’s somebody who, when he starts talking and you get to know him, I can certainly see why. I mean, listen, Peter post, he dates these young beautiful women post Cynthia’s and I mean, Cynthia’s beautiful. God knows Giselle’s beautiful. So he’s able to get these ladies. It’s not a question of that.

Amanda (00:35:50):

He has a great smile. There’s something about his smile. That is just,

B (00:35:54):

And I think he’s older than we realize because he has a daughter who’s and granted he may have had her young, but I think he’s like solidly in his 50, like maybe 60. I don’t know.

Amanda (00:36:06):

Yeah. I would’ve guessed in there are like mid to upper fifties.

B (00:36:09):

Probably very well maintained.

Amanda (00:36:11):

Yes. So Giselle, we also see in the trailer that she says some things about Candace’s husband and how he, Chris, and how Chris has made her uncomfortable sort of hinting at some sort of late night, hang out or some sort of encounter at the hotel or restaurant that he works with. Yeah.

B (00:36:36):

And again, we will repost it. We posted it a while ago. Was this Giselle’s retaliation though, because Candace is the one who brought up Peter, you know like, oh yeah, we know. So it’ll be interesting to see when it airs what comes first because whichever comes first. Now both things could be true, but it could be that the other person says it because the other one, you know what I’m saying? So what came first? We did receive tea that during filming, he was hanging out late and there were pictures of him like, but I mean, it’s his line of business, right? He’s a chef. He’s in hospitality. So the hours are late by nature. Is it true that he was hanging out or was he simply working? And if you are the manager or whatever role he’s playing at the hotel, obviously it’s a main role. You do have to listen. When I go to a restaurant, the maitre D or the owner will cut. Like if it’s a place I frequent with, my husband will come over, we’ll send us a glass of wine. We’ll sit down with us and have a glass of wine. Right. Like, right. These are things that you do for your, you know, your loyal customers when you’re in the hospitality business.

Amanda (00:37:42):

Yeah. And if you knew the cameras are gonna be there, of course he’s gonna be there. Right. So it doesn’t seem that crazy that he would’ve been there late. And it doesn’t seem that crazy that he would even be drinking with them at, you know, his place of work. Cuz that is kind of part of the job in some of these cases. Right. I don’t know. I do not. I don’t see Giselle making this up. I think she is a hundred percent capable of some like very masterful shade, but I don’t think she would make it up about herself. I think if I just, I can’t see, you know, if they were gonna do something that they, they would say, well, we weren’t on the street or something like that versus saying that this is something that happened to her. So I think something odd happened when she was there, that she is uncomfortable with. Cuz I just don’t see. I don’t know. I don’t see her making it up, but

B (00:38:37):

It could it be that she’s making more of it than it is because she’s mad at Candace. For some reason

Amanda (00:38:41):

It totally could be. Yeah.

B (00:38:43):

Could it be that Chris ha and I mean, and listen and not judging, but we do see that Chris likes to drink and we know that when people like to drink, they become like kind of like, eh, and could it be that he had too much to drink and maybe paid her a compliment. That was a little bit more on the flirty side. I mean, if he’s going to do something, why is he gonna do it with a castmate? And also if what’s people are saying him partying at work, Candace is in my opinion, will be unable to hide that if she’s really angry with her husband and she really feels like he’s partying at work and not just working, we’re gonna see that on camera.

Amanda (00:39:19):

Yeah. And she’s

B (00:39:21):

Too honest of a person and she has too much of a temper that, that cameras are gonna miss any stress between them as a couple.

Amanda (00:39:28):

And maybe this is a pattern for him. Maybe this is something that is going on a lot. And yeah. So you’re right. You’re right. Candace will not hide it. So we will definitely see her blow up on him if she is. I’m just, I think I got a side with Jill Zel on this one for now until we get more information.

B (00:39:48):

That’s fair.

Amanda (00:39:49):

Okay. So then there is also the trailer didn’t go into this detail, but we know we got some information alleging that there was some Instagram model T with Juan. Well,

B (00:40:06):

The trailer showed a little bit cuz the trailer, you see Robin speaking to an attorney about getting a prenup with an infidelity clause.

Amanda (00:40:14):


B (00:40:15):

So listen, we know that RO Juan cheated in their past. So it could be because of that. But there was, and you know, this really did not get the attention that I would have thought it got because there were posts like him liking posts and Anta model kind of speaking out about, I don’t know if it was just conversations, flirtation or something more, but there was an Insta model and it circulated and he shut his Instagram account the next day. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> I know if you remember last season when the other husband Eddie had a similar thing where he was following like a bunch of videos I do. And then he like unfollowed like a thousand people overnight. And unfortunately for him, he didn’t know about the Bravo sleuths and yeah. So I mean, Juan, did you not, were you not awake when that happened? It never seems to amaze me the stupidity of some of these guys.

Amanda (00:41:17):

Yeah. I don’t think some of these guys are always thinking with their brains so much. Yeah. I think, you know, to be fair, I do think that these guys get bombarded with sexy pictures. We’ve heard it, you know, Kyle and Mauricio have, you know, publicly said and on the show, I believe like that this happens to him all the time. You know, liking sexy pictures is not the biggest crime.

B (00:41:44):

It doesn’t make you wedding.

Amanda (00:41:45):

But guys like I don’t, I don’t know. I just why these people don’t all have fences is surprising to me. If they’re gonna be doing shady stuff, why they would be doing on their own Instagram accounts is questionable to me. Not that I’m trying to teach, ’em how to get away with stuff, but goodness. So we also got a little bit of scoop on what we can expect to see. And then we also saw that Char’s back this season. So we got an email about it. Let me, let me read it. So it is from miss Potomac, email champagne, flutes,, subject Cherise in R H O P seven. Cherise is Karen’s major feud for the season. She joined a bit late in filming, but instantly had the grand Dom because she had some information about Huber institution, which others didn’t know to get the ball rolling. Charise made a shady dig at Karen’s wig, which Karen snapped, but then snapped maybe. But then Mia and Charise get together to insult the LA Dame wigs. Karen did not take well with the disrespect and threatened to Sue when Charice hinted at the secret, which she has been sitting on, she is letting Karen have it. It’s gonna be explosive. Charise is not letting up.

B (00:43:14):

So I have to be honest and I, I wanna get your opinion on Cherice cuz we’ve no, I don’t think we’ve ever discussed her together. No, she was very Blay for me. I personally found her in the early seasons to be like holier than now. And I just, I wasn’t saying when she left, I could say that. And I do know that she has been trying to come back on. I mean, we’ve seen her make appearances. I know behind the scenes, she very much wants to be a full-time housewife. So her coming on and like going for Karen’s family, her mom, I’m not here for that. I can already tell you. I love, I love me some Karen hugger. And I can tell you, I will be team hug with this, but listen, I mean, we need drama, right? So mm-hmm <affirmative> and a ruffled feathered. Karen is fantastic television <laugh> so every person serves their purpose, whether we like them or not. So I don’t wanna see Karen sitting there watching everyone else have drama. I need her to have some of her drama.

Amanda (00:44:20):

So no, I agree. I, I loved what you just said, cuz it’s so true. Like it is very entertaining to watch her when she’s a little like muffled. So, you know, she’s, Karen’s always got some pretty good one liners right back. But I, I also question Shea’s motives. I mean, we know that she has been trying to get back on the show. She’s been through her divorce. So what is her storyline? You know? And, and it tends to be a formula that has worked in the past for these other Housewives, you know, to, to find something out, going about somebody else and divert the drama to them while they can still have solid camera time. So we’ll see. I think, you know, it feels like it could be that, but I mean, I’m gonna be watching, I’m looking forward to this season

B (00:45:10):

So forward. I’m so excited and I’m sure we’ll be going more, all of the, all of the topics that we touched on, we’re gonna be diving into <laugh>. So whomever is our contact that sends me the Potomac tea. Don’t stop. Keep it coming. Yes.

Amanda (00:45:26):

Keep it coming. And you can give us just like little jibs and drops and we will take it and run with it. I don’t know. I think we’re gonna be in like overdrive going up to, and then after Bravo con, because another trailer came out this week for this new Bravo below deck show that Heather is on and she just posted a teaser about it, this new Bravo below deck adventure, it looks like they’re in like Norway or somewhere in the, in the north. And then we got a couple of blinds about this, this summer about a mash up, which we

B (00:46:01):

Think, so we spoke about this on, I know we posted it, but I think we also spoke about it. We were talking about like, how would it work? Would like Hannah be the chief St to like a housewife that doesn’t make sense. Cause they’re both blogs. Right? Right.

Amanda (00:46:13):

It’s an, it looks like it’s a whole new cast, at least from the staff. And then Heather is traveling with somebody. Do you know who the guy is?

B (00:46:22):

So I was confused by it and I’ll be honest. I really didn’t look into it. You know, I’m so spoiled because <laugh> because people send me stuff. I’m at the deep dive girl, I’m the girl who gets the stuff. And then when I get it, I look into it. Does that make sense? So yeah, the guy had a ring on though. I don’t, yeah.

Amanda (00:46:42):

It, it looked very friends, the crew zone to me, like she kisses him on the cheek, like yeah. Who knows? But she

B (00:46:49):

Was like scantily clad. So I think that’s why people thought that, but like she’s on a boat. So, you know, she’s gonna be in a bikini or whatever.

Amanda (00:46:55):

Yeah. Cocktails, you gotta find out who this is and tell us very

B (00:46:59):


Amanda (00:47:00):

This, this person is yeah, cute guy.

B (00:47:03):

I just sound 95 years old. Very handsome fellow fella. <Laugh> I love it. I love below deck, but I have to tell you, I haven’t been keeping up the last couple of ones. I haven’t watched. They were mad for me. I don’t know. I wasn’t clicking with the crew and there’s just so much other good stuff to watch, I guess. Yeah. You know, so I hope it’s great because I’m ready for a good below deck season.

Amanda (00:47:27):

I’m with you. I’ve never been a blow deck fan. I will watch it if it’s on like for background or whatever, but I think it was a little just too repetitive and formulaic for me that I just never really could get into it, but love Heather Gay. I think this actual format with them doing these adventures and all that kind of like getting off the boat essentially. Yeah. Looks really, I think fun. So yeah. So I’m definitely gonna be watching, especially to watch Heather Gay. Cause I love her. Okay. And then another, yet another kind of check in our boxes. This, that was sounded weird. <Laugh> accomplishment. What do we call it? Another blind is that revealed

B (00:48:12):

Another victory. Amanda, another victory.

Amanda (00:48:14):

You guys it’s been a long week dancing with the star. Yes. Another victory for Bravo and cocktails dancing with the stars announcer cast. And we knew, you know, and we’ve shared with you guys a few weeks ago, but we know Jordan Sparks Charlie D Emilio and her mom and then Vinny from Jersey shore. And there were all people that we called early.

B (00:48:36):

Yeah. And so I was very excited to see this come true because Theresa was touch and go. And I know that I posted that there was a rumor that it wasn’t going to go through. This is gonna be hard to believe Amanda. Okay. But someone was not happy about her doing the show <laugh>

Amanda (00:48:52):

Oh God. Cause he can’t be on it too.

B (00:48:54):

That’s exactly right. And I also got word today that she’s going to be filming in Jersey and not rumored, you know, and then just traveling to LA for the performances, which a lot of when I posted that, a lot of people pointed out she does have high school aged children. And I mean, she did just leave them all for a month to go all over Europe. So I guess it makes sense for her to be home now. But yeah, I also had heard originally she was with GL and GL we know has had many rumored Ronda VZ with mm-hmm <affirmative> the likes of shell, Jan Kramer. I think that van pump came out and made a joke that she was like had a emotional affair, whatever went on, his marriage broke up and the wife was somewhat outspoken when they split and then she stopped. And the reason I heard she stopped and I posted about this a while ago is because, you know, he is the breadwinner he’s on the show. He makes a lot of money. It is a family show. It’s not really a good look for people to think that he is Renez VU with his dance partners. So Theresa is not his partner at the time of release. Hmm. Coincidence.

Amanda (00:50:11):

Interesting. I mean, nothing’s gonna break her love bubble at this point. I don’t think that she’s gonna, I think, I think she’s seems to be very loyal.

B (00:50:22):

Oh absolutely. She’s very in love with her husband.

Amanda (00:50:25):

Yeah. So, you know, know, and it makes sense to me that she would, you know, try to film this do as much as she can at home so she can be there with her kids. So I’m gonna choose to think that that’s why, and there’s not any controlling behavior going on from her husband. But around that,

B (00:50:43):

She was a question mark. I heard Sutton’s name.

Amanda (00:50:46):

Yes we did. We had that submitted actually to the site.

B (00:50:50):

So I mean maybe next season. Right? Cause yeah,

Amanda (00:50:53):

I had a question though, cuz I feel like Sutton’s always hurt

B (00:50:57):

<Laugh> but somebody said she was a ballerina.

Amanda (00:51:00):

Well that might make sense. I

B (00:51:02):

Mean she looks like a ballerina. She’s got like that like little body she

Amanda (00:51:05):

Does. She does. That makes sense. Well, I will definitely be watching. So cocktails, the other thing about dancing with stars that everybody might not know. Cause I actually looked at it today cause I was curious when it was gonna start, it is not gonna be on ABC. It’s only gonna be on Disney. Plus

B (00:51:22):

I heard that I actually have Disney plus because I got it in COVID because I know I’m sure you moms out there can relate. I just, I needed a babysitter for my children. <Laugh> <laugh> and Disney plus it was cuz I wasn’t allowed to have people in my house because of the virus. So yes. So I have it and I actually think it would be really fun to watch with my kids.

Amanda (00:51:42):

I love it. I always watch it with my daughter. That’s kind of like one of our, we like to watch dance shows together

B (00:51:47):

Years ago. I actually used to watch it with my parents. So that’s funny. Like when it first came out, it’s been out a long time.

Amanda (00:51:53):

It has like a long like, like at

B (00:51:55):

Least since I remember 16 years, maybe 15, 16 years,

Amanda (00:51:59):

I was gonna say I

B (00:52:00):

Haven’t watched it in a number of years though. Like I’ll sometimes tune in like if there’s somebody right. If there’s a star that I like, but I don’t like consistently watch it, but I will, I will I’ll try.

Amanda (00:52:10):

I, yeah. I loved watching, especially during that COVID year, cuz there was so little new TV on that year. Right. And it was so fun to watch it with my daughter. And that was the year actually Chriselle was on and she, I think she did a really great job now, you know, who knows what was going on behind the scenes, but I think, you know, did she

B (00:52:30):


Amanda (00:52:31):

I think so.

B (00:52:33):

I didn’t I’m sure. Yeah. I was very in tune with what was going on behind the scenes. Not so much on the show

Amanda (00:52:38):

<Laugh> yeah. I’m I’m like 90, 95% sure. But like again, my memory is so bad. Okay. So moving on to this other blind that we got, I’m gonna read it. It is about the upcoming seasons of OC and New Jersey. Okay. Subject what comes first. And then it reads last year. Real Housewives in New Jersey was supposed to premier in December, but they switched it with OC. Last minute ratings showed that no one cared about Heather’s return this year, New Jersey finished filming even earlier than last year. And OC is only halfway, but the same thing might happen since Bravo thinks the return of Tamara is a big deal. The cast is starting to get annoyed as they have to wait so long for their seasons to come out, even with better ratings, which also makes their filming schedule in the summer. Again, the wives would rather film in the winter and spring so they can enjoy the summers with their kids. New Jersey is the second highest franchise must mean ratings. Second highest rating. I’m guessing franchise, but gets treated terribly. And no it’s not because the house husbands get paid and it ruins a budget. Only Joe Gorge gets paid. Bravo con will release the trailer of whatever premiere is next. So I guess we’ll have to wait and see, I

B (00:54:02):

Agree with this person. I mean, I think that Bravo’s feeling is that people tune in for Jersey regardless. Right? So they are more likely to play with like if there’s a time, if there’s a lull, right. They’ll put on a less popular show because the thought is, well, there’s a lull here. So people will have, will just tune in because they wanna watch something. Whereas Jersey people are going to go out of their way to watch it. But I’m Jersey on this. I miss filming during the holidays, you know, we had a couple of the, the summer Jersey seasons and that’s cool. You know, it’s cool to see Missy G’s house out on the shore and everything, but let’s switch it up, especially because you know, on the east coast, unlike OC, we have seasons. So we wanna see them in their element. You know, it’s a totally different vibe around the holidays and the winter in New Jersey than it is in the summer. You know like kids are in school, kids are outta school, but they’re traveling. They’re not so, and I could see it being hard and all of these wo well, not all, most of the women have kids and they wanna travel and all this kind of stuff. You wanna do that when your kids are off from school and here they are stuck filming. So I totally get it. I totally, this makes sense to me. I could see why the Jersey cast is peed by it.

Amanda (00:55:21):

Yeah. I personally like an end of summer into fall winter season, especially with Jersey cuz they’re all so tan <laugh> yeah.

B (00:55:33):

So tan

Amanda (00:55:34):

Full summer, but no, really. It’s just like, I like, that’s a nice, I think transition of like summer, like it’s a good mix of seasons. Like everybody likes the fall scene and the

B (00:55:44):

Same reason that we all love New York in the fall. Right. It’s the same logic. It’s you know, there’s something about the east coast in the fall for me. I don’t, I I’m from here. So I don’t know if like, do you feel that way or yes.

Amanda (00:56:00):

Yeah. Who doesn’t like fall, everybody likes fall. That’s all my social media is posting about Lily is that it’s time

B (00:56:08):


Amanda (00:56:09):

And spooky season. Right? <laugh>

B (00:56:11):

I love naked sweater.

Amanda (00:56:13):

Yeah. Well I didn’t know that Jersey is the second highest rated show.

B (00:56:19):

They’re like, which is which over a million, every time I know Atlanta was always the first one, but I dunno, is it now? Listen, we, we talk a lot of smack about how hard it is to watch Beverly Hills, but people are tuning in. Boy.

Amanda (00:56:30):

I know you posted that. I don’t know what makes a really good rating, but that was high, right?

B (00:56:36):

Yeah. It was high. It was high people wanna see people wanna see what happened in Aspen. Yeah. And that was the other thing. Why not to go back, but we’ll go back cuz you know, I’m a blur. Why are they filming their reunion before Aspen, before the tequila, before all this it’s annoying.

Amanda (00:56:53):

Well, especially cuz we know we have quite a while to go, right. We must have at least 3, 4, 5 weeks to go. Is that right? Cause this isn’t the finale party or anything. Yeah.

B (00:57:05):

I don’t, it doesn’t make sense. Yeah. But speaking of New York, we got a very fun blind that totally came out of left field. I’ll read it quickly subject when pigs fly, these former New York besties have been texting and hanging out again away from the cameras and social media they’ve realized they still enjoyed each other. And that the show was to blame for their demise. The writer girl and the cocktail mogul are hanging a lot in south Hampton. So I mean pretty obvious but random. And so like people like, I don’t believe this to that. I say, why would somebody make that up and send it? Who’s <laugh> who’s thinking about Bethany and Carol’s friendship all this all these years later. Not certainly not. I, and you know, I thought it was cute. I sometimes see and usually in the summer, I guess, because Bethany’s in the Hamptons and Zen Shapiros are in the Hamptons, but ally post a picture and she’s done it before with Bethany, which I think is really sweet.

B (00:58:05):

I think don’t forget. I mean Bethany knew Allie when she was a kid and mm-hmm <affirmative>, you know, so I think it’s, it’s very nice that they’ve it seems they’ve maintained, you know, some semblance of that, that friendship, even though, you know, Jill and Bethany, I don’t, they don’t hang, but yeah, I would love to see Carol and, and Bethany back together. I would love to hear them on a podcast, go on be’s podcast. Let’s let’s let’s they have like, you know, they’re both very smart and they’re both very opinionated and yep. I like them together.

Amanda (00:58:35):

I, I agree. I think they always had like a really good, a really good chemistry between them. I think they had a real friendship. I don’t feel like it was just an allyship for just, you know, for TV. I think, you know, I totally agree. I think Carol, I think both of them have Carol, especially has this quirkiness has a real intelligence. I think she always made a really good match of WIS with Bethany. Yes. And so that’s why

B (00:59:06):

Their fight was so hard too. Yeah. Because they kind of came for each other and both of them did like, you know, I think a lot of people wanted to paint Bethany, the bad guy, but you know, Carol hit below the belt with, with Bethany as well. And I like Carol much better. She kind of turned dark and angry after Bethany demise. Cuz I guess that was like her only like, well she had Heather Thompson, but yeah, there was something about her that changed after that. She kind of closed up on us.

Amanda (00:59:34):

I always enjoyed Carol and I agree she did kind of change a little bit after Bethany was on. I thought they had like a real, a great chemistry and you know, I’m always gonna cheer people on who are repairing a friendship. I always wanna see it go that way versus like a lifelong enemy kind of situation. So I hope it’s true.

B (00:59:56):

I hope it’s true. I think that, you know, you don’t get a chance to make new old friends. That’s a line from a country song and it’s so true. And I think all of us, especially, you know, as we get older and we have so many different things to balance, it’s kind of easy to just forget friendships. And I think that good friendships are worth fighting for. And sometimes, sometimes it’s best to just move on. You know, like mm-hmm, <affirmative> rehashing it. If you have a situation where you’re just not going to agree, but you still see value in the friendship, just move on. Like you don’t have to, you may not get the apology and you may always see a situation differently, but it’s an awful shame to allow like one situation to change the course of a lifelong friendship. I know they’re not lifelong friends, but I mean that they would have remained close friends. Right. So yeah. So I, I hope for that sake and if they do, I hope they make it public because I think that maybe it’ll make somebody else pick up the phone and give a message to somebody they’ve been wanting to reach out to, but felt like they didn’t know how to go about it. I know I’ve been there. I sure you have. And I think that it’s a good reminder that, you know, let’s let things go.

Amanda (01:01:12):

I have been in that situation and you never regret, you know, even if it doesn’t go the way you hope you never regret trying. So I, I totally agree with you. Okay. What about the picture you posted the other day of Lars with Michael Jordan’s son?

B (01:01:31):

Oh my God. Ew. And then I got a message. Of course they’re saying they’re just friends and they roll in the same circles. Okay. So off the bat, you’re rolling in the same circle as my, as the kid. And I don’t even know how old he is, but one of his, one of his friends from co well, I don’t know if they were friends, but somebody went to college with sent me a message and said, this tracks he’s always been into older women with BBL. <Laugh> BBL is like the like you know, enhanced buttock. So you know what LAR good for you. Good for you. She obviously has a type. She likes bowlers. She likes them to remain the age that Scotty was when she met him. And you know, I don’t see anyone saying anything to these men when they do it. So she looks beautiful. She still got it. She still wants to go out there and get it. It, I say, why the hell not? She’s a single woman.

Amanda (01:02:21):

I agree with you on most of those points, I would just say fish in a different pool. That’s not your like friends, kids, like there’s plenty of young, like handsome young men to go for why you gotta go for like one of your friends’ kids.

B (01:02:39):

Okay. But we don’t know that like she’s like great friends with Michael and his ex-wife

Amanda (01:02:45):

Still though. Like they were all around each other and would travel with the te like, I mean, she have known him when he was small. Right.

B (01:02:53):

Okay. I have to look up how old he’s his name’s Marcus. Right? Where’s my husband when I need him. Cause he would probably know this right off the bat.

Amanda (01:03:01):

I don’t know. He’s

B (01:03:02):

31 years old. Oh, he’s not that young.

Amanda (01:03:04):

He’s 30. It’s not the young part. It’s just the why? Like just, just look at

B (01:03:11):

Marsha’s 40. I didn’t realize she was 48. I thought she was like 42.

Amanda (01:03:15):

She looks amazing. She

B (01:03:16):

Looks amazing. She looks amazing. I do. I did like her old face better. Not that she doesn’t look amazing now, but she changed it too much. I don’t think she needed to change it at all. Listen, I have nothing but respect for anti-age treatments. I shame no one. The Botox is wonderful invention to <laugh> to keep us looking young, but she did not need to change her nose. Although it looks good. Her old nose had like more, you know, I don’t know.

Amanda (01:03:41):

I don’t know. Again, like I’ve told you this before, there will be a day where I go away for a few weeks and I, you know, come back looking very refreshed, very and you know, who knows what I will have done, but I will have something done. There will be a day. So

B (01:03:57):

That’s your business. That’s for you. That’s what I like to call that your business. Exactly. I may go with you.

Amanda (01:04:03):

We just do it together and we can just keep doing the pod and might just come out, looking a little refreshed,

B (01:04:08):

Little refresh.

Amanda (01:04:10):

Well, thank you so much for such a fun combo today. I wanted to end our pod today just by asking for a favor. So I know that we had mentioned to you guys that we are gonna start some sort of subscription content, which we are working on and people are really excited about it. So that is really exciting to us that you guys are excited about that. Cause we’re really excited about building a community and, and all of that. But in the meantime, we would love to ask a favor just by asking you guys to please review the podcast. I was going back through reviews the other day. And you know, people had a lot to say at the beginning about the sound. And I think that was absolutely fair. We have worked really hard to the point where we now record in our closets. We

B (01:04:57):

Sure do.

Amanda (01:04:58):

But the sound is so much better. We’ve done a lot of, we won’t go into the boring details about all the things that we have done, but we put a lot of work into improving the sound. So we would love to hear from you guys and tell us like, are you hearing that? Is it so much better? Or even those of you who maybe wrote in before to let us know, do you, you think it it’s been improved? So we would love just to hear your reviews and hear what you guys really think. Cuz you know, we do read them and we listen, we’re working also on trying to get our content out faster so that it doesn’t feel like there’s as much of a lag between when we record. There’s usually about five, six days. And we’re trying to make that a little bit shorter as well. So we are listening. So thank you guys so much.

B (01:05:41):

That is, we are listening. We, we, we want it out faster too. We’re working on it guys. And I second what Amanda said, so many of you and you know, I’m gonna, Amanda do this too. So many of you write in and I post it like great episode and I love that feedback. Amanda, doesn’t always get to see that feedback. So if you could leave us a nice five star review, we we’ll take the criticism. We are working on improving because we want to have a good product. Okay. But we wanna hear that you let the stuff you like too. So give us a good review. We love to see it and can’t wait to see you guys next week and check Insta and check the site because T is gonna be coming in <laugh> about this reunion.

Amanda (01:06:23):

Thanks guys.

B (01:06:25):


Speaker 4 (01:06:32):

Thank you guys so much for listening. Just wanna ask you guys a favor, just getting kicked off. So many people have been asking us to do this podcast. So please do subscribe. And if you subscribed go to your podcast app and hit those three little dots to share with your friends, but only friends who like good tea, because the ones who don’t care about tea, then like forget them. And don’t forget. Find us on Instagram at Bravo and cocktails underscore and check out the website because some great tea gets put there daily that would get us kicked off of Instagram. <Laugh> so thanks for listening everybody. Bye guys. See you next time.



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