The footballer…

Oct 5, 2022

You know… the one getting divorced‼️‼️‼️


  1. He’s Not The Goat

    Once a cheater always a cheater….

  2. TB12 isn't that stupid

    That didn’t happen…

  3. Deflategate

    Take notes ladies…

    Men can be married to one of the most beautiful supermodels in the world & still cheat… it ain’t you, sis!

  4. Knowsbetter

    He has always been a douche, remember that airplane ride with him and Ben Affleck when some random girl was wearing his super bowl rings? Plus he is a proven cheater in football so…….

  5. Samantha

    I mean, he left his pregnant wife for Giselle… the man has more than one creepy indiscretion under his belt. Winning in football and a good PR team can only go so far to cover your douche canoe ways.

  6. Told ya so

    Word on the street was he cheated on Bridget with Giselle, but no one wanted to believe it…

  7. Not a Brady fan

    I don’t think this happened. He’s crazy in many ways but not stupid

  8. Anon

    He was never married to Bridget, and they broke up before she found out she was pregnant.

  9. Nah

    Very unlikely. He’s RARELY in public.

  10. Michelle

    How you get them is how you lose them

  11. I Don’t Believe It

    He did not leave a pregnant wife for Giselle. He was never married to his baby momma and they were already broken up for a couple of months when she learned she was pregnant.

    Also don’t believe this blind. Not because I don’t think he’s capable of cheating but because he’s not stupid enough to do so publicly.

  12. Nahhhhhhh

    I’ve met him through charity work…he’s not this

  13. Dontbemad

    Footballer is a term for soccer players not American football fyi

  14. jRo

    shakira’s ex?

  15. Don’t be shocked

    I know through a family member who was a teammate for years… Even the surprising ones cheat.


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