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Oct 5, 2022

From: Childhood Star
Email: [email protected]

Subject: Why they split…

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It was out of nowhere. She was busy focusing on her family and her career. He got caught red handed. She immediately decided she wasn’t putting up with it. Wonder if we’ll hear about it in the media….

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  1. Pelofan


  2. Deets Puh-lease

    Got caught red handed doing what? Cheating? Doing coke in the bathroom?

  3. The Game

    She does have a couple cryptic posts on IG over the past couple weeks, Specifically the scene where Mel finds out Derwin cheated on her…

  4. Briee

    Supposedly there were cheating rumors before, I think it was a couple of years I’m not really surprised. But she seemed more into their marriage then he did smh

  5. Overinflated balls

    I’m thinking Tom and Giselle

  6. Sasha

    “Wonder”. Has to be Fred Savage


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