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Oct 5, 2022

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Remember last year this early 2000s sitcom star who speaks out against scientology was rumored to be joining RHOBH? Well, she wasn’t. But, producers took note of all the love social media had for the idea and added her to the list for this year. For a couple years they have been straying away from adding a famous face to the franchise with Sutton & Crystal, as well as the flop known as Diana. But now, they are interested in adding another well known face especially if Rinna is done to take the show to an even bigger level in terms of ratings. Leah Remini, Tamera Mowry, Kimora Lee Simmons, Brooke Burke are just a few in discussions right now but filming for the new season probably won’t start filming until the new year. So, I guess producers do really look at fans suggestions on social media. Keep it up.

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  1. Jess

    This would elevate the franchise so much. I’m here for it!

  2. karl from canada

    i really hope leah!!!

  3. Just say'n

    I think Leah Remini is hysterical. Laughs are exactly what Bh needs. She has that gift of being funny right off the top of her head like Phaedra and Bethenny. I’d love it

  4. Saved by Stacy Corosi

    Omg I would love it if Leah Remini joined. Love love love her.

  5. Polly Pocket

    Leah and KLS would be amazing! Bye bye Rinna and Erika enter some real BH queens.

  6. Here for it!!!

    Great idea! She would be caustic but funny like Bethenny!

  7. Most annoying sister

    Tamera…no thanks!

  8. Sally Draper’s Therapist

    JENNIFER TILLYYYYYYYYYY. She needs to be on the short list.

  9. Rae

    Kimora would be a great addition!

  10. YesLeahhhh

    Leah is so quick-witted and hilarious, and she clearly isn’t afraid to tackle tough stuff head-on…she’d be AMAZING!!!

  11. beverlycasting

    Leah Remini would breathe new life into the franchise! She’s so effortlessly funny and charismatic- plus I’d love to see her friend Michelle Visage make some appearances.

    A cast of Kyle, Garcelle, Sutton, Dorit, Erika, Crystal, Kathy as a friend + Leah would be amazing !

  12. Kami

    Get rid of Lisa and Diana. Bring on Leah and KLS!!

  13. RHOBH refresh

    Leah or Kimora would be great. Both very strong, no BS women. I don’t see Tamera or Brooke as being able to go toe to toe with the other women. But I think the franchise should try them all out as friends of and then cut or keep who they see as meshing well and being good tv.

  14. OverIt

    Omg yes to Leah and KIMORA. Both are hilarious!!

  15. Sungarbumps

    Kimora!!!! Her daughters are beautiful and amazing, Russel is a story in himself, her boys are cuties, she is a model, fashion designer, mogle, smart, talented amazing woman! I would DIE if Kimora came on! I love EVERYTHING about her!

  16. Deanna

    Would love to see Leah Remini on RHOBH

  17. Questionable

    This says filming likely won’t start till next year. Hasn’t it been confirmed filming starts in November of THIS year?

  18. Kim

    Leah may be too famous for this bunch. Dorit will be star struck. Can you imagine? Lol I mean the way she was with Jamie lee was embarrassing and that was just a cameo appearance. However, Leah wouldn’t tolerate the two face bad behavior.


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