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Oct 4, 2022

From: Problematic Opinions

Subject: It wasn’t a combination

Spill It to
It wasn’t a combination and it has nothing to do with an injury, that was all optics. He liked posts that were transphobic , homophobic, all the phobics. They are laying people off sure but not instructors. This was very clear, his ideologies don’t work for their company. He refused to align with their beliefs.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (

allegedly from


  1. Keep it to yourself

    I don’t wanna see any Cocktailers saying “stop cancel culture” for someone who has such intolerable beliefs… it is well within a company’s right to fire people who have such harmful beliefs that dehumanize people.

  2. Jc

    It’ll come out soon enough that he was practically a 1/6er. Just wait. Not that some of his fans will care.

  3. Stop cancel culture

    It’s actually not within their rights. Not agreeing that a man can be a woman isn’t transphobic. It’s believing in ACTUAL science, not leftists made up science.

  4. Always been that way

    Doesn’t after what you personally believe. It matters how you conduct yourself as a public facing employee of a company. Applies to all companies. If your personal behavior is going to offend current or potential clients/customers then you are hurting the company. End of story.

  5. kristen

    It was far beyond “disagreeing”. People on both sides of the aisle are known to understand the basics of gender transitioning. And Leftist are socialists, btw. It’s not a catch-all word for liberal. The more you know..

  6. Joe

    clue to how this is?

  7. I’m lost

    Can someone explain who they’re talking about? So lost

  8. Ss


  9. LIZ

    Good I’m not paying for some creep who is transphobic and supports the vile biotch Candace Owens

  10. Pelo buds

    Daniel from Peloton for those who are lost

  11. Pelo buds

    Daniel from Peloton for those who are lost

  12. Jesus Loves you

    More people need Jesus!

  13. Storms

    For those who are interested, look at Daniels likes and Twitter reply’s. There was nothing untoward. Unless someone can show proof otherwise?

  14. Pelo

    Sounds like this little tidbit of gossip came straight from Jennifer Cotter to try and save her own image. Interesting her public Instagram went private shortly after the actual truth came out. Do better. This post is vile and no proof behind it.


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