Not playing the field…

Oct 4, 2022

I talked to S*** at Tao in New York 2.5 weeks ago and he seemed slightly ❄️ out, but didn’t see him hitting on girls for the most part. Definitely trying to rehab his playboy ways.

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  1. Shep’s not aging well


  2. Who?

    I was going to guess Shep but he is in Costa Rica. How old is this blind?

  3. Milko

    Where’s there’s coke, he will go.

    A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots…

  4. OhEmGee

    It liters says 2.5 weeks ago

  5. NotsoCharming

    This tracks. Shep was in NYC for the reunion. He was in New Mexico after that and now Costa Rica. He has no redeeming qualities. He is a trash human. Always will be.

  6. Leopard Does Not Change His Spots

    A girl I know hooked up with him in NYC during that time, they had dinner a few times as well.


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