It’s a combination….

Oct 3, 2022

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Subject: It’s a combination..

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So he’s no longer an instructor for a combination of reasons, politics and that sort of thing. Unsavory retweet’s caused members to complain . At first they thought a break would suffice but the company has enough going on right now and ultimately just let him go.

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  1. kendall

    Enough with cancel culture. My god.

  2. IrishYank4life

    This is why they let Daniel go? This infuriates me, he was my favorite strength instructor. Ugh I’m upset about him leaving.

  3. HBT

    Sometimes you just have to keep your opinions to yourself especially with such a high profile job

  4. Sinkingship

    The other instructors have pushed their political agenda on their social media pages and even in class over the years. JSS said in class she wishes Covid took out trump. But I guess as long as it goes along with pelotons political agenda it’s ok. Peloton is the epitome of go woke, go broke.

  5. Ew

    Hold on… soooo we’re saying someone should get a pass on saying awful shit cause we like their workout class?? These comments are frightening.

  6. Confused

    What things did he say? I follow him on insta & only really saw peloton and dog content from him. Someone fill me in!

  7. Sally Draper’s Therapist

    To those bemoaning how sick they are of cancel culture, please understand that facing consequences does not equal being canceled.

    I’ll repeat: consequences ≠ being canceled.

    This is across the board, not just in regards to this dude specifically.

  8. Jc

    Exactly this.


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