Still together?!

Oct 1, 2022

Beadors reconciliation or co parenting?

man, woman and children shopping

Anon please! Spotted at south coast plaza! Still together! If you post, don’t until later since they’re still in the same store lol

black background with the word allegedly written on it in cursive and the @bravoandcocktails_ tag below it


  1. Sshhhh!

    Now she knows how Shannon felt. Guess it’s too hard to give up all the designer stuff!

  2. Sally Draper’s Therapist

    Everyone looks miserable. Even from the back ??

  3. Just say'n

    I’m guessing coparenting. He’s making sure she doesn’t rack up a fortune on that amex

  4. Dickie

    Did Lesley have someone send this in ?

  5. Meredith


  6. Sara

    David and his crazy-coked out eyes deserves to be single.

    After blowing through Shannon’s money, totally dropped Shannon and his own daughters to pursue that THOT.

    He is pathetic. I hope his daughters have nothing to do with him.


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