Why was it cut?!

Sep 30, 2022

Hey. Very random but you might care.… I work with Uplift Charleston. The Christmas party for Sewing Down South on the Southern Charm finale was a charity event. They collected over 100 coats for the homeless in Charleston. So confused as to why the charity aspect was cut?! We were all hoping the exposure would lead to more donations!! Ugh.

NOTE FROM BRAVO AND COCKTAILS: Here’s a link to Uplift Charleston

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  1. Always trying to make Craigy look like a bad guy.

    That’s so sad! I thought I had remembered it was a charity thing based on posts from SDS. I feel like they always want Craig to look bad.

  2. Me

    This whole finale was so confusing honestly

  3. Wow Production Wow

    I hope it’s in the reunion then that’s shitty af on production.

  4. Letgoofleva

    Craig is such a genuine good guy. I think they cut that, & spun a few other things to make him come off unorganized, & unprepared.

  5. Me

    I could not understand why Leva was freaking out. They did have seats at a table. Production looked like they were not showing the big picture. Annoying.

  6. SewStupid

    Leva going off was so random and unnecessary. While I hate the chaos of an event with no seating chart, it was still blown out of proportion and they did have seats. She crossed the line and the one girl was shaking her head in disagreement as Leva said it.

    And Naomi dismissing a 10+ year friendship like that is so absurd. If she wants to be pissed about it fine, but to throw away the friendship, GTFO.

  7. Bee

    maybe if the charity was named homeless not coatless they would’ve featured it

  8. I hate it here

    Things that make you go ??

    Craig was provoked this season and forced to hang out with his thirsty ex which clearly made him uncomfortable and he reacted. Was it always the healthiest? Nope but if my ex couldn’t take the many hints that I’ve provided, I’d probably lose my nerve too. Bravo spun it to make him look crazy. Paige is smart enough to NOT date a some unhinged guy. Leva making a scene was her last cling to any sort of storyline or relevance. If she went to MY boss/business partner at MY event and in MY presence, I would’ve done a lot more than just telling her to leave. My latina ass would’ve started throwing ??? !!! (IYKYK)

  9. Why does Leva have spin-off

    Yes to all of these comments above!! Leva was completely out of line. She looked like a spoiled child throwing a tantrum, she didn’t show up for really anything all season but then was upset because she didn’t like her seat. Yes she had a seat. I also think Naomi has been desperate this whole season. I may even go as far as to say the girls this season have looked worse than the guys!

  10. MR

    Duh! Whitney is the producer. Naomi has manipulated him by acting interested so that she can control the Craig narrative. She is a scorned woman- yet she did this to herself.
    Naomi will never find her perfect partner- she is far too narcissistic.

  11. “Are we watching the same show??”

    Clearly the unpopular opinion here but if I was part of an ensemble cast and they were all seated at one big table and I was stuck at the kids table I’d probably assume it was a slight too. Yes Leva went too far but SO did Craig. To throw her out and get security involved in front of everyone? So immature and unnecessary. Sure the fact that the party was a charity event is great but let’s not amp Craig up to more than the drunken frat boy he really is. And I always liked Paige but lately she’s reminded me of the bitch from HS that we all hated.

  12. Kinda Over Craig After This Season

    Unpopular opinion: Craig is a big baby. I used to like him and feel sorry for him. Naomie explained early on that they were not a thing after the hookups but that they still had a close/good friendship. I think she was acting on that assumption then the season started and when Paige threw her hissy fit Craig changed. That’s what I saw at least. I think Naomie was genuinely confused because he changed the rules.

    Also, Craig with his BDE over his ‘success’ is a joke. I looked up the LLC and from what I can see he doesn’t even own SDS. The investors Leva was talking too, in particular the dark haired guy, do. Craig is the face of it but not an owner, at least not listed on the LLC paperwork. I think that was what was bugging Leva, that he was acting like all of it was his doing and it wasn’t. She as much said so.

    Also, WTF with those pillows? They are so basic. The ones at Target are cuter, more unique and cheaper.

  13. Mary

    I heard that there was a much longer fight about Levas spin off show but it was breaking the 4th wall so it was all cut out (which is why the episode was so choppy). But I don’t know why the charity would be cut out.

  14. DH

    I’m with the person who said “are we all watching the same show?”….you are 100% right…Craig is way overrated and Paige has just got bitchier and bitchier as time goes on, she should stay in New York. The whole Naomi scenario is SHE dumped Craig, so clearly she’s not the crazy ex girlfriend he’s portraying her to be. He hooked up with her again just last summer and he admits himself that HE had a hard time getting over her. She’s just confused because she thought they were friends but he keeps calling her crazy to their friends for no reason because Paige is too insecure to allow Craig to have a friendship with her.

  15. Ms.Pat’sPom

    This season, all I could think about was how sadly thirsty Naomi and Leva were. NO kept calling people over to the side to talk, like it was “The Bachelor” and Leva showed up the few events overdressed and trying to be relevant. (clearly she hired a stylist this season – in preparation for her spinoff). PS – would never work for a drama Queen like her. She doesn’t have the heart or soft touch management style of LVP.
    The spin-off will show more…


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