She didn’t get the yacht…

Sep 30, 2022

From: Billy Reed

Subject: Who needs a yacht?!

Spill It to
Isn’t it odd that the big lipped shit stirrer left the country for Italy, not on a yacht, but onboard the goop cruise? Are times that tough?

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  1. Billie Sucks

    Please say she’s not staying. She keeps being rewarded for bullying people off that we enjoy. Please assure me she’s going to be gone./.

  2. Karen

    What’s a goop cruise? Clueless

  3. heidi

    Is the Goop cruise a Gwyneth Paltrow thing or what?

  4. Sutton’s Fake Sister

    How can Rinna be good for your health. Goop Cruises are all about health.


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