Private investigator….

Sep 29, 2022

From: Anon Anon

Subject: Private investigator!

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Anyone wondering where these “rumors” came from should remember that someone hired a private investigator.

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  1. no more fancy pants

    We need context!!! I’m sure this is about the Dubrows but would Kelly Dodd really hire a PI?

  2. L

    Two very anti Lisa Barlow blinds… still doesn’t make me like Meredith!

  3. Fallout

    Meredith re: Lisa Barlow’s SEC filing drama

  4. MJo

    The same PI Meredith hired to investigate Jen!

    She must had the entire crew researched!

  5. HeathersBlackEye

    This seems to be about Meredith having hired a private investigator involving the threats her family was getting. And it seems to be suggesting that, instead of “hearing” things about Lisa on the streets, Meredith hired a private investigator to investigate her and that’s where the “rumors” are coming from.

    I will say that, after episode 1, Meredith seemed more than ready to dish on Lisa, all the while claiming she’s not one to spread rumors. Not a good look. No one believed that stupid stuff Lisa spouted about Meredith anyway.

  6. StillaMeredithstan

    I totally believe Jen Shah started this and Meredith is the mouth piece.
    Jen is nasty

  7. The PI

    Meredith said at the reunion she had everyone looked at when she hired the PI

  8. I love Taco Bell!

    Honestly $25K debt for an alcohol company isn’t bad at all. Kyle Cook from Summer House is $4M in debt with Lover Boy. I’m gonna need Meredith to come with some real receipts lol ?


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