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Subject: OC Messiness!

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For days now, there’s rumors going around about a housewife everyone begged to come back to the show avoiding cameras and the rest of her castmates. All due to a rumor. The rumor is true! And she is supposedly resorting to a tactic best known and seen on Beverly Hills. Yep! You read that right! A cease and desist should be making the rounds soon! But the source of where the rumor originated from may or may not be shocking to some. Have you recently seen a picture going around on social media of the “three friends” filming together? The rumor came from the one that is still bummed about not getting her orange back. Now that her bestie got hers back, she has resorted to playing dirty on camera and behind the scenes. She’s trying to work overtime and do whatever it takes to get her orange back next season (should there be one). And spewing this rumor is just the start for her. Just you watch now!

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