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Sep 29, 2022

This is from months ago… repost

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So I saw Kelly Dodd’s comment and had to say something. I was a server at a restaurant in OC years ago and 3 nurses came in. We hit it off so we started talking and we got onto the topic of reality tv. They told me that a few of their nurses had been seeing ******* from one of the housewife shows and he’s married. I was intrigued so I asked who and they said …..They also said a lot of people know/knew about it and it wasn’t some big secret

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  1. Titsmcgee

    Terry Dubrow

  2. Woof


  3. Heather Dubrow

    But Terry doesn’t equate to how many stars are in place of the name..

  4. Heather

    Terry Dubrow.

  5. Whothebleepisit

    Seven letters. Not terry. Not Mauricio. I’m stumped.

  6. DeQueenBee

    7 stars… Dr Terry?


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