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Sep 28, 2022


Subject: Word in the OC

Spill It to
Word on the OC streets is that DB never took to her other 2 children and had issues financially providing for them compared to the daughter they share, having no problem buying her lavish things.

This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Bravo and Cocktails (


  1. Ariana

    I didn’t think my opinion of DB could get any lower, but surprise! When you marry a woman with children from a prior relationship this is what you sign up for. You’re a family unit now. If you don’t have the means to take care of another man’s child, I can see that, but how cruel to lavish one child and not the others. That’s going to create some really maladjusted children. My stepmom favored her children all the time. I remember getting one present on Christmas while hers got 10+. We’d take turns going in a circle opening presents and every year I’d have to continually say pass when it came around to me. One year her daughter got the item I had asked for, and I ended up with a pillow. Obviously, it’s a first world problem, I was grateful to get anything, but those feels of rejection stay with kids into their adulthood.

  2. Just say'n

    David Beador and Lesley Beador’s other 2 kids. Disgusting that she would marry someone who didn’t embrace the kids she already had. All for the coins. Ugh!!!

  3. tom3294

    David Beador… classless trash

  4. She’s not a reliable source

    I actually don’t trust much of what she said. Sure he’s a scumbag but after that Walmart video of her, she’s a psycho! I wouldn’t put it past her to embellish or lie about anything and everything to make him look bad!

  5. Are You Sure His Name’s Not Richard?

    Because he is Just. Such. A. Dick.

  6. E

    What does he actually do!?

  7. ssb

    He owns his own constructions business.

  8. Ssshhhh!!!

    She removed the post saying she was divorcing him.


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