Diamond or an Orange?

Sep 28, 2022

Subject: A Diamond or an orange

Spill It to BravoandCocktails.com:
Bravo may be looking at Teddi for HW’s but not a Diamond holder. Now that she has a real relationship with Tamra, they think her rompers may be a better fit for the OC. They know the audience hates her but she stays in the drama. Look for a trial run on Girls trip.

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  1. Itsasetup

    Totally saw that coming! I bet that was her plan all along

  2. Lucy, Lucy, apple juice

    Please no!!! She sucks! Bad person who’s not a fit for tv at all regardless of the city, country or planet

  3. teddifromtheOC

    Not the rompers LOL. I think she’s more of an OC girl for sure seeing as she’s morphing into a mini tamra now that she’s not really with the BH girls.

  4. Please God no

    Nooo we don’t hate her in she’s good for the tv drama kinda way we just quite literally can’t stand her!!

  5. Loose lips

    Godddd no. Why do we even keep giving Teddi airtime?! ??‍♀️

  6. LaLa

    Teddi isn’t good tv. Keep her off my screen and take Gina and her casita with her

  7. Anti teddi

    Jesus Christ can they not find ANYONE ELSE?!?!

  8. TeamTeddi

    Love her

  9. Why

    Why does everyone hate Teddi? I have no opinion on her and never knew why everyone hated her. Just curious. Help me understand.

  10. Teddi Teddi go away, don’t come again any other day

    I don’t want to see Teddi on my tv ever again. I don’t want her anorexia program, her speaking about things when she was not there, her speaking about people in a negative way and then blaming said person for being attacked online, or to see her husband’s crappy security company.

  11. Zsazsa Gabor

    I’ll never understand the Teddi hate! Have y’all listened to the Two T’s pod? She and Tam are so entertaining!

  12. Gawd Not Teddi

    Rompers! ?????????

  13. Go Home to your playpen teddi

    But we hate to hate her, not love to hate her. HUGE difference. And we don’t want to watch her, dafuq?! Like please move on the 838027 options in LA. I would be here for one season of Vicki roasting her on OC tho lol but that’s it!

  14. Shrimps

    Please no Bravo, if you see this, please nooo, she was such a FLOP, whyyy won’t she go away? She literally is a gnat

  15. RNR

    I’m here for this. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, or get messy. And it could finally get Gina and/or Emily out of there. Heather, Tamra, Shannon, Taylor, Teddi, and a couple of newbies would be a solid group.

  16. Not again

    No one hates her – she wasn’t entertaining enough to be worthy of hate. We just don’t want to watch her because she is boring and insufferable!! Teddi you tried it, it wasn’t for you girl. Bye.

  17. I like Teddi

    I like Teddi! People need to stop saying “we” don’t like like. Sorry ??‍♀️ some of us do like her.
    People say she stirs the pot but don’t all HW’s do? You don’t have to love all the Hw’s people!

  18. TeamTeddiToo

    I’ve never understood why everyone hated Teddi so much! She loves her family immensely, is a great Mom and is actually pretty funny. She also tells it like it is and is a no bullsh*t type of person. Sounds like a bunch of bandwagon jumpers to me.

  19. Bravo DEI Department

    They really going out of their way to avoid adding a POC to the cast.

  20. Lady in Red

    So Bravo is going to ruin OC even more? Might as well just throw all the franchises in the trash at this point Bravo. Only ladies who bring it are Potomac and even Giselles storyline is whack af

  21. IamTeddiJo@mellencampsdaughter.com

    I want Teddi back on Housewives! She such a good and loyal friend and tells it like it is. I love her rompers! And her exercise program totally inspires me to avoid junk food like carrots.

  22. Nope!

    I don’t want her on any of the franchises ?


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