Always one step ahead…

Sep 28, 2022

From: Big Kath

Subject: She knows what she’s doing

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Allegedly this fan favorite diamond carrier joined the cast to rehab her image after her daughters documentary came out. She is always one step ahead and if others think she will ever be cancelled, they are wrong. Theres a new Bobby Fisher in town.

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  1. erin

    idk why people are so obsessed with kathy… she’s clearly playing a role, which isn’t the absolutely awful person she truly is. completely neglected all of her children, did horrible things to kim, has said and done the most offensive sh*t over the years with zero remorse… she’s a monster. kyle is no better.

  2. Jk

    Thank you Erin!! I do not understand why everyone is enamored with her. Like she’s “down to earth” or genuine or anything else. Mind boggling. Figured the viewers & bravo IG fan pages were savvier than that but clearly not

  3. Anon

    The Apple does not fall far from the tree.. check out how she and her sisters were raised

  4. RR

    Yep, agree 100% — it’s totally an act. And no surprise that Paris made her name by playing dumb.

    Remember when her crazed “get me out of here” IG post came out earlier this year, she had a whole story about losing her phone and being afraid of the dark etc — which we know now was a total lie.

    I still like her on the show, she’s great for the drama. But I think the Kathy fans are totally fooled.

  5. Go away Lisa

    Lisa, is info coming from you?! ?

  6. Racism is gross

    It’s very telling that people will defend KH, even though she has been known to say racist things and had her daughter kidnapped in the middle of the night. Then Lisa Rinna calls her out on her bullshit and everyone hates her. It’s a tale as old as time and it’s disgusting. Do better people.

  7. Lucy

    Is anyone surprised? It’s Kathy Hilton for godsake. Kathy isn’t a saint but I’m so tired of Kyle and Rinna’s martyrdom

  8. Guess Who

    I think fans should be savvy enough to know that Kathy is not miss perfect and is a privileged rich woman but Rinna seems to also be milking this and over exaggerating. She and her flop force are seething that Kathy is a fan favorite. They want to expose her to take the heat off of them (namely Erika. Weren’t we focused on her in Aspen and all of a sudden we’re not? Hmm). Frankly, most of these women are terrible and they are all getting hard to watch

  9. Lo

    No one is fooled. We enjoy the persona she plays. Just like we like Paris on The Simple Life. I’d take Kathy over Rinna any day. Her soap acting is washed out.

  10. Bye Lisa

    It’s okay bc Kathy Hilton IS Beverly Hills hunny not any of those others who rely on a check from the show ?

  11. She’s a mega narcissist

    Yes, finally some folks are seeing the wolf ? under the sheep’s ? clothing!!! She had that major tantrum because they didn’t do what she wanted! She’s an entitled rich brat, insecure narcissist that NEVER takes accountability because she has lawyer Marty Singer in her back pocket! Look him up, he gets everyone, with lots of money, off of everything, except Cosby! And you guys are perpetuating her behavior!!! She hired people to KIDNAP her daughter!!! Read that again, look at your kids, would you do that or are you a possible sociopath like her?? I’m sick of her narcissistic ways! ?

  12. lil Kathy

    I always thought that was the reason Kathy came on the show after all these years. Otherwise there was no reason risking being exposed for being entitled and out of touch in todays society. I believe Kathy said everything she’s being accused of but Rinna acting like she has PTSD is appalling! She’s done worse things to her castmates over the years. Especially recent years.

  13. Rinnaleaks

    So sad when Rinna gets her bots out, Rinna , we will take Kathy over you any day

  14. DollyPardonMe

    I’m disgusted by the admiration for Kathy Hilton. Has anyone read, “House of Hilton?” Wowzwers. I did years ago. These people are all conniving and ruthless. Kathy is horrible.

  15. Entertain me

    Who cares if it’s an act it makes for great tv!! Keep them all. Keep the drama coming.

  16. I understand why he cheats

    KH being awful doesn’t make Rinna an angel. Rinna has been terrible for many years. She is now getting more and more obnoxious. And for the love of God can someone please put eyebrows on her daughter? (We get she is a model…get some different content)


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