Want a chuckle?

Sep 26, 2022

He wore the same suit in Italy that he wore when he married Meghan. I guess money is tight, like his suit.

Also about NONE of his kids being there…. He knew the youngest didn’t have passports and never asked his ex wife to get them. He doesn’t have legal custody so he wouldn’t be able to get them.


  1. MKE, PI

    Thanks for the update, Meghan!

  2. Titsmcgee

    He’s such a bloated, red vile little gremlin man

  3. Kj

    It’s so funny how people just take Meghan’s word for this nonsense. They have joint custody. And she doesn’t have s real good reputation in St. Louis so take what she’s spreading lightly

  4. Jaime Bakker

    Why didn’t his older kids go?

  5. Vcc

    Agreed. Why do people believe Meghan. She is just as bad as he is!

  6. Rachel

    New wife used to do porn. Google “Kortnie O’Connor”

  7. Nicole

    So glad he finally found “true love” according to his People mag article. What an a**hole. 4th time must be the charm ?

  8. Vicki

    No matter who has custody (even if you aren’t divorced) both parents have to go get passports for minors


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