RHONY Legacy contracts!!

Sep 26, 2022

From: Golden Apple
Email: nycnycnyc@nyc.com


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Contracts have been sent out to 6 former RHONY wives. The 8 episode spin-off will be titled Ultimate Housewives of New York. Production want to rope in as many wives to be part of the show during parties and social events. Wives have been eager to sign on as it’s only a 1 season contract, where the show heads afterwards nobody knows. Bethenny not involved, yet…

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  1. Meg

    I hate this…. Just give our girls a full season and bring them back already! Getting rid of Ramona should be enough to get the show back on track

  2. PleaseNotRamona

    Who are the wives!!!! Lol we need to know.

  3. Titsmcgee

    Jesus Christ just revert back to RHONY with our OGs. Why the “Ultimate”? We just want the old format back
    Bravo sucks now….whoever is running that shitshow

  4. Gphilly

    I agree, not a big fan of the “ultimate” series so far. Just bring back RHONY with all of our favorites and make sure to leave out Eboni and Leah. Hope Ramona comes back – she’s great TV!

  5. Boringhousewives=BoringShow

    Everyone happy that Ramona( who makes amazing television) isn’t back yet will watch Erika, Rinna, Dorit, and Kyle bully and harass cast members each week. Not to mention the excitement of Salt Lake with an actual felon.

  6. Anti-MAGA

    You don’t have to commit a crime to be an a$$hole.

    PLENTY of people complain about Erika and Lisa – and calling Dorit and Kyle “bullies” suggests you don’t know what the word actually means.

  7. Texas

    Excatly!! You will watch Rinna bully people and Ericka literally not give one shit about the people who suffered while she spent there money!!


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