Green with envy….

Sep 26, 2022

From: Green Withenvy

Subject: Diamond power

Spill It to
This west coast housewife has star power that is threatening the likes of even the Skinny Girl mogul herself. While most housewives are just hoping for a Bravo spinoff, this diamond holder is quickly amassing an unrivaled star power. Her team is building on this popularity and she is gaining momentum to become truly iconic in the likes of Oprah with a multi platform presence… but behind the scenes, some of the OG’s are seething with jealousy as they don’t think this Diamond holder has put in the work and time for this level of success.. and getting first chair at WWHL had a ripple effect on their envy.

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  1. Anna

    Garcelle! And dorit being in second chair.

  2. Garcelle at the White House honey!

    Keep being mad Flop Force Five!!! Garcelle deserves all praise she’s been working her ass off in this industry way longer than these women! I hope she continues to have great success❤️

  3. Nene’s wig

    Garcelle. She’s hard not to like

  4. Aggster


  5. Yasin

    Is anyone shocked that this is all about Garcelle?! This is why Rinna went after her last season and she couldn’t go after her this season because of the so called “truce” lol.

  6. stay mad hoes!

    Garcelle!! I hope this is about her. If so, love to see her capitalizing on her popularity??

  7. VyleKyle

    Queen Garcelle!

  8. p

    she has put in the work though. she’s not getting this stuff just because of housewives, she was successful before.

  9. She’s a true queen

    Rinna also couldn’t go after Garcelle bc Garcelle learned her lesson the first time. She has their number and cannot be bothered. Look at the way she responds. Always calm cool and collected. Even Erika won’t go up against her. They just rationally talk things out until one of the ladies turns on an easier target and flips out on them. Garcelle never takes the bait. ??????????????

  10. Ashley Ess

    Happy for Garcelle! She deserves it and I 100% can see her continuing to rise to the very top. I hope Rinna is foaming at the mouth like the rabid dog that she is.

  11. Diamond Girl

    But isn’t that how it works? Maybe you are immediately embraced, maybe it takes a season or 2, or maybe you’re Leah and everyone likes you season 1, and then wants you gone. The housewife formula is not necessarily based on time served, or storylines, it’s how the fans feel and what the ratings reflect. I mean the girl was literally hanging at the White House and with Julia Roberts this weekend.

  12. StayMADfauxfarce5

    Garcelle…people like her because she uses logic and isn’t a doormat, go figure huh lol

  13. Yaaaaaaaas!

    Oh, they can back up off Garcelle! Too bad it’s only taken a few seasons for her to shine unlike the others, whose little wimpy lights are now dimming! Get it, Garcelle!!

  14. Em jay

    Did someone say relevant in 4 languages……?

  15. Titsmcgee

    That’s called Karma you flop foxes

  16. Maam

    I love this for Garcelle

  17. Christina

    I’m sorry but I don’t like Garcelle. I’m saying “sorry” because I really WISH I could like her. I find her annoying, and hypocritical. I don’t think she holds the other women accountable, I think she actually just knit picks other peoples words or perceived flaws. Then, in the same respect no one calls her out on shit. Not even the fans of RHOBH. It REALLY bothered me that she referred to Diana as “uneducated” not only that but “nuts” . So okay Garcelle & Garcelle fans, what about those suffering from mental illness? That greatly hurts & offends me, and others who have family, friends, and are suffering from mental illness themselves. If she’s so well educated herself, perhaps she could refrain from 1. Calling someone that to be nasty 2. NOT continuing the negative narrative of mental illness. Finally I’ve only gone to college. I didn’t go to university but I think I speak fairly well myself. Another highly offensive comment. But if someone called HER or Sutton uneducated OHHHH BOYY. She’s not that nice. Sorry not sorry.

  18. MBC14

    Garcelle’s been one of the hardest working people in Hollywood for decades. She’s more than earned this.

  19. Lala

    lol at the commenter offended by Garcelle saying uneducated and nuts to Diana, when she has called Sutton a c*** and has said horribly racist shit. Um ok.

  20. Puhleaseeeeee

    Is she leaking this stuff herself? Come on. Her show wan cancelled. She’s not about to be Oprah. Somebody needs a reality check.

  21. Garcelleisboring!

    Exactly! If she was going to be the next Oprah, why was her show cancelled? This was probably sent in from one of her soldiers.

  22. Nancy

    Garcelle deserves every good thing coming her way. It’s not like she’s some newcomer to the business.


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