All sorts of messed up…

Sep 26, 2022

From: JE

Subject: Bball player

Spill It to
So he doesn’t take his kids to the wedding, but takes his nanny and then flies the other nanny in who he was accused of cheating with to take care the kids while they’re all gone. 

He’s all sorts of screwed up!

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allegedly from


  1. Kelsea

    Jim Edmonds harem ?

  2. Titsmcgee

    The bloated red gremlin that is Jim Edmonds

  3. Leigh

    Perfect description of him!!

  4. Threewaysaremessy

    Jim Edmonds. Such a weird situation. However I don’t think the nanny who was accused of affair with him is allowed to be with the kids he shares with previous OC housewife. Match made in heaven with new wife but absolutely none of your kids are there, even the adult ones???? Odd

  5. Hayley

    Why would he need a nanny? Wouldn’t they just stay with their mom(s)while he’s OOT?

  6. Crappy Father

    Looks like Meghan has the youngest three, but the Nanny is watching his other two.

  7. Co co

    I tried to Google it the new soon to be 4th ex wife was truly a lady of Adventure..nothing came up!!

  8. Check YouPorn

    She was in the porn industry. You can find that I’m sure. Lol


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